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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 2:02 AM Mindspill

BUY Deltasone ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Why is that when Negroes are in boiling water they all of the sudden call on “the church” to help their asses out. Where to buy Deltasone, Why come they were not up in the church trying to help them get out of whatever it was that got them into trouble.

Today, Detroit news outlets reported that Kwame Kilpatrick will finally be addressing the sexy text message scandal tomorrow from his church @ 730, where can i order Deltasone without prescription. Buy Deltasone online cod, Why did it take a week!!!???

When I first saw this headline, I sighed out loud WTF, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy Deltasone without prescription, I am like you should have been up in your pastors office last week instead of being all up in Christine Beatty while on vacay @ a spa in NC.

I'm also tripping on the fact that Kwame & Christine are now both being surrounded by spiritual supporters/advisers. One of the pastors last week said that we should not judge the man & let him work through this drama with the help of the lord.

To that, where to buy Deltasone, Deltasone trusted pharmacy reviews, I’m like, wait, buy Deltasone ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy cheap Deltasone, so you, the pastor are telling us not to judge him but 2 years ago you told us to judge him & doing it by casting a vote to get his monkey ass re-elected, order Deltasone from mexican pharmacy. So basically, you are telling me to judge him when it is beneficial!!!

Classic example of why we need a separation of church & state, BUY Deltasone ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Purchase Deltasone online, Too many pulpit pimps, leading fools to do foolish things.

I remember 2 years ago when I was a church attending Christian during election time, order Deltasone online overnight delivery no prescription. Fast shipping Deltasone, My then pastor told us basically to vote against a proposal that would allow gay marriage in Michigan. I almost stood up & said something but Suite Suzy was like don’t go there, buy Deltasone from canada. Purchase Deltasone, When I was going to a church, I was not there to talk politics & suppress the rights of other.

Anyway, buying Deltasone online over the counter, Deltasone from canadian pharmacy, I am hoping that Kwame tenders a resignation tomorrow so that the city can heal (said in my best sarcastic voice). Oh the drama!!!

On another but similar note, comprar en línea Deltasone, comprar Deltasone baratos, Deltasone gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, I was having an internal conversation with myself today & questioned what song would Carlita & Christina sing to Kwame if they had the chance. The first thing that came to mind was “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy (1998), online buy Deltasone without a prescription, Buy Deltasone from mexico, but then I thought that was too juvenile. Then after some real deep thinking, rx free Deltasone, Ordering Deltasone online, I came up with “Let No Man Put Asunder” by First Choice (1977), which is perfect for the situation, buy cheap Deltasone no rx. Deltasone over the counter, You see, music can be applied to anything boo!

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  1. Tamra Says:

    I love it! Your post is so on-point –and so hilarious!

    I won’t even delve into my contempt for (organized) religion except to say, I’ve always thought it’s funny to always go “callin on the lawd” when you’re on a skewer over a pit and the fire’s been cranked up a notch or two.

    In any case, I am so embarrassed to say that he’s a fellow alum…

    I would be SO steamed if any of my taxpayer dollars were going towards this crap.


    [Oh, and I’ve also always found it “odd” that us people of color are the first to cry discrimination when we feel we’ve been wronged, but it amazes me the way we bash and judge gay people, and try to suppress their rights, like you mentioned above. Sigh!]

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    On one of his last scandals, his daddy got on the stage & accused the white man/media for his problems & misdeeds. The next day he recanted the statement & apologized.

    I was like, what do white people & or the media have to do with your son stealing city funds to pay for a SUV for your wife?

    Basically, all I have to say is Nigga please!!!


  3. jose Says:

    He’s going to need a little more than amazing grace to get his cred back (har har har).

    What an ass. Everyone knows you don’t do sexy texts over a city phone. Moron :-X …

  4. Ebony Says:

    PREACH!! I can’t wait to see what this fool has to say tonight. You see that he’s going to be basically giving a statement and no one will be in the room with him? So cowardly! The song is on point too.

