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About Last Night IX

Author: Tafari, Sunday, April 8th, 2007 at 5:17 AM
A few weeks ago I purchased a few tickets for Urban Organic’s Eric Roberson concert, which was this past Thursday. I was pretty excited to see ErRo because I missed every show he did last year for one reason or another. So the timing of this event was perfect because his new album …Left was just released & I am digging it big time. His sound is consistent & his music tells you great stories of love, life & misery etc with passion. This concert would serve a “Keeping the romance alive” date for Suite Suzy & I (finally time together & no kids!!!). Anyway, I had the date all planned to start at the Centaur Bar for drinks & then dinner @ Twingo's (what a perfect agenda, drinks, dinner & good music all we need is a little lovin' afterward to really make it off the hook (TMI I know, but hey, I'm on a roll)). Well, it’s now the day of the concert & I cut out of work a little early to iron my “outfit” & to do a quick spot check aKa a hoe bath. As we was preparing to leave, I got a call from my girl who asked me if I wanted to vend at the concert & you no I said hell yeah. Basically this turned the date to work but it was all good. It’s now 730 & I am wrapping up my last French 75 (my Martini of the moment) while Suite Suzy is polishing off her Pear Martini & it’s time to get some din-din. Twenty minutes later we arrive @ Twingo's, were we enjoyed a deliciously intimate dinner. If you are in Detroit or nearby, you gotta hit this spot up. Twingo's has great service, an excellent variety of fare & the décor is very Urban Euro Chic (this is my description). Now it’s after dinner & we are headed downtown for the event. Upon arriving at Plan B (the venue), We bumped into 2 of Detroit's finest performers & friends of mine; Tanesha C. aKa ButterSoul Fly & Penny Wells, who greeted my with a very energetic BYGBABYYYYYY!!! Once we made it inside, we quickly got set up & waited for the party/concert to jump off. Sad to say but this event was running on CPT (colored peoples time) like nobody’s business & by the time ErRo went on stage, it was 12 o’muthafuckin’ clock, which means that we did not get home until like after 1am. OK tell me why the tickets say that things start @ 9??? The drive home was rough as I struggled to stay awake but we made it safely & the next day @ work I was just dragging. Over all the music was great, the crowd was chill & we made some Quench ducketts. Below are a few snapshots from outing. The boo-boo shot was taken in the bathroom @ Twingo's. When I walked in & saw that, I was like hell nall & I quickly ran back to the table to get my camera. On the 2nd shot, you can get a good look at my recently fired locks.
On another hair note; if you were wondering how I got that wavy lock look; well my secret is a braid out. In these pictures it was 2 days old. When I do a braid out, it usually last for a good 3 days before I redo it. To achieve my look; I dampen my hair then massage in a little Khoret Amen Hair Oil in & plat like 8-10 braids & rubber band them at then ends. I then let my hair air dry over night or sit under the dryer (yes I do have a hooded dryer! Is you got anthang to say bout' dat?) for about an 1½ hours (it just depends on how I am feeling). My New highlights were done by boosting a hand full of locks then I did a Black Cherry Sebastian Colourshine to get my red hot highlights.

5 Responses to “About Last Night IX”

  1. Shea Says:

    I love your braid out and your color. My Sisterlocks are about 12 months old. My hair was pretty short when I started so they are not long enough to do a successful braid out but I will remember your steps to achieve the style. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    When I started my locks, they were about 2.5 inches. Now its 3 years later & voila. I have been able to do a braid out for the year so you should be good in about a year.


  3. daez Says:

    OMG! Byg…your braidout and color is off the chain HOTTT Dude! LOVE IT! know I’m a REDHAIR freak…you and Suz look sooo cute…I LOVE the fart pic…ROFLOL!!!…(((HUGS)))
    ….just me…daez

  4. Greg Says:

    I can’t see my big ass in the concert pic. I can see Charles Pugh’s head though. LOL

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    LOL Greg – That photo is like where’s Waldo. Thx for checking me put!


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