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Make it Clap

Author: Tafari, Monday, June 11th, 2007 at 4:10 AM
If all women could make it pop, clap & shake like Buffie the Body, the world would be a much better place.
Misogyninally yours,

11 Responses to “Make it Clap”

  1. Lola Gets Says:

    LAUGHING MY BIG FAT BUTT OFF @ “this world would be a butter place!
    Its like butter babay!

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    Oh shit, that was a typo but how fitting based on the bootylicoucs clip of Buffie doing her thing. LOL


  3. mark Says:

    bybaby shorty on the video is handling her business. Althoug it was nice I do wish our women would stop selling themselves so cheap.

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    Yes, very nice to watch but overall, you are so right!

    To play Devil’s Advocate, Buffie states that she gets thousands for a photo shoot or video without having to get naked. I believe her but I am positive that she is one of very few that fall into that scenario.


  5. Sugar Says:

    “Thousands”? Maybe I’m in the wrong line of work. lol

  6. daez Says:

    Oh please…ugh..nasty …and ya know she stank..(((HUGS)))…
    ….just me…daez

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    Sugar – OK, I was like damn when I saw that, I’m bout to put Suite Suzy ou there LOL. She would beat my ass if I even tried.

    Daez – Shit, she make nasty look good LOL. That’s a whole lotta ass (quoting 2 live crew).


  8. aulelia Says:

    buffie is the video model slayer clearly…but still i wish many of them would follow melissa ford’s example and hang up the hotpants…but alas, each person has to make their own choice. video models make me uncomfortable for the female cause.

  9. Carmen In NC Says:

    I’m supposed to be screaming about how women are viewed, but that’s the main reason why I have to lose weight. If I was skinny – I’d have on less than that and my anthem would be “Pop, Lock It, Drop It”.

  10. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    Man! She got big talent(s)!

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Aulelia – As a Pan Africanist & somewhat a male feminist, it is a shame but the man in my get geeked.

    Carmen – you got me laughing & I feel you.

    TSSE – yes, the talent is mos def jumpin’ off.

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