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Author: Tafari, Friday, January 18th, 2008 at 6:06 AM

My HP 520n workstation finally bit the dust yesterday after 3 failed attempts to resuscitate.

BUY Lasuna ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, This is officially the last PC that I will ever own flat out!!. Fast shipping Lasuna, I have had to totally restore it, seems like twice a year for the last 3 damn years.

The people @ HP support were always nice & helpful when chatting online, online buy Lasuna without a prescription, Buying Lasuna online over the counter, but I can no longer take it.

So after death was confirmed, I hopped on & ordered a Refurb'd Mac Pro Quad (who could afford a new one???), where can i order Lasuna without prescription. Order Lasuna from United States pharmacy, I should be up & running next week & cannot wait!!. My next thing to get will be that 30” monitor, Lasuna samples, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, but that will be a while. Suite Suzy, Lasuna over the counter, Order Lasuna online c.o.d, if you are reading, just kidding about the monitor & thx so much for approving the purchase oh budget master!!!

Luckily I backed up recently on my external hard drive (a must have) so I lost very little, kjøpe Lasuna på nett, köpa Lasuna online. I called my best friend Brion (BFB) to get advice on getting info off the hard drive & he broke off the knowledge & is hooking up with me Saturday to extract what I need, BUY Lasuna ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Ordering Lasuna online, During the conversation he told me how bored he has been lately & I asked why since I new he would be wrapped up into his graduate classes by now. He then said, order Lasuna online overnight delivery no prescription, Order Lasuna from mexican pharmacy, Oh, I forgot to tell you, buy Lasuna from mexico, Buy Lasuna no prescription, I graduated & was like as a matter of fact, I got my degree in the mail today (masters in computer science).

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So anyway, buy Lasuna online cod, Where can i find Lasuna online, I am much more broke n I was 24 hours ago, but at least I will have an “iSlave” soon!

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  1. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    I think I would die if my computer went paws up. Just fall over dead with a flat line. Maybe not immediately, but in a few days…

    Aw who am I fooling. I got three motherboards laying around that can run a processor similar to mine. I would just be mad until I got back running…

  2. Tamra Says:

    Hey, no PC-hating up in here.

    Oh, it’s your blog, isn’t it? ;-)

    Power to the League of Wife Budget Masters! Go Suite Suzy! [My husband insisted that I learn to do it–I wasn’t always as frugal as I am now, hehe…]

  3. Lola Gets Says:

    Dammit man, dont become a slave-master!

    What am I talking about, Im a MacWoman too, lol.

    Hey, interesting factoid: Kinkos wont let me view your blog. They must think its porn or something! You gotta stop saying hot dick and nuts!


  4. Peajai Says:

    At $2200 who could afford a refurb?! I paid $400 for my PC 4 years ago… still going strong. I think your mistake was getting at HP. I’ve had 2 (expensive!!) HP printers die on me, an HP camera, and an HP scanner. Back in the day (10 years ago) HP was the ish. Now… not so much.

  5. byrdparker Says:

    i have three dell workstations , all of them work .1 i had for seven years . espson stylus 220 , and the hp scanjet … i love the scanjet 4670 they do not make them any more !!!

    i want the mac thinbook sooooo bad!

  6. Bygbaby Says:

    The Second Sixty-Eight – Man if I was that technically inclined I would be all set. Brion is coming over today to help me rescue data from the hard drive so I should be set until m new baby arrives.

    Tamra – Suite Suzy is very frugal, a perfect balance to my spend happy attitude.

    Lola – LOL!!! Oh my, I guess, I’m really off the hook. One of my goal is to not say hot dick & nuts. Shit, I just fucked that goal up…

    Peajai – Yeah I know, excessive but I cannot afford to not have a work station for my design work. My clients will end up footing the bill, when it is all said & done. I was never a HP fan but when they bought Compaq, I had no choice because I loved Compaq. Oh well, a new chapter.

    Byrdparker damn 3, what do you do? I have a very cheap HP printer & it does the job. The kids use is it mostly.


  7. James Tubman Says:

    sometimes it cheaper to save some of your stuff on cd’s

    it keeps the memory in tact if you do it that way

  8. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    Okay, you are gonna have to tell me how you like the Apple once you have had it for a while. Seriously. I am thinking about investing in one, but those bad boys are expensive. However, now that I have paid off my car and all my credit cards i might be able to break off a little something somthing. Maybe treat myself on my birthday in August. So, I need you to do a post on how your Apple is working, sometime in the near future, please.

  9. Bygbaby Says:

    James Tubman – I stopped doing the cd/dvd back up, when I got my external hard drive. It is more efficient, 250gb, & fast as hell. A must have.

    One Man’s Opinion – Will do, I will have it Thursday & so looking forward to having it! I will tell you that I love my Macbook Pro & my kids are really liking their iMac so the MacPro should be a real winner!

    Kudos for paying down that debt. One day I will be there again.


  10. James Tubman Says:

    god damn!!!

    you don’t need to save ish

  11. byrdparker Says:

    I do embroidery , and i keep a lot of info , so when i think one is going to die i.e. too old , i buy another one … I cannot work without a computer !

    what is going on in detroit , with that black man beating a 2 year old in the party store , he was slamming a glass door in the kids face . oh i hate abusers , i hope they find him and castrate him!!!!!

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    James Tubman LOL!!!
    Byrdparker – I hear you on that!

    I have not been watching the news lately because it has been too depressing lately, & this is a perfect case!


  13. Darius T. Williams Says:

    An external hard drive is the way to go. You know, maybe I want a 30 inch monitor now.

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