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Author: Tafari, Tuesday, December 11th, 2007 at 3:55 AM

BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Months ago, I decided not to discuss race and all the drama surrounding it because I frankly became racially burned out. Buy Shatavari no prescription, So to keep my therapy (via blogging) going I turned to photo-blogging & I have been enjoying it.

Although there have been many things in the news & some things that needed to be in the news I stayed quiet but was like damn, ordering Shatavari online, Shatavari samples, I would like to discuss that on the “Mindspill.” I guess to quench my thirst for Black news discussion; I turn to NPR’s "News & Notes" program, especially the Blogger’s Roundtable, kjøpe Shatavari på nett, köpa Shatavari online. Buy cheap Shatavari, Sometimes I find myself joining their discussions as if I was there, which may mean I am crazy, buy generic Shatavari, Fast shipping Shatavari, but it helps pass the time away when I am washing dishes etc.

I thought it was funny last week, where can i buy Shatavari online, Online buying Shatavari hcl, when I was listening to the N&N Blogger's Rountable and heard Ferai Chideya asked the bloggers if too many Black bloggers are addicted to race, which was a play on Blogger Shelly's ("Boring Black Chick") post "UK & US: Differences in Black Blogging and Culture."

"Whether it's serious or humourous, buy Shatavari without prescription, Ordering Shatavari online, intellectual or frivolous, it is very apparent that African American bloggers have race at the top of their agenda, comprar en línea Shatavari, comprar Shatavari baratos. Everything is distilled through an exclusively race-biased lens or is brought back to black/white racial politics."

I agree somewhat with Shelly & appreciate that she opened up a dialogue that will allow many of us to look at ourselves, BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Shatavari online cod, Anyway, I want to lightly touch on some Black news topics because I really have to get this off my chest, buy Shatavari from canada. Where to buy Shatavari,

  1. Michael Vick – Who cares that he got sentenced to 2 years?!. His ass is lucky that he did not get the 5 he was facing & this is not even including state charges that he is yet to face, buy cheap Shatavari no rx. Order Shatavari from United States pharmacy, One thing that killed me was how so many Negroes were rallying behind him & we know he fucked up. BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I am not a dog lover & in fact I hate dogs (sorry dog lovers) but I would never wish to see harm on them or any animal and anyone knowingly harming any living being or thing needs to go down.Why do we as Black people rally behind someone we know is damn well guilty & needs to get brought up on charges (except for the 1st OJ trial, I know he didn’t do it!).

  1. Mandatory Drug Sentencing – Well you all know that I recently did a little research paper on mandatory drug sentencing for my Eng Comp class which means that I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with only 3 more classes to go. While writing the paper I was reading up on the next faze of the debate of the recent decision to relax the sentencing guidelines for those busted for crack possession, where can i buy cheapest Shatavari online. Real brand Shatavari online, The sad thing is that the sentencing mandatory minimums were relaxed but not equalized to the mandatory minimums of those busted for powdered cocaine & the 100:1 ratio is still in effect.Now that we are at least making some progress on sentencing disparities, Congress is looking at making the new sentencing guidelines retroactive & it is up for a vote tomorrow, buy no prescription Shatavari online. Where to buy Shatavari, Whether it goes retroactive or not, it has major implications for the Black community, Shatavari for sale. Shatavari price, coupon, If it goes retroactive, it will mean that 19k drug dealers/users will be released from prison over the next 2 years (give or take a few months), japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. If it does not go retroactive, it will mean that the gub-a ment thinks that Black people aren’t shit & that we are expendable, BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Shatavari without a prescription, With all that said, I have decided to position myself with those (like Hilary Clinton) who believe that this should not go retroactive, Shatavari from canadian pharmacy. Purchase Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I am basing my decision on the fact that with all of the discussion in Congress & the Sentencing Commission, no one has mentioned anything about training programs for these 19k prisoners facing an early release, purchase Shatavari. Buying Shatavari online over the counter, I am talking about programs, such as job training, where can i find Shatavari online, Buy cheap Shatavari, parenting, education, kjøpe Shatavari på nett, köpa Shatavari online, Australia, uk, us, usa, rehabilitation etc. The types of programs that would help transition them back into society smoothly, rx free Shatavari. BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, When you think about it, the people got caught up into drugs because they had/have no options (so they say), they are uneducated & or economically challenged or marginalized in some other way. Shatavari samples, If these convicts are released now with no assistance I see the drug problem getting worse or morphing in untold ways. After all, buy Shatavari no prescription, Shatavari trusted pharmacy reviews, if you have no skills & drugs are all you know, what the hell are you going to do???

