So today, like most Mac geeks, I was on the Apple website today surfing for information & images on all of the updates & offerings that were announced today during the Macworld Conference & Expo keynote address. I was really getting geeked about the iPhone updates & could not wait to get home to upgrade my little baby.

So while surfing the Apple site, I ran across the ad (unedited) above. At first, I was like hmmm, that’s catchy. Then I took a second look & was like wait a minute; you hardly find people of color on Apple ads but on this one advertising a “free human”, you have a Black woman standing predominately in front of a white man.

While I get the base of the message, the image totally fucks things up. Maybe I am race baiting but why not advertise a free white woman or man predominately & leave people of color out of this one. In my mind this is just fucked up.

I told Suite Suzy about it & she told me I was set tripping, so I tried to think differently but I kept coming back to the same message. So officially consider me to be a set tripper.

Is it me or does this advertisement for an “iSlave”, just seemed fucked up?

Yet another disappointing ad move from Apple!