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Author: Tafari, Monday, February 11th, 2008 at 3:14 AM

BUY Lozol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, This week, my Brother Locks are a healthy 4 years old. Top celebrate this self-imposed holiday, Lozol trusted pharmacy reviews, Where to buy Lozol, I got my highlights freshened with some new color. So at the last minute I booked a standby appointment with one of Detroit’s best colorists Mary Vesta Henderson who works at the Meagan Mitchell Salon in Ferndale, Lozol price, coupon, Where can i order Lozol without prescription, MI.

So I show up at the appointment yesterday @ 3 & talked with Mary V about the look I wanted (pretty much the same that I had but kicked up a notch). We discussed my options & she showed me a few swatches & strongly recommended that I go with Paul Mitchell’s “the color” (demi-permanent (not as intense as a permanent color but better than a semi-permanent)) instead of doing a Sebastian Cellophane (semi permanent).

Now that the scary technical stuff was out of the way, online buying Lozol hcl, Buy generic Lozol, 1½ hours & 65 bucks later I was a new man with a red hot locked look.

When my hair finally dried & I looked in the mirror, I was so happy with the result, buy no prescription Lozol online. Where can i find Lozol online, Mary Vesta truly made it happen & is so on top of the color game; point blank. Mindspill

On the salon tip - All the time I was at Meagan’s, I was laughing my ass off, order Lozol online c.o.d, Buy Lozol online cod, as we all discussed Kwame & his janky ass relationship drama. I do miss the barber shop/salon experience, especially for hot topical conversations that can be had nowhere else, BUY Lozol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Another cool things is that I took some Quench orders & got booked to give Quench hand/foot massages at a “Christian women's bachelorette party” (yes that is what the organizer called it).

After we talked a bit, buy Lozol without a prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Lozol online, she was like you can’t do all that cussing up in her house. I was like as long as you are paying I will shut the fuck up if you want me to, buy Lozol ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Order Lozol no prescription, she then said “oh lawd’ I need to pray for you”.

Back on the hair tip - I think I will be getting that haircut that I have been considering lately, some time early summer, purchase Lozol ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Order Lozol online overnight delivery no prescription, I’m not thrilled with the way my locks are growing out in the back so they need a little help to get their sexy back

- Mary introduced me to the Sebastian Potion 9 Wearable Treatment, a very nice leave in conditioner that left my locks shiny, kjøpe Lozol på nett, köpa Lozol online, Where can i buy Lozol online, not weighted down & smelling good. Check it out, where can i order Lozol without prescription, Comprar en línea Lozol, comprar Lozol baratos, if you need to condition on the go.
In other news:

- My boy Obama, kicked ass this weekend & I hope that he repeats the same excitement this Tuesday during the “Chesapeake Primary”, where can i find Lozol online. BUY Lozol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, On a related note, it looks like Billary is telling some of her staff to “kick rocks” (inside joke for those who read Sugar & Spice).

- So as most broke Negroes I know, I’m excited about the 2100 bucks I am getting from the IRS. Buy cheap Lozol, If you have been sleeping under a rock, the US Senate approved a $170 billion tax rebate plan to slow down/stop the recessions that so many are in denial about, order Lozol online c.o.d. Lozol from canadian pharmacy, If you are not sure if you are getting a rebate, here is some info that should be helpful.

When the plan sounded like it was going through & we were still in the financial range of getting a rebate, buy Lozol no prescription, Buy generic Lozol, we had it partially spent. We decided to take the girls on a quick trip to Chicago so that they could go to the American Girls Doll mecca, rx free Lozol. Buy Lozol from mexico, They have been begging for one of those damn dolls for the longest, so I guess this is a good reason to finally give in & get a road trip out of it, Lozol trusted pharmacy reviews. Australia, uk, us, usa, The some cash will go to back to school gear. With the 3 bucks left, purchase Lozol online, Where to buy Lozol, maybe I will invest it (in a cone of ice cream).