  1. I Love New York – I have been watching this show ever since season 2 started & I feel guilty as hell about it, buy Shatavari from mexico. Online buy Shatavari without a prescription, VH1 is pimping out buffoonery, minstrelism & overall a poor representation of Black people & women in particular & I am all up in it helping to keep these fucked up shows on the air.With all this said, where can i order Shatavari without prescription, Fast shipping Shatavari, I am watching the finale tonight & am rooting for "Punk" even though he has that fucked up s-curl & horrible colored contacts. Of all the guys left, buy generic Shatavari, Shatavari gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I think he would work out the best. On another note, if you are watching this guilty pleasure also, did you see it last week when the families were on, BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I through up in my mouth when I saw Punk's sister, order Shatavari no prescription. Purchase Shatavari online, She is ugly as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Correction: I had it twisted because I though the finale was last night but it was not. Further more Punk got kicked off so now it is down to Bitch ass Tailor Made & Ass Kicking Buddha. BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Hmmmm, not sure what I would like to see happen now. I really think Punk did not get chose because he did not offer that much drama. New York really looked hurt to see him go, so I am wondering if the producers had anything to do with the final decision??????. Guess I will see what jumps off next Monday.

Race rant over for now. Back to my personal drama & photography.

Oh wait, I need to mention that I was on the Alexyss K Tylor’s “Vagina Power” show last week, BUY Shatavari ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. The show was on Why Men Like Sneaky Pussy. You can listen to it here & I am on like the last 40 minutes or so. Warning, if you listen & are a prude, do not be shocked when you here me say pussy, hot dick & nuts or getting fucked in the face OK. Here is the link.

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  1. Darius T. Williams Says:

    I am so with you on the whole Michael Vick issue…and um, I’mma hit that link up at home – not here in the office.

  2. Renea Says:

    @darius…jinx. Why am I at work and have to wait to catch this link until later?
    @byg…um, how did you get on the Alexyss Tylor circuit? Do tell.

  3. Lola Gets Says:

    Hot dick and nuts to you for being on her show! Ive never listened to the radio show myself, but I think I will check this one out once I get out of the library (or get me some headphones), lol.


  4. Lola Gets Says:

    Dammit, I had something serious to ask you, but your talk of hot dick and nuts sidetracked me!

    Ok, during your research of mandatory drug sentancing, did you ever discover how the disparities in sentancing between powder cocaine and crack began? Im curious because I want to know if the harsh sentances for crack were something that the public called for, those that lived in crack raveged communities, or if it was simply decided by the government.

    I appreciate that the court revisited this issue, but it doesnt seem as if the “relaxing” of the sentancing rules will do much, as they are up to the judges discretion. To me, it sounds about as effective as “dont ask, dont tell.”


  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Darius & Renea – The show is so not safe for work!!! LOL

    Renea – I got a myspace message from her about the show being on that night & I went to blog talk radio & joined the chat portion of it. Towards the end, they open the phone lines & I called in & it went from there. I was not a special invited guest but I kinda took over in a good way. We have some fun! They are back on in a day or so I will be tuning in.

    Lola – In my research I found that that Congres et al thought crack was far more dangerous & wide spread than powdered cocaine. Also once it started to hit the suburbs that is when things started to get “serious”. Also the death on basketball Len Bias was a factor & link the drug to the Black community. Once I get my paper back, i can forward it to you to have a look. It was very interesting. I think one of the most interesting pieces that I learned was how mandatory sentencing affects women much more worse.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    you don’t uderstand why ppl are behind Michael Vick? yet you watch and DISCUSS I love New York? My reasi\oning is a lot of famous ppl have killed using their cars (vehicular manslaughter) and only get 90 days in jail also, the foaming at the mouth by ppl hating Vick. How much time did those preachers get for molesting multiple children for years, where were the protests. It showed how much white ppl care for dogs over ppl.

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    Anon – I know, that it was it is a guilty pleasure…

    I have learned that nothing much can come between white people & their dog(s).

    Thx for chiming in!


  8. Sugar Says:

    You know, I don’t think they should relax the minimums. I think they should make the coke dealers do more time. It’s ridiculous that they are going to just let those guys/women get lesser sentences to make things more fair. How about throw the book at all of their asses equally? And, I think drug dealers should get it worse than Michael Vick and his shenanigans anyday. They were fighting pitbulls, not poodles or yorkies. A pitbull will tear your ass up given the chance and they kill dozens every year. People aren’t talking about that. I hate a pitbull.

  9. Bygbaby Says:

    They mos def need to make that shit equal if nothing else. Just because coke heads tend to be white, why should they get a break. Crack & coke have the same chemical components & this has been proven time & time again since the late 80’s.

    Heaven forbid another celebrity get caught with a little coke & have to face 15 years like a crack head.

