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Coming Back: My Baby Nina (UPDATED)

Author: Tafari, Friday, November 3rd, 2006 at 4:48 AM
This just in: New Nina Simone CD "Remixed & Re-Imagined" out Oct 31, 2006; more info here. BTW the snippets sound HOT! Mindspill

I am really excited about this release & cannot wait to get my hands on it.

The Update

I finally got my CD in the mail today & ripped it open with much excitement upon receipt from Suite Suzy. Remixed & Reimagined has 13 hot new ass mixes that are very imaginative & fresh. The cuts are arranged in such a away that you could not tell that the original song is 40 years old & that’s classic only because it's Nina.

My Favorites Are: (click to listen to snippet (RealPlayer required))
If you are a house/electronic/ambient music fan & you love High Priestess of Soul then this is a must have!

4 Responses to “Coming Back: My Baby Nina (UPDATED)”

  1. jaiDalon Says:

    How how how did you hear about this? I am SO excited that I stumbled upon your blog tonight! Nina has my heart!

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    From surfing Myspace friends, friends. It is amazing what you can find out on Myspace.

    Myspace is the source of a lot of new music from me.

  3. Stephen Bess Says:

    I love me some Nina too. I need to read her biography. Thanks for this info.

  4. Stephen Bess Says:

    Thanks for the link.

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