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Greetings for 2007

Author: Tafari, Monday, January 1st, 2007 at 5:38 AM Mindspill

This pitiful snapshot was taken of my poor sweet Amelia aKa Boo Boo just before the stroke of midnight New Years Eve this past year.

While everyone was in good spirits, she was suffering and still is from some virus. She has been shooting out food from both ends for the past few days trying to get better.

Hopefully today she will be in a better condition because Suite Suzy goes back to work, so that means that I will have to handle any nasty explosions myself.

Anyway Happy New Year All,

3 Responses to “Greetings for 2007”

  1. Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus Says:

    Oh she is still soooo cute! Bless her little heart, she was a trooper. But hey…she has Bygbaby for a Dad!

  2. daez Says:

    Aww..poor baby…she’s adorable B! I’ve caught kid cooties (from my GROWN daughter..grrr..) since I’ve been here visiting, and it’s no fun..Happy New Year B, and Amelia feel better soon..(((HUGS)))
    ….just me…daez

  3. Bygbaby Says:

    She is back to normal & raising hell as usual LOL

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