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Why You Wanna Make Me Go There V: Hot Dick & Nuts

Author: Tafari, Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007 at 1:36 AM Mindspill I just love Alexyss Tylor & the way she breaks down the truth & strange fiction on her show. I find myself injecting tidbits of pussy power & hot dick & nuts in many conversations that I have just to trip people out & it usually sparks some wild conversation.

So this post is inspired by news that I got today from a friend of mine who admitted to me that she gave into hot dick and nuts in her office during work hours.

I was so shocked by this admission that I was almost numb. 1st never fuck n the job & especially during business hours. 2nd never fuck someone who is married no matter what state their marriage is in. And 3rd, never fuck anyone without a condom a) cuz you should not be producing babies with a jump off, b) cuz if you are fucking in the office what are you going to do with all that jizz & c) do you want a fucking disease!

If you are the person that I am talking about (you know who are boo), I know I said that I would tell no one & honestly I have not. I eliminated names & the more intense details of you having your pussy power fail.

Are you ready for some hot dick & nuts, well I got the goods (by way of links).

If you think a dirty dick is a good & safe dick, click here to validate your feelings click here.

Fellas, if you have been living with an average sized dick & wish you could confront it to demand more, this may be something you can do.

Those who say that size does not matter either has a average to small dick or is with someone who is lacking. This video says it all.

I have no shame in admitting that a former girlfriend burned me in my late teens & use the story when I talk young men in terms of safe sex. With this said, this story takes getting burned to a whole new level.

If you have 512.50 US cash burning a hole in your pocket, click here to spend it on something worth while (a little off topic).

7 Responses to “Why You Wanna Make Me Go There V: Hot Dick & Nuts”

  1. Liz Says:

    Eww! I was not prepared for the last minute of that damn video! But poor guy with that extra thumb hanging off of him.

  2. Sugar Says:

    I’ll be honest, his penis was bigger than I thought it would be. Asian guys are usually said to have some really wee peters, but his had a little mor length than I expected. Oh, and the urologist has a little one too! Maybe even smaller than the asian dude. He was too defensive! lol

  3. Cluizel Says:

    Lol…the last minute of the video was too much for me…ugh…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I don’t care what the women in his survey said, his penis is BELOW average in my book! Yuck!

  5. Lola Gets Says:

    Yeah, I thought Asian dude had a decent sized penis – a little on the small side, but not completely useless. I thought the urologist made some good points – men need to stop focusing on size and more on overall performance.

    That penis enlarging surgery was a bit much! Damn man, is it that deep??


  6. Bygbaby Says:

    That end of the video was a little much!!!

    Just happy I don’t have to worry about such things.


  7. African American Political Pundit Says:

    This was funny a shit! Were do you get this stuff. Funny… LOL!

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