  5. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    Wow, you said it. I use to attend a church were the pastor would tell people how to vote from the pulpit. You know that crap ain’t appropriate. I wasn’t even of voting age and knew it was not right. It caused me to lose a lot of respect for the man, who is my sister’s father in-law, by the way. Anyway, black folks cry Jesus when they are in trouble because we are normally brought up in the church…Plus, there is no Greater Love or forgiveness.

  6. Bygbaby Says:

    Jose – Man, this goes to show, when you think with the wrong head, things will go wrong.

    Ebony – Last night when I heard that there was going to be no audience, it solidified that is a bitch who cannot face the public because he is such a fuck up. His promise to “do better” after his re-election was just another lie. I think what he meant to sa is that he will do Beatty better.

    OMO – “You know that crap ain’t appropriate. I wasn’t even of voting age and knew it was not right.” I know, don’t we learn about separation of church & state in middle school civics.

    They try to tell you how to vote, how much to give to the roof & air conditioning funds, who to not like & when to pay them tithes.

    Honestly, I am not saying that churches are bad ,because I did have some good experiences. Now that I am not involved, it is easier for me to see through most of the bullshit.


  7. Carla Says:

    Good topic. But this is why I have, for the most part, stopped discussing politics altogether. (And religion is on it’s way out the door too!) Just too many bad vibes to frustrate me and ultimately cause me to lose faith in politricks altogether. I much prefer to think about other things, like my newest celebrity crush: Chris Brown. LOL! :)

  8. Lola Gets Says:

    Man, you posted that great song, and I forgot my headphones today! Grrrr. Im sorry yall are having such a time with your mayor.


  9. muslimahlocs Says:

    hmmm…i suppose that would depend on one’s conceptualization of jesus. for those who believe that “He” can, should “He”? seems to me that there are more pressing matters going on in the world.

  10. Darius T. Williams Says:

    well, the bible does say that jesus came that we all might have life more abundantly…right? lol

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Carla – I hear you & can totally respect that. In fact I am tired of it after following it for a week.

    I started to write a post after his little press conference but then said fuck it. After seeing people basically want to suck his nut sack, I have concluded that Detroiters (not all but a lot) are stuck on stupid so why waste more keystrokes. I mean did you hear about the fight at the rally between pro & con KK people???

    Over the next few days, I may get tripped out about the entire thing & may revisit cashing in those stored keystrokes.

    Lola – Yes, this would be a good time to have headphones LOL. This is the jam!!!

    Muslimahlocs – “seems to me that there are more pressing matters going on in the world.” True but drama adds to the spice of life. No not really & not all the time.

    Darius – “well, the bible does say that jesus came that we all might have life more abundantly…right? lol” I guess! I think I heard that before but no one can prove so…


  12. Renea Says:

    They played part of his apology this morning. Him looking at his wife, she suppressing an urgent neck roll/talk to the hand gesture. The only thing that would have made it better is if Anita Baker’s I Apologize was playing softly in the background. Was the other 7 minutes as amusing as the 15 or so I saw?

  13. Bygbaby Says:

    Renea – No you didn’t call her out for a neck roll!!!LOL.

    Last night Suite Suzy said something about her being a neck roller & I was like WTF LOL!!!

    The whole thing was a piece of fake shit. I don’t give a fuck about you apologizing to your wife or having to explain how you sleep around to your sons. he talked about all he has done for the city, & attacked the media all in the same breath. Now that made me do a neck roll.

    Great things have come to Detroit but the infrastructure still is bad, schools are closing, & if you need emergency public services, don’t count on them showing up too soon.

    Yes downtown looks great, thats cute but, when you go into a real neighborhood, you are like WTF, where am I & why is it so fucked up looking???

    That apology was a just a joke & he could have stayed in hiding as far as I’m concerned.

    Tonight is Thursday, which means that I need to pick up a bottle of Rangpur Tangueray so a video blog my jump off!!!

  14. Luscious Librarian Says:

    I think people really just use Jesus like a magic genie that they can rub when it suits them, and pulpit pimps aren’t new. Right after reconstruction it was one of the few jobs a black man gcould get and make money without ‘real’ labor. He would travel around and preach(give folks a show) and for his trouble he could stay for a days and be waited on hand and foot and be fed.

    No real relationship with God required.

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