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Why You Wanna Make Me Go There II

Author: Tafari, Tuesday, July 10th, 2007 at 3:10 AM
If you are a love junky or need assured the love does exist then click here. (possible tear jerker)

If you are fascinated with life in the Diaspora & want to know about life & times of Negroes in Latin America click here (a very GOOD read)

If you want more kids to read, then you will be inspired by this production, click here.

If you are too cheap to buy the latest Play Boy magazine to see the pics of Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon aKa Fancy but curious, click here. (although these are sooooo hot on so many levels, I am mad she went out like this)

The first 2 links I stumbled on while sitting on my ass surfing late Saturday night & the 3rd was sent to me via Negro Blogger Cluizel; (THANKS).

16 Responses to “Why You Wanna Make Me Go There II”

  1. Angie Says:

    Byg: I’ve tagged you. Yes, I’m sure You, the experienced blogger, have been tagged many times before. But I wanted to have my turn to hit you up. You’re one of my favorite bloggers out there. Free Slave got me. So now, I’m here tagging you. Visit my blog and follow the directions. Okay?



  2. Miz JJ Says:

    I am going to have to check out some of those links…after work.

  3. Lester Spence Says:

    these shots are excellent, and tastefully done. she’s always had a great deal of class, at least on screen.

    as an aside by the time i got your message i’d already bounced! thanks for sending the shout out. i might be back in town in time for the belle isle house music picnic!

  4. Ms Stella Says:

    It’s hard for Africans in Latin America too. I just wonder if a hundred years from now, people will still be lying to themselves.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Miz JJ – Don’t sleep on these links now LOL

    Lester – They are very nice flat out & she is representing. Although I love them, I was like why is she doing this. i asked my friend & he was like she needed that 1 mil since she has not been in anything since the Jamie Fox show. I guess the bottom line is at last she got paid on comparison to so many sister doing this & much much worse for next to nothing & a a fuck.

    Ms Stella – “I just wonder if a hundred years from now, people will still be lying to themselves.” HELLO!!!


  6. Chi-chi Says:

    I’m sad. I wish she didn’t go there. I’ve always admired her classiness. I guess times are hard but it’s hard to know how she can go up from there.

  7. Renea Says:

    that engagement montage was beautiful! it made me misty.

  8. Christopher Chambers Says:

    Re: the Diaspora, thanks for the link. Places like Brazil have the largest population of black folks off the African continent. How come no one here studies that here?

    So Garcelle sold out? Her career hadn’t tanked so much that she needed Playboy…

  9. Liz Says:

    Whoa, Garcelle!

    I’m no fan of porn so even though she looks hot, I’m sad she did these, and even sadder if her primary motivation was money.

    (writing note to self to make sure the husband doesn’t see these because he might pass out if he does.)

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Chi Chi – I hear you!!! I have said that her YT husband had something to do with it.

    Renea – That slide show is phenomenal, just think if all Black men treated our women like that???

    Chris – If you are interested on race in Brazil, check out this link (, I found it interesting!

    Liz – Hide the link, do not give him any ideas LOL.


  11. Lester Spence Says:

    Chris, check out the work of Michael Hanchard. His book Orpheus and Power deals with black politics in Brazil, or rather the beginning of black politics in Brazil. I believe that Anthony Marx uses Brazil as a case study in his work on racial orders. There are others as well.

    Going back to Garcelle….there are all sorts of ways this photo shoot could’ve gone down. I see for example that her genitals are never visible, not even in part. We need more tasteful erotic images of black men and women, particularly those over 40. I applaud her for this.

  12. Stephen Bess Says:

    Great links! I’m especially interested in the one on Afro-Latinos. Love it.

  13. Meikmeika Says:

    1) Tear jerker indeed. How beautiful!

    2) Need to come back and read when I’m not half asleep.

    3) I remember her from Coming to America and Models Inc. (anyone else remember this show? Aaron Spelling tried to make it work in the 90210 and Melrose Place era, it was a flop, I liked it though). Even though she looks stunning, I just can’t believe she let the whole world see her goodies!!!!

  14. Shay Says:

    The engagement slideshow was wonderful. Oh-why-oh-why would Garcelle do this to herself. I mean she looks beautiful in the photos but I never saw her as one to pose nude…and am I the only one who thinks it looks like someone chewed on and/or burned her nipples? I love the shoes!!!

  15. Meikmeika Says:

    shay> LOL!!!!!!!

  16. Bygbaby Says:

    Meikmeika – Thanks for checking me out & now that you mention it, I do remember seeing Garcelle in CTA & rose petal thrower & possible royal bather LOL

    Shay – OK I never thought about the chewed nipple, that was funny!

    Thanks for checking me out.


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