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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, February 6th, 2008 at 6:33 AM

Last night I tuned into the PBS special documentary "Prince Amongst Slaves BUY Lukol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, ", which detailed the life of [Prince] Abdul Rahman & his 40 years spent as a slave in America. I have heard the story before but this documentary took it to a new & great level!

I know you saw it so I would love to know what you thought, kjøpe Lukol på nett, köpa Lukol online. Where can i buy cheapest Lukol online, Did you read the book?

While watching it, I found that I stopped breathing a couple of times because the story was suspenseful at times & then there were two points where I felt a tear about to pop out that I had to control, comprar en línea Lukol, comprar Lukol baratos. Rx free Lukol, And without really having to say, I did get angry as I would with anything else dealing with the subject matter.

The Antwon Fisher moment at the end brought it all home & really showed that through all, where can i find Lukol online, Online buying Lukol hcl, we have conquered as a people.

PBS always shows stellar programming during BHM & this year is no exception. The cool thing also about PBS is that they show love throughout the year without question.

Here is a link to the 2008 BHM PBS line up.

Switching topics but not really but kinda. Mindspill

I have 2 mud cloth sets & this is my favorite (you may have seen me in it here), buy Lukol from canada. It was made by a Senegalese friend's sister back home in Africa, BUY Lukol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Kjøpe Lukol på nett, köpa Lukol online, His family actually manufactures many clothing goods & his sales here help support his family, here & in Senegal, Lukol over the counter. Where can i find Lukol online, I am thinking about making this image my blog header for the month but I have to muster up the initiative to make that happen & right now, It is not looking so hot.

About Mud Cloth (if interested):

Bogolanfini (“Bo-ho-lahn-FEE-nee”), where to buy Lukol, Buy cheap Lukol, which translates as “mud cloth” is a long established tradition among the Bamana, a Mande speaking people who inhabit a large area to the east and north of Bamako in Mali, buy cheap Lukol no rx. Order Lukol from United States pharmacy, The origin of this cloth is believed to lie in the Beledougou region of central Mali. Hand woven and hand-dyed mud cloth uses a centuries old process using numerous applications of various plant juices/teas and mud to dye hand woven cotton cloth.

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  1. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    You know, I use to look at PBS alot, but then I got cable and find myself looking at less intellectual things, such as the I love New York.

  2. Renea Says:

    Amazing fabric! Didn’t know about the Prince Among Slaves program, but looking forward to American Lives tonight.

  3. Tamra Says:

    Thanks for the info. I’ll definitely have to check that out. I think I saw it starting to come on but I couldn’t draw myself away from the presidential play-by-play (tho I swore I wouldn’t watch it). I love PBS too–if there’s nothing else, there’s always PBS…

    Cool on the mudcloth. Were those comments in that other post for real??? They were hilarious! –Not if they were for real–AND, if not, I love your response, lol.

  4. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Great – so now when I get home I’m going to have to DVR some of the programs coming up. I didn’t see the one last night…I’ll be on the lookout though.

  5. AnnaC Says:

    They are not showing it until tonight in my market… CAN’T WAIT!

    And I blogged about it today too!

  6. muslimahlocs Says:

    yes, i have read the book among many others about muslim enslaved africans. imam zaid shakir taught a semester long course on the subject that we were blessed to attend. some scholars estimate that up to 30-40% of the enslaved africans that came to the americas were muslims. the dvd can be purchased at @
    (and no i am not getting paid for that infomercial)

    oh, and renea…i have been posting reminders about this program on my blog since last year. where have you been lately? i’ve missed you ;-)

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    OMO – We all need a ghetto entertainment fix & you know I was all on I Love NY!

    Renea – I missed American Lives last night so that I could catch up on Project Runway. Don’t laugh!

    Tamra – I was tripped out by that Anon comment & for a while would not allow them. I had some Anon poster that was out of their fucking mind.

    Darius – When I get rich, Imma get me one of them DVR’s!

    Anna C – I wonder why there was a delay in your market. Well as long as you get the chance, I guess that is all that really matters, right!

    Muslimahlocs – Imam Zaid Shakir seems very dynamic & I bet that was a great course!

    In some documentaries & books, they make mentions of religion of our ancestors but never spell it out in terms of what religions were practiced but from inferences, I figured most were Muslim.

    one thing that I would like to explore more, if I ever get the initiative & time is the effect of Arabic enslavement of Africans on the east & west coast.

    LOL on you calling Renea out. There has been a lot of calling out here lately.


  8. Lola Gets Says:

    I dont think that documentary has shown in the DC area yet, but Ill keep looking!


  9. muslimahlocs Says:

    your blog seems to be just the right place to call folks out ;-) kind of fits with the general tone/theme that you have going on…
    you can actually visit the old castles where africans were enslaved on the east coast as well (in kenya to be specific). but you don’t hear much about them over here.
    some argue that although physical enslavement has ended (darfur and other areas of north africa notwithstaning) that there is still a fair degree of psychological enslavement that persists. this brother always has something interesting to say on the topic if you ever get the inclination to visit his blog…

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    It is being repeated several times so I am sure that you will catch it.

    Muslimahlocs – LOL on the call out factor & I guess, I have called out my fair share of peeps.

    Mental enslavement is so present that it is sick & ever so obvious to me. I tent to refer to that as a Matrix.

    Thx for putting me up on Abdur’s site, I am digging his vibe!


  11. Carla Says:

    Thanx for posting this. You inspired me to watch PBS this month. I’m sorry I missed this particular show, but I did watch the program with Henry Louis Gates called “African American Lives 2.” Was quite interesting. We are a fascinating, strong people…for realz!

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