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Some of us Have Lost Our Damn Minds

Author: Tafari, Thursday, July 5th, 2007 at 6:38 PM

I saw this story online today & almost lost my damn mind. This takes that whole don’t snitch bullshit to another level. I give up trying to figure out the Ghetto Negro mind especially when it comes to watching someone die while you purchase Flaming Hot Cheetos & Mountain Dew while carrying on your phone conversation on a burn out.

Have you heard about this story, what are your thoughts???
Kansas Shoppers Step Over, Ignore Stabbed Woman As She Dies

WICHITA, KS (NBC) -- As a Wichita, Kansas, woman lay bleeding to death, at least four different shoppers walked over her as they shopped. One took a cell phone photo and posted it on the Internet.

On June 23rd, a 27-year-old Wichita, Kansas woman lay stabbed and bleeding inside a convenience store.

Wichita police say surveillance video shows shoppers going about their business, not even trying to help or call 911 for a full two minutes.

They won't release the video tape.

According to the Wichita Eagle, "No fewer than five store patrons stepped over her to complete purchases."

The video shows the woman "struggling to her feet and collapsing three times without anyone helping her," and one woman who stepped over the victim four times while shopping eventually took a "photo of her with a cell phone."

"If people would have been calling us, who knows what the outcome might have been?," the Eagle quotes Wichita Police Chief Norman Williams.

The victim, Lashonda Calloway died at the hospital.

"It's sickening, that's really what it is, it's sickening," Calloway's aunt, Sherry Conner said.

"Not to help her, not to help her, but they'll have to answer to God, they'll have to answer to God for whatever they did. Someday, one of their loved ones might need some help and if someone did their loved ones like that, it's a feeling that's not nice."

Psychologist Dr. Molly Allen says a phenomenon called group think may have taken over.

"That's where if somebody doesn't step in to render assistance, then the entire group might get the message that for some reason it's not okay to render assistance or that this is less than an emergency," Allen said.

Whatever the reason, Conner says it's inexcusable, only made worse by what she says are pictures taken from that cell phone now posted on the internet.

"It's not funny and it's not cute to put a lifeless person on the internet. This person lost her life. She's got three kids," Conner said.

The store's owner said the store was very busy at the time and she doesn't believe her employee saw that Calloway needed help. (Source)
Back to me:

The person who shanked LaShonda has been arrested & get this, her name is Cherish. I guess that name does not apply to the life of others. This is why parents need to be careful how they name their dam kids.

21 Responses to “Some of us Have Lost Our Damn Minds”

  1. Erica C. Says:

    You know, a friend and I had the same conversation just the other day. I’m a case manager and I mostly deal with young mothers. It really pisses me off to try and pronounce some of these children’s names.It’s like they are getting the shit end of the stick when it comes to any type of future employment, etc. I am 33 years old and I thank God that my mother taught me some common sense. That’s why I gave my girls names that they can pronounce and spell. Morgan, Dorian, and Khouri. See!

  2. Michelle W. Says:

    I saw this story on CNN yesterday morning and I was livid. How in the world could you see someone bleeding to death and not help. Forget anything else going on…HELP the person in need. This is the reason certain people should not be able to bring new life into this world. Because they are not producing decent Human Beings with common sense. Even if they did not want to “get involved” they could have made an anonymous phone call. Maybe that Bitch that pulled out her cell phone to take a damn picture. How freaking inconsiderate can you be. I hope they find all those people and throw there asses in jail for breaking the Good Samaritan Law.

    Sorry about the language but this really upset me.


  3. Sugar Says:

    My mouth was gaped open the entire time I read this. Too fucking crazy! Who could do such a thing? Even some wild animals would have tried to help one another! Damn!

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    Erica C – The future of Black names is going to hell. If people want to be “different” why not choose an African name with pride & meaning behind it vs some made up bullshit!!!

    Michelle – Them mutha fuckas that walked on by like Dion Warwick should get punished IMHO just for being fucked up people with compromised morals.

    You know that chick that took the picture with her cell phone did not have any minutes left of her pick up & go plan LOL.

