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Author: Tafari, Thursday, February 28th, 2008 at 11:49 PM

BUY Xanax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I have never been a real fan of pears, however occasionally, I would enjoy the on a salad but never would I eat one by itself. Pears are too mushy for me & they always seem to look beat up unless you pay big bucks to get them from Harry & David!

Well today I was at the market & saw these striking red & green pears that were calling my name, order Xanax online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Xanax online cod, They were so beautiful & firm I decided to give them a try, not to mention that I thought they would make for a great table shot.

After taking a few shots, kjøpe Xanax på nett, köpa Xanax online, Xanax from canadian pharmacy, I cut one up & really enjoyed the sweet but mildly woody taste of mild flesh. I think I may be going back to get a few more to get me to through the weekend.

After my snack I looked up the history of the pear & was surprised to see that it has been around for a very long time, Xanax trusted pharmacy reviews. Where can i buy Xanax online, I guess since I never purchased pears I totally overlooked them until today. Mindspill

Forelle Pear History:
Forelles are a very old variety, and are thought to have originated sometime in the 1600's in northern Saxony, buy Xanax from canada, Online buy Xanax without a prescription, Germany. The name Forelle translates to mean "trout" in the German language, comprar en línea Xanax, comprar Xanax baratos. Purchase Xanax online, It is believed that the variety earned this name because of the similarity between the pear's brilliant red lenticles and the colors of a Rainbow trout.

Forelles were introduced to the United States by German immigrants in the 1800's, and they are now produced in the Northwestern states of Oregon and Washington.

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  1. DJ SKiP Says:


    I’m a 19 y.o. DJ based in Richmond, VA…. I’m sure you have no clue as to who I am, but over the past few days, I’ve been searching for info on brotherlocks….Needless to say, Google directed me to your blog….which is what I’ve been reading for the past day! I’m STRONGLY considering restarting my locks with Brotherlocks, but I was wondering if you had any pictures of yourself when they were only say, a few months old…..your support would be greatly appreciated!!! BTW my e-mail is

    I look forward to hearing from you!!

  2. Jskipper53 Says:

    and check me out on MySpace..

  3. Meikmeika Says:

    I’m more of a mushy pear girl myself! I’ve not had one in a salad before..

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    DJ Skip – Thx for hitting me up. I will email you.

    Meikmeika – yucky LOL!!! The salad that I have has field greens, prosciutto, walnuts, blue cheese, pear slivers, sometimes onions & a vinegarette dressing. It’s quite tasty!!!


  5. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    man, u missin out i have 2 pear trees on my land

  6. Darius T. Williams Says:

    pears in a salad are delicious – w/a citrus or mustard vinegarette – it’s delicious. boy you can take a picture of the dark and make it look good.

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    Torrance – I bet they smell good when the fruit is ripening.

    DTW – The dressing sounds great, do you make it, buy it???

    With a tripod & good lens, any photo is possible in dark conditions!


  8. James Tubman Says:

    i love the taste of djuno pears and i love the taste of pear candy lol

    especially the jelly bellys

  9. Peajai Says:

    Crisp, underripe, blemish-free pears only please! If all the pears you encountered were beat up, where are you shopping, Super Walmart? LOL Meijer has a excellent produce section. :)

  10. Tamra Says:

    My grandfather had some pear trees on his land too, and my grandmother used to make some kick-ass pear preserves. I miss her, sure, but I sho’ nuff miss those pear preserves–never been able to find anything like hers.

    Beware though, pears might, um, cause one to become flatulent… Not ME, of course. I’m just sayin…

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    James – Them jelly belly can fuck up some dental work. I stay away from em” LOL

    Peajai – “…here are you shopping, Super Walmart?” No Super Kmart boo!!!

    Tamra – It sucks when recipes die when the ones we love leave. My grandma used to make these killer pineapple pancakes that no one in my family seems to know how to make.


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