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Are You Moist?

Author: Tafari, Friday, October 26th, 2007 at 9:34 PM

If you are reading this, then 9 times out of 10 you are ashy as hell. Check your hands, elbows & legs to verify!!!

Whether you verified that you were ashy or not, I guess really makes no difference because you need to order some Quench Essentials Body Mousse anyway.

Check out my website & place an order of $20 or more before Nov 2 & get 15% off For the discount, use coupon code "fighttheashyness"

Below is a fresh batch of Orchid Body Mousse that was used as VIP bags at a fashion show here in Detroit tonight for clothing designer Maisha Davis hosted by Niki Johnson f the Detroit Fashion Pages.

I had to whip together 50 jars last night so the kitchen product laboratory was trashed by the time I was done. Mindspill

Help me feed my kids!

5 Responses to “Are You Moist?”

  1. Cluizel Says:

    but why did I check my elbows?


  2. Bygbaby Says:

    Uh oh….

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Wow! Looks really yummy!

  4. Ro~ Says:

    LOL at Cluizel, chile I looked at my feet :o)
    No for real though, Byg, do you use local people for the ingredients or do you have to go outside MI or heck the US? This summer my skin just exploded into this acne frenzy & now that the MI weather has changed my skin feels like tree bark. What would be the best of your products to use?

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Anon – Feels yummy too!

    Ro – It is all about the body mousse!!! & yes, I get ingredients locally. Gotta support the local economy. As a matter of fact, the guy where I get my shea butter & black soap called me Saturday to come & buy some stuff.


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