    Sugar – You ain’t lyin but the sad thing about this is I think it is a cultural shift because Black people in particular see so much violence they are just becoming desensitized especially in poor communities.


  5. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Yea – this is sad. Our people…what are we coming to?

  6. Cluizel Says:

    You cannot be damn serious?!? WOW…

    if I didn’t read the article…i wouldn’t have believed that. That’s insane…

  7. Nic Says:


    Taking pictures on your cell phone. As far as I’m concerned she’s an accomplice. Bygbaby, I hadn’t heard this story. I can’t even imagine what that poor girl was gooing through. Trying over and over again to get help. I will pray for her family. As far as that psychologist theory goes…. I don’t know if I believe the whole “group thinking” process went on w/in this case. Just seems like a bunch of heartless bastards to me.


  8. Naturally Sophia Says:

    This is to sad. The first thing about the names. My family and I tend to like simple, non-ethnic names. I am an American not an African. I think sometimes African names can be pretentious. Just my opinion. Second, the made up name thing is ridiculous. I mean I actually meet a woman named Shawandala- WTF? I think the story is beyond sad. There are more people on Earth than there ever has been; yet we are so isolated from humanity and lonely among each other. Is the world ending?

  9. Plack Says:

    Wow, just wow. Unbelievable. Between this and reading about those monster parents in Boston (the father repeatedly BIT and disfigured a 3 year old girl’s face), I’m just thinking that human beings are becoming more and more depraved.

    I love African names, I don’t believe that those names are made up, they are actually translations of meaningful words in Kiswahili and other native African languages (peace, love, purpose, etc).

    I think there’s a difference between names that have meaning or that are translated from real languages than simply “made up” names or names given to kids that are recognizable “brand names”.

  10. Byrdparker Says:

    I read this on the internet yesterday , unfathomable that human compassion has left us .. How ironic with the name of cherish …

    I do not think cherish is a bad name , perhaps her mom named her that because she cherished her … In this instance i agree with plack .

    The internet is opening up new horizions , I guess we should not count on people’s virtues or common LOGIC is this new territory.

  11. Shai Says:

    It is a sad story. I cannot imagine this.

    My thing is this. I get a headache about the hangups with names. Because of what I have been through I don’t try to discriminate. Now ugly names and phonically misspelled names I have an issue with.

    My name is Shai (shay) Lynn. For one it is one name in two parts. Then folks call me Shy instead of Shay. I could go on and on.

    If her name was Charlene then what?

  12. RedDredPrincess Says:

    I am so disturbed……

  13. Naturally Sophia Says:

    Bygbaby- You got me really thinking/researching the name thing. Thanks for inspiring me to write a post..just on names! And just when I thought I had “blogger block”.

  14. Bygbaby Says:

    I think we are all on the same page with this one

    Shai – I hear you on the name piece & being sensitive.

  15. ja stu sister lock journey Says:

    That cell phone taking photos seem to be world wide, just the other day a young man was dieing in a crashed motor car when some idiot instead of helping, took a photo and posted it on the internet, who needs to see that? They have all lost their minds.I wonder if they would want that done to them or a member of their family.

  16. I am not Star Jones Says:

    some thoughts…

    1. I’m not surprised by this story in the same way I’m not surprised that the VP of the USA can shoot someone in the face and then the victim apologizes for being shot in the face.

    2. I’m trying to make sure that I don’t have any people that could step over a dying woman or shoot their friend in the face and then cover it up in my inner circle.

    3. Throwing my hands up in the air.

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    ja stu – “They have all lost their minds.I wonder if they would want that done to them or a member of their family.” Based on what jumped off at the store, they would have probably taken the money out of their pockets.

    Star – thanks for chiming in, you are on point!!!


  18. dcsavvystar Says:

    I can not believe I’m just reading this…. This is on my list of sickest/saddest stories I’ve every read. wow.

  19. Bygbaby Says:

    dcsavvystar – this is off the hook! i’m still trippin it

  20. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:


  21. Bygbaby Says:


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