    This morning I was listening to NPR & they talked about this. What is/was tripping me out is that everyone knows crack is not worse than coke but the powers that be are so reluctant to do anything about it.

    I know I just don’t want to see a rash of releases & have the cycle repeated. This is my main concern overall.


  10. Meikmeika Says:

    What Michael Vick did was wrong…he deserved to be punished. He was torturing and killing dogs..WTF?!

    I remember when Flavor of Love first came on VH1. It was like a car wreck, you couldn’t help but turn your head and watch, which I so guiltily did. But for VH1 to take New York, the woman who had already been slobbering all up on Flava, and try to find her a man is just plain sad. I only catch glimpses of that show when I watch Talk Soup and pray I never come across it while I’m flipping the channels cause more-than-likely the “car wreck” scenario will happen again.

    I wish race wasn’t an issue….. but, until the style/texture of my hair is no longer a concern in the workplace, or being asked why black people do certain things no longer occurs, or having to hear that I speak so well and am articulate ceases, or getting followed while shopping in a dept store ends, it will always be a thought in the back of my mind. Maybe my life has just been all coincidental..? who knows..

    Sorry about all the rambling…

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Meikmeika – “It was like a car wreck, you couldn’t help but turn your head and watch,”Great analogy!

    Talk Soup is a trip & they love reporting on all things fucked up & ghetto. It is great for a laugh.

    You are so on point with your views on why race will be an issues for a long while. I do understand that whites & others have curiosities about certain things that makes us, us but stereotyping whether intentional or not always seem to factor in.


  12. Liz Says:

    Punk got the boot? Oh man! I think they’re all lame. I saw one episode of this season and just could not believe they really think we’re stupid enough to believe that ANY of them are there for love. They’re there for pub and to see if they can get some.

    I think Rock of Love was just as bad though.

    I talk about race on my blog but not all the time. I think white people should talk about it more than they do. They act like it doesn’t affect their lives, like it doesn’t matter. And that’s just not true.

    As for Alexyss…you are too crazy! Love it.

  13. Bygbaby Says:

    Yes, most are looking for that 5minutes of ghetto fame. Hey look where it got New York though. 2 shows & a cameo on Nip/Tuck. Them monster tits are taking her place.

    Rock of love was so much more worse that Flavor of Love ever was. I tripped out last night when I saw that there was going tobe a 2nd season. Vh1 just does not know when to say no!

    I love the way you talk about at add your satirical spin on race issues. I am just kinda over the intense race shit that “we” blog about.

    You gotta call in for the show! I am sure Alexyss would love how the vagina power movement is going on the westcoast. ;-)


  14. Cluizel Says:

    I haven’t been watching the season of I love NY…I am so off.

    That clip was so not work appropriate but hilarious! lol

  15. Bygbaby Says:

    Oh hell nall, no you didn’t listen @ work!

  16. Bygbaby Says:

    BTW, don’t be shamed, I know you are watching. LOL!!!


  17. AUSPIC Says:

    You need to have your butt whooped for ordering a Hot Dick and Nuts shirt! lolololol

  18. Bygbaby Says:

    LOL!!! When I get it, Ia m going to wear the hell out of it!!!

  19. Peajai Says:

    I have been totally indifferent to Michael Vick. My YT officemate made a comment to me about his sentencing like, “Wow 23 months is alot!” and I’m like, “umm, I guess?” Seemed pretty lenient to me compared to what he could have gotten! I was never all upset about this whole dog fighting issue, but I know if I had seen pictures of those dead/mangled dogs I probably would have started crying so he deserved what he got.

    Since you are on the race issue, have you heard about this mess??

  20. Lola Gets Says:

    Wait, wait, wait, they have a “hot dick and nuts” t-shirt?? If so, I gotta get me one!

  21. Bygbaby Says:

    Peajai – Yes I heard about this story & was grossed the fuck out!

    To me, these European woman are taking advantage of resources (hot dick & nuts), proving again that Africa can be raped & there are no repercussions (sp?). I know the men have a role but when you are poor, uneducated, marginalized & horny this may look like a good opportunity. After all, i am sure that these sexed African men are not that interested in some wrinkled up assed pussy!

    Now if the AIDS thing jumps off back in Europe I know that shit will start flying.

    Lola – She is getting some made. When they are set t go, you best believe I am getting mine in a 3X (to allow for shrinking of course).


  22. Lola Gets Says:

    Youve got to let me know when those are available, cause Ive got to get me one too!

  23. Bygbaby Says:

    Stay tuned!!!

  24. Peajai Says:

    So true! No one wants to find out their sweet old granny has been sucking and fucking and now has an STD!

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