Is your check already spent, are you paying bills, buy no prescription Lozol online, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, getting repairs, or breaking yourself off with a gift etc???

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  1. Darius T. Williams Says:

    You know – I thought about locks. I started growing a fro – it was too much work. I’m back down shaved a bit.

    Um – Yes! Obama kicked MAJOR ass. I hear Hillary backing down shortly.

    And – I don’t ever get a tax refund. I usually end up owing. I’m going to post on this one day too. So, the payroll tax tables that determine what’s withheld outta your paycheck are so jacked up. They’re way overstated. So, although someone is withholding as single w/one exemption – what that equates to on your paycheck is way too much. If you get paid every other week – this happens 26 times a year. 100.00 too much each paycheck over 26 pay periods equals a return. But wait?

    Why is it that I’m contributing too much to withholding taxes if my status hasn’t changed? It’s cuz the feds want you to overwithhold in the hopes that you won’t eventually file or you die. A dead brotha can’t file his taxes – meaning that 2600.00 is multiplied times the number of dead folks the IRS hopes to take advantage of in a year’s time.

    My theory…I always withhold at a higher level which means less taxes out of my check. When I file my 1040, I end up owing no more than $100.00 max. I’ll rather owe them…than they owe me. If I’m dead…I won’t get a refund. If I’m dead – they’ll just be short $100.00.

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    Darius – I loved my fro when I was rocking it. My mom said I looked like a brown Q-tip. Having long hair does take work but it keeps you warm on days like this!!!

    When I was single, I always claimed no exemptions on the advice of my “tax lady”. if I winded up owing back then I would have never pad + I enjoyed getting a refund. it was like a little bonus.

    Sounds like you are out for Uncle Sam. LOL!!!

  3. Tamra Says:

    Cool on the color. The red looks good on you.

    I’m hitting the colorist next myself–just got mine “cut” Saturday. I wasn’t too fond of the back of mine either–kind of scraggly-looking. I put a *before* photo on my blog.

    Held off on color because I’m not sure which color I want yet. AND, I’m scared of color because I’ve heard that lightening it via bleach (step I) can wreak havoc on locks. ? Not sure.

    BTW, when you and SS bring the girls to Chicago, you guys should hit Art Smith’s Table Fifty-Two (blow both the tax-refund budget and the diet!). Seriously–that restaurant is amazing.

  4. Ebony Says:

    I love the color. I may have to give your colorist a shout out.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – Thx!!! Your locks look awesome! How short did you go??? I am a little nervous about the cut because I do not want to see any blunt ends. What is your experience.

    BTW, you are burning through the blog posts, so I guess you really did have a lot on your mind LOL!!!

    Ebony – She’s awesome!!! You can continue your 1 year anniversary by treating yourself. Email me for her number when you are ready.


  6. Naturally Sophia Says:

    The color is cool.

  7. Tamra Says:

    I didn’t do anything too drastic. It’s still right at shoulder-length and very slightly bobbed. The heifer was too scared to layer me the way I wanted. Somebody else recommended this chick, so I tried her.

    OMG–I LOVE not having this stuff down my back! In the photo, the back is a bit longer than what you see (because I couldn’t whack it off myself)–hence, the scraggly look.

    So again, nothing drastic. I had a lot of ends that refused to lock, so I got rid of a bunch of those. I know what you mean about the blunt ends, but I just wanted the longer, weird ones GONE, so I didn’t care too much–I figure that after I wash them a few more times they might not look AS blunt… It’s coming down off of a Soft Spike curl now, so when it’s straight again (or loosely curled enough), I’ll post an “after” photo.

    Just make sure you get somebody that isn’t *scared* to cut locked hair. I’d have gone to somebody else to get the layering I originally wanted. Probably will at a later date after I do some more research.

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    Naturally Sophia – Thx boo!

    Tamra – Good thing she was scared, she could have jacked you up so maybe that is a good thing.

    I was wearing a tappered afro before I got my Brother Locks so my hair naturally fell into layers. The back is the longest & needs the taming pretty bad.

    On the soft spike tip. Can you do loose curls or are they always tight. I was thinking about getting some to try but do not want to walk around looking like Curly Sue. I like braid ours because they are low key.

    Talk to me

  9. Tamra Says:

    Soft Spike sets aren’t too bad if you set your hair when it’s dry and then spritz some water on it when it’s all rolled up–and let it dry naturally.

    If you set it wet and then let it dry–that’s another story. Mine usually end up kind of tight and curly.

    On the other hand, moreso than SSs and braidouts, I like twisting my hair into cornrows, and letting it get wavy (vs. crinkly w/braidouts). Again, without water it’s loose and doesn’t last quite as long; with water the opposite. BUT, it’s still not as tight or crinkly as a braidout.

    The twisting is like braiding, but instead of using three sections to form the “braid,” you’re using two, and then you keep feeding each section over and around, picking up hair as you go. When I get to the end, I band it up and clip it until I start another row that I can band that to so it won’t come down–and so on. That make sense? This is vs. just taking an individual section of hair and twisting to the ends and not making it into rows. I like the looser wave of doing the rows. *Very* low key, and low maintenance. It takes me all of about 10 minutes to twist-set it.

    I’ll do it again by the weekend and post a photo or two on my blog to show you what I mean.

    If you wanted to stick with Soft Spikes, I’d say go larger if you want it loose. Try twisting before getting the SSs and see if you like it.

    *I always curl/twist tighter towards the scalp to give it a little more body, otherwise, close to the scalp it can flatten out pretty easily–which I can’t stand.

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Thx Tamra, you & Renea have been a big help. I just tried to order the SS & ran into drama using their shopping cart. I emailed them & got a call back pretty quickly. They are going through some website changes so the shopping cart is not fully operational now.

    The twist technique sounds complicated, not sure if i can do that. Maybe I am not thinking about it the right way???


  11. Tamra Says:

    Oh, really–it’s not complicated at all, I swear. It was kind of hard for *me* to explain, so I’m sure that’s what it is. When you see it, you’ll have a “THAT’s what it is?!” moment.

    Can you do a “French braid” aka cornrow (some people call it cornroll)? It’s like that, but just with two sections of hair instead of three (that probably isn’t helping). I guess I should have clarified that for my braid-outs, I don’t do individual braids–I French braid/cornrow my locks (it’s quicker and makes for a looser wave).

    Ask Suite Suzy to twist a row for you–she’ll probably know what I’m talking about. You just take the two sections of hair and wrap them around each other evenly as you go along, pulling up small sections of that row as you go along.

    HELP!!! Can anybody else out there in BygbabyLand explain it better?

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    I wish I could French braid! I would save a ton of money getting Sade’s hair braided. Suite Suzy can but is very allergic to dander, which flares her eczema up, so I’m on my own.

    I know know where you are coming from now though with this explanation.

    If only my sitser live closer!!!!


  13. Tamra Says:

    Next time you see your sister, tell her to show you–it’ll be worth it.

    I meant to add that I’ve been using Sebastian Potion 9 for years and I LOVE it. And aunt of mine who just got locks turned me on to it. I love the way it feels on my hair–and it does smell good, doesn’t it?

  14. Cluizel Says:

    awww…I love the color!

  15. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – That nigga is so flaky! she is supposed to come over Sunday but I am not holing my breath! I may wash my hair Saturday so I can use it & it smells great!!! Another thing that I was recently put up on was Design Essentials. Their LI conditioner is great & smells good also.

    BTW, got my soft spikes in the mail today. Popped them in with your water spritz recommendations so stay tuned for results!!!

    Cluiel – Thx boo!!!

  16. sunsail Says:

    DAYUM!!! LOVE the color!! It’s about time you posted progress on your locks. Now i wanna see the SS results…

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    Thx Sunsail – I will post more when I perfect the SS look. I have been rocking it for the last 3 days & I am liking it.


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