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Author: Tafari, Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 at 4:27 AM Mindspill BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Well, it has been officially months since I joined the gym, & I am sad to say that I missed my goal of a 20lb weight loss. I am happy to report that I have lost 18lbs, buy Maxaman from mexico, Where can i order Maxaman without prescription, which means that I am at a think & juicy 248lbs, which is still great.

One thing that I am enjoying is being able to tuck some of my shirts in that were previously worn untucked, fast shipping Maxaman. Maxaman price, coupon, I started untucking when I figured that I looked 4 months pregnant which is not flattering at all. Well, buy Maxaman online cod, Purchase Maxaman online, I don’t think I was that bad but still, a big belly & tucking in shirt looks nasty.

So now my thoughts & energy are focused on getting down to 235lbs by June, buy Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Maxaman trusted pharmacy reviews, Can I do it; will I be able to drop that bottom in 3 moths. I am certainly gonna try my best & leave the Wholefoods 2 bite brownies alone, for real this time cuz they really set me back!!!

Looking at myself in the mirror is getting a lot easier these days especially naked.
Bygbaby vs, BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Sisterlocks

Today, Maxaman over the counter, Maxaman from canadian pharmacy, I finally got my locks tightened & during the appointment, I thumbed through a Sistelocks magazine, Maxaman for sale. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, While doing so I got kinda turned off by what was there & what was obviously missing, not to mention the poor photography & bad layout.

First, rx free Maxaman, Ordering Maxaman online, I was like, I really like my hair but I think there is an over-saturation of Sisterlocks adoration & I just don’t get it, order Maxaman from United States pharmacy. Where can i buy cheapest Maxaman online, It’s just hair. I think there are a lot of Sisterlock peeps that are into this “lifestyle” a little too deep, Maxaman gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. BUY Maxaman ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, If you need proof, have a look at the yahoo LockItUp group, which I quit 4 years ago after being turned off by many of the discussions & attacks on Sisterlock alternatives.

Second, I was like, why does this company seem to not promote Brotherlocks. Buy no prescription Maxaman online, When I got home, I visited the poorly designed Sisterlocks website (they really need my help!!!) & found no information on Brotherlocks at all, online buying Maxaman hcl. Order Maxaman from mexican pharmacy, I even looked at the cheesy gallery page filled with missing photos & bad headshots & found no Brothas up in that piece. Well maybe they were the missing photos??, order Maxaman online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Maxaman without a prescription, Shouldn’t the company that promotes Sisterlocks actively promote Brotherlocks. I know a lot of brothas out there will not drop the kind of money that I do on their hair for locks but I’m just saying.

Sisterlock/Brotherlock readers, canada, mexico, india, Buy cheap Maxaman, what are your thoughts??. Am I tripping, Maxaman samples. Order Maxaman no prescription, Am I talking about you. Call me out…

BTW, where can i buy Maxaman online, Online buying Maxaman hcl, I really love my hair!!!!!!!!!

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  1. sunsail Says:

    Amen on all counts. I think I produced better material in high school. You should have seen the site before the “redesign.” LOL!

    There IS a brother featured in the latest magazine–he received some lifetime achievement award or something. But yes, I see what you’re saying; There aren’t any articles about brotherlocks. Personally, i think it’s because most guys have your attitude– it’s just hair.

    Why don’t YOU write an article and submit it?

  2. Meikmeika Says:

    Congratulations on your weight loss and missing your goal by 2lbs is not a big deal. I hope I’m not asking questions you’ve already posted answers to but, do you use weights? Muscle takes up less space than fat but weighs more, hope that made sense. You’re doing an awesome job!!!

    As for the Sisterlock site. The first time I visited it years and years back I got so frustrated, some pictures would show up and the information was so jumbled and confusing. I get embarassed sometimes when I refer people to the site cause I think I had more questions after visiting it. If it weren’t for all the blogs, nappturality and my consultant I don’t know if I would have Sisterlocks, and I don’t regret my decision one bit. I LOVE MY HAIR.

    The website definitely needs help! I also run into men who are interested in smaller locks and refer them to the site but if all they’re seeing is women, it’s not good.

    I just wish the website was a bit more professional. It’s easier to recommend potentials to blogs.

  3. Bygbaby Says:

    Sunsail – I did see it then but was like ugh but whatever, you know. The issue with homeboy is the one I read was the one with the award winner. I really did not see the point & they should not have included that photo of him with bangs.

    I talked about it with my stylist but & she suggested that I submit an article. If I did, it would have more criticism than anything.

    Meikmeika – I do use weights & over the last few weeks started doing sit ups which I’m proud of. Maybe the muscle/fat variance is a factor, I sure hope so!!!


  4. Cluizel Says:

    First…CONGRATS! 18 pounds is great!

    Oh…and dare I say it but I am over my hair. I post pictures when it looks extra fly…but the newbie obsession is gone. I dont even participate on any of the boards anymore. (after the what tool do you use…oh you don’t have Sisterlocks debate I was DONE) I always love to see what people are doing with their hair so I will always hang around the blogs…but I hate talking about my hair with strangers…bleck

    I have the anti-Sisterlocks sisterlocks consultant (I believe her and Joanne had a falling out of some sorts back in the day) so I don’t see Sisterlocks magazine or hear anything about products or shit…and I like it that way.

    The website is very amateur…

  5. Ms Stella Says:

    I subscribe to the SL magazine and I agree, it needs help. In fact, I noticed the lack of Brotherlocks and thought a few times “damn, they need Bygbaby up in here