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Author: Tafari, Monday, December 24th, 2007 at 7:48 AM

I really don’t have shit to say but I wanted to post this image from my weekend outing. Mindspill

BUY Depakote ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Wait, I do have something thing to say: I cannot wait until X-mas is over. I am so tired of people saying happy holidays & merry X-mas to me every time I make a purchase etc, where to buy Depakote. Depakote samples, I think since I stopped celebrating holidays this is just an annoyance that maybe i should get over, but...

When I was purchasing Suite Suzy’s bday gift, purchase Depakote online, Depakote from canadian pharmacy, I thought I was going to walk away from the counter without the cashier say HAPPY HOLIDAY/MERRY X-MAS and the thought of that was good but then she crushed me because as I turned to leave, she said merry X-mas, Depakote for sale, Order Depakote from United States pharmacy, with this big dumb smile flashing her buttery jacked up teeth (there is nothing worse than seeing someone smile with a busted ass grill). In my head, buy cheap Depakote no rx, Buy Depakote from canada, I was like shit!

I guess this is also annoying because, people in general are being all nice & shit now, buy Depakote without a prescription, Purchase Depakote, but soon as the 1st of the year is here, all of this well wishers will not have shit to say & will revert back to selfish selves not caring how your day or week are.

Why does it take the winter holiday season for people to want to be friendly when they go 11 months acting like assholes who will not even speak to you while passing on the streets?

Anyway, order Depakote from mexican pharmacy, Rx free Depakote, let me finish this last sip of Tangueray & hit the sack cus I gotta work in the am.

Merry fuckin' X-mas & I hope you get that Chia herb garden that you've been wanting.

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  1. byrdparker Says:

    you are so right.. I am sooo tired of it … especially when u have a business and have to give your clients a little gift as a token of your appreciation … Sometimes u get the feeling that your clients want bigger better gifts. Because they give you work you should given them something grand . Well i don’t speak code , and if they want a kick back they need to say as much , otherwise feel happy with a box of designer chocolates , and a beautiful phaleonopsis.

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    Forget the chocolate, just give me the orchid & I would be a long time client!!!

    Just goes to show you how ungrateful & needed some people are.

  3. Cluizel Says:

    chia herb garden? lol

  4. jose Says:

    abso-freakin-lutely! My man, if we were nice to each other all year, I might excuse this vomit-inducing behavior. But, back to life, back to reality …

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Cluizel – You know you want one!!! That’s how you get your Negro fixins to taste so damn good!!!!

    Jose – LOL!!! “back to life, back to reality” starting Jan 2, we gone be back to the same ole shit.


  6. Tamra Says:

    I absolutely HATE Christmas. I grow to loathe it more and more every year. I can’t even bring myself to run Christmas promotions for my business–it just feels too hypocritical for me given how much I hate it.

    I’m not religious, so I can’t stand it from that perspective–and I was just griping to my husband this a.m. about why is it STILL a national (religious) holiday in our society NOW? (I understand the history of it becoming a national holiday back in the 1800’s, but now–shouldn’t be…) Then, the crazy consumerism just drives me nuts. And, your points about all the short-lived, well-intended fakeness are dead on.

    BFH. (Wicked derivation of Scroogespeak…)

    And OMG, have you seen the “who you should tip for the holidays list”? All in the name of Christmas?! Check this out. Who You Should Tip or Not I wish I would catch myself tipping our mail carrier.

    I guess I sound a little Scroogish, don’t I? I raise my glass to you for this post. [I really think I should go back to lurking and not commenting. Hehe.]

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    They can straight to hell with that list!!! How about tipping my ass for keeping you employed!!!!!!!!!!

    I did run a x-mas promotion for Quench Essentials because after all, it is all about capitalism!!!


  8. Lola Gets Says:

    Yeah, I dont like the fake holiday cheer either. My depressed ass would be much happier if someone were nice to me on, say, July 17th than the last few weeks of December. That hardly ever happens though, lol.

  9. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    i f….d the ugliest woman ever on that gin but bombay isz da shi happy nappy holidays

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Lola – That made me smile!

    Torrance – As far as I’m concerned, gin is good for 2 things: a) getting you fucked up & b) getting you fucked.

    My boo loves Bombay & she had me convert to Bombay but now, I am on the Tangueray big time. They are a little different & both make a great martini.


  11. Liz Says:

    Folks get evil after Christmas is over ’cause that visa bill comes in the mail and they’re bitch slapped with how much they charged up getting gifts for everybody and their momma.

    I think this is the first Christmas in a while that none of it got to me. I didn’t feel stressed at all. I wasn’t home with my uber crazy relatives, wasn’t buying any presents and only agreed to cook candied yams since my husband begged me. The rest of dinner was a deli roast chicken and I threw together some green beans with cranberries and slivered almonds.

    Hope you’re feeling better though!

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    A whole lot of folk gone be stuck on stupid when them bills start piling in!!!

    As you know, it is all about keeping it simple. Why over extend yourself & suffer financially for months on end???


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