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Why You Wanna Make Me Go There III

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 at 3:05 AM

I swear to you that I am not trying to reinvent the when posting links to interesting topics like so many blogs do. Over the last few weeks, I have find it quite fun to do a weird lead in to a story that made me think, laugh or trip the hell out. I have also enjoyed your comments & often found myself laughing hysterically in my office making people near by wonder what the fuck is so damn funny.

So anyway…

If you like BBQ but are tuned off by sexual deviants then click here. (thx for the link Suite Suzy)

If you think that Black pussy can be mastered by good or bad Black dick then click here. (warning if you are afraid of terms such as dick or pussy or all up in that ass, do not click!!!)

If you ever wished all lawyers could get their ass beat for one reason or another then click here to read about an ass beating with a fucked up twist that went way wrong.

If you visit my blog via a highspeed internet & think Negroes who dial up need to stay out of TJ Max, the Korean beauty supply & the local Applebees so that they can upgrade their internet service then click here.

If you saw the Black Love proposal a little over a week ago linked here & love the visual tale then click here for the real deal. (if you mnissed it, the slideshow will be back up soon. It was taken down because it got over like 1 million hits & the webhost could not handle the traffic.)

4 Responses to “Why You Wanna Make Me Go There III”

  1. Sugar Says:

    “Hot Dick and Nuts!” HAHAHAHAHA! Thanks for that laugh at this late hour!

  2. Shai Says:

    I saw the proposal. I am all for romance and stuff.I thought it was way too much.

  3. shay Says:

    Okay, this Vagina Power lady is hilarious. I just saw a video on her website that says “a man’s life force is in his nuts”…she-so-craaazay! I commented on the proposal previously. I can see where some folks might think it’s a little over the top, but nowadays with all the games both men and women are playing in relationships it’s nice to see all the time and effort Mr. Gray put into it…it makes me think of that Chrisette Michele song ‘Golden’. (uh, I highly recommend her album to anyone who has not purchased it yet, just my 2 cents)

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    Fill em’ up with yum yum & some cum! I love Alexyss cuz she says shit people are afraid to & in a way that is off the map ridiculous.

    Sugar – That hot dick & nuts comment was funny as hell & I spit out my drink some laughing. LOL

    Shai & Shay – Suite Suzy felt the same way about it being too much. Perhaps it is, but I got caught up in the moment & just love the photography because it was so nice.


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