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Beauty iz Black

Author: Tafari, Sunday, October 28th, 2007 at 11:57 PM
First of all, beauty iz Black, no matter the hue, hair texture etc... Now back to the matter @ hand.

I met this 14 year old model the other day & was floored when she told me how old she was. When I entered the area where the models were getting hair & make up, he mother was blowing out her fro & she was almost in tears. I laughed inside because it reminded me of Sade when she gets her hair combed.

Being natural is not as easy & pain free as it seems.

I could not wait to show Sade the pictures of the aspiring model, so that she can know that she is not the only Black girl without chemically processed hair. Lately, Sade has been wanting to get her hair straightened or at least pressed. I had to break it to her that the only way that was going to happen, was a, over my dead body & b when she moves out of my house.

Believe it or not, I feel her but, it is important for me to let her know that her natural African gifts are the best. Mindspill

9 Responses to “Beauty iz Black”

  1. Erica C Says:

    You did the right thing. The media has our girls screwed up enough as it is.

  2. brunsli Says:

    This model is indeed very pretty. Have you considered locking Sade’s hair to avoid the combing drama? (I would have loved it as a little girl!)

  3. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    Good for u. How sad that society tells our young sisters that you gotta have straight hair to be beautiful. I will admit that I had to learn to love the tecture of gift of the oft times kinky tecture of our hair. In my family they still don’t think that that you can have “good” hair if your hair is “kinky”. My theory is that the only “good” hair is a “hare” that is raised to be a pet. Everything else is just “hair”. Take care.

  4. Meikmeika Says:

    Good Call!!! Being able to take care and manage your own natural hair is no joke but it’s worth having a healthy head of hair as opposed to thinning, chemical-laden, unhealthy hair. I’m not saying all permed heads are unhealthy but the majority I see are overprocessed and dry, not to mention the ones who’s hairlines starts in the middle of their head. I’m tellin you if I hadn’t gone natural that would have been me.

    Fortunately I’ve been able to experience my natural hair loose and in locks.

  5. Cluizel Says:

    Good Job! I am going to be the same way with my now fictional daughters :-)

    Great pic

  6. Bygbaby Says:

    Erica C – Thx & the media is sometimes our worst enemy.

    Brunsli – I have been talking to her about Sister Locks and she goes back & forth on her decision. I broke down the benefits & she got excited but then said she likes the options of her afro puffs & cornrows so, I am holding out.

    One Man’s Opinion – “In my family they still don’t think that that you can have “good” hair if your hair is “kinky”.” they are not alone! There are so many Africans in America caught up the the Euro vision of beauty.

    Meikmeika – You are right on so many levels! “Fortunately I’ve been able to experience my natural hair loose and in locks.” Awesome!!!

    Cluizel – Fictional; LOL!!! Was it hard for your mother to covert to sister locks or go natural???


  7. MysTery Says:

    That picture is NIIIIICE!

  8. aulelia Says:

    i agree with mystery: picture is gorgeous…

  9. Naturally Sophia Says:

    Gorgeous pic. And since I have been natural fo life, I have painful memories of scalp burningsby steam and heat from irons. My mom is unapologetically heavy-handed to and yank my hair with the comb. But I am happy it was never permed. I feel like a natural hair survivor. lol!

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