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A Change is Gonna Come. No Wait; It Already Happened

Author: Tafari, Sunday, October 7th, 2007 at 12:08 AM

You may have noticed that I updated the name of my blog & added a subtitle. I had been considering it for a while & the thought was also inspired by virtual conversations with my photographer homegirl DCSaavy. So during the some downtime today, I decided to make a move. To be brutally honest, I finalized the thought while washing a sink full of nasty dishes.

Since my life seems centered around capturing the environment around me through photography I came up with "Life Through Ebony Colored Lenses".

Just though I would clue you in because I know you care about my every move & fucked up thought. Mindspill

Last night while at Detroit's Peck Park, I caught this little boy young man playing hide & go seek with friends & I could not resist this shot in the dark.

One Response to “A Change is Gonna Come. No Wait; It Already Happened”

  1. Naturally Sophia Says:

    I love this piece. Something about it being innocent with him playing hide and seek but still being at night when he should be at home or in bed is telling. You need to showcase and sell your work. Seriously!

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