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Why You Wanna Make Me Go There

Author: Tafari, Friday, July 6th, 2007 at 6:08 PM
If you want to get pissed off while laughing, click here

If you want to get pissed off & then bitch slap the next mutha you see, click here

I found both of theses sites had links to my blog when I was checking my latest vistor & link stats. Talk about a surprise! Some people just do not have shit else better to do than be ignint’. Shit likes this contributes to my racial exhaustion but also makes me wanna fight for the cause!

12 Responses to “Why You Wanna Make Me Go There”

  1. Cluizel Says:

    Hmm yeah…wow…no

  2. byrdparker Says:

    get out of town!!! i am watching these videos…. get out of town …. wtf .,… zippy video they must be shut down …. i will write back tonight , after i go through the site that makes you want to choke mr charlie and his bitch …

  3. byrdparker Says:

    check out michelle malkin … in this video she talks about that girl channon i wrote you about this girl b/4 along with the black leader st clair who was talking about killing all white because they are decendents of slave owners…. Now the racists have MM as thier poster girl . shit is going down and it will get hot , but no one is paying attention .

  4. Plack Says:

    Bygbaby, you are trying to give me heart palpitations! This is just too much.

    One the one hand, I am trying to do like Field Negro says at times and just focus on the black agenda and outreach in the communities and networking with like minded people.

    But reading stuff like this (why, Lord, did I break my promise to myself that I would stop visiting these types of hateful sites like Stormfront, etc?), I just want to smack the shit out of the first YT I see?

    All this is just piling up too high, I just feel like something’s about to pop off!

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    er’body calm down!!! LOL. This shit is hot & flying under the radar. I cannot believe this shit is really online!!!!!!

    Yall must be ready for the jump off because I did warn yall.

    Byrd – Did you notice how most of the youtube videos were offline. At least someone somewhere is alert.


  6. Bygbaby Says:

    Byrdparker – I am still tripping abut them bastards cutting off Channon’s titty. What kind of sick bastard would cut off a titty???

    For those not up on the story check out Brydparker’s link or see wikipedia

    Please know that this story is nmot pretty!


  7. byrdparker Says:

    we don’t know if they cut off her titty , because the news did not report it , the crime took on a new life on the net .. people started making up crap , and really going after black people . I think it is important to note her family did not think this was a hate crime …

    however St. Nicolas Thief felt that she was in that part of town to buy drugs .

    anyway murder is murder and it is a shame it happened. but i do think we have a quiet riot going on in our country .

    i noticed but go to coon hunting inc, blogger knows google knows , they just say enter at your own risk …

    that site that links to yours that is a chat board , they have posts from all over the world.

    i am just disgusted at the videos , the african babies dying of starvation , and them writing nigger die above the photos , the showing of the genocide in rwanda , with gory photos and them making fun … i am disgusted , i hate scarborough , olberman has a pass for now, and angelina jolie makes me sick , i say take zahara from her now , same for maddonna . If they love blacks so much why didn’t they marry one …

    Mr charlie makes me sick some of those photos were taken from institutions , some of the people on that site are probably lawyers, doctors , policeman , healthcare workers and so on ….. bunch of phonies the lot of them .

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    Byrdparker, you are going there tonight & I here you boo!!! I heard about the titty being cut off on one of the sites I originally checked out & that really freaked me out. There is so much shit going on that is not being report a) because that shit is straight you just hidden from the news & b) you have this type of story wash out.

    I get emails from the Afrospehere group all the time & they discuss cases from around the country that I would have never heard of. Most cases I just get so mad abut but sitting behind my keyboard I just feel helpless & hopeless & how some things go down!


    PS, I see the blog in the works, I am excited (no pressure though LOL)

  9. Plack Says:

    byrdparker if that coon, inc blog is on blogger there should be a way we can bring it to google’s attention. Isn’t there some type of “report this blog” button?

    I remember a fews years ago, I went on my crusade against Stormfront, and wanted to find their host to report them. I was told that it’s freedom of speech and therefore not illegal UNLESS they’re advocating violence or bodily harm against individuals or groups.

    These people just go underground afterwards and resurface with a new url somewhere. And when you factor in that fact that 50% of the nation is actually sympathetic to this brand of hate and actually agrees with them, they will always have a forum. I know you guys know this, I’m just thinking out loud.

    We just have to be diligent and keep in the back of our heads that there is a time and place for Beyonce and them while understanding that if people are not watching the game and make the wrong left in a hostile part of town, that could be your ass. Damn shame.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Hello…I literally :-)stumbled upon your blog through LockItUp@yahoogroups.

    I found your writings to be REAL, INSPIRATIONAL, & GIFTED. I find you and your locs to be BEAUTIFUL AND INNOVATIVE.

    Oh, those pictures…my goodness…nothing less than FANTASTIC! I hope this “name thing” works out for Suzy. Personally, I would not care if my beautiful man changed his name to compare with the image of what he felt in his heart. He and his name would be proudly introduced.

    RAW but REAL…maybe Suzy would stop and think twice if she knew that some other loc wearing women see what she appears to take for granted! (this was not said to offend you sir)…

    Be well STB(Strong Black Man), THANK YOU, and keep those creative juices flowing!

    I will return,
    Sharon (

  11. byrdparker Says:

    hi plack

    a) google acknowledges that it is there , and they do not condone the views of this blog yada yada , and so does blogspot that is why they say enter at your own risk .

    b) zippy videos i could not find someone to contact , it could be owned by a racist or a group .

    I spent a lot of time last night reading through the kkk website . I got there because I started thinking about Obama. I even thought about joining , how do they know if you are black or white from the web. It’s a stupid or smart move on thier part depending how u look at it …

    Wouldn’t it be great if a lot of black people signed up and attended a rally . We could steal thier organization from them , thier wost nightmare .. This would take the silent majority . but ……

    On thier site they acknowledge the internet is a new powerful tool, so they will not be having rallys ! damn.

    wikipedia says thier movment is only 5000 strong . The grand wizard says he is getting more and more people everyday due to illegal immigration. what do you think ?

    have a nice weekend wtih suite suzy and the kids !!!!!!!

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    Joining would make one upset by reading content etc but it could be a way to keep Black people & other “minorities” in the know about what racist groups are up to. A MI city (Brighton) near me has a large KKK presence & everyone knows it. Brighton has some great shopping & restaurants but I am not taking my ass out there in the yard of the enemy.

    Shit, I can imagine just showing up at a rally, talk about a jump off. That reminds me of Bad Boys II when they were at that rally LOL.

    You have a good weekend as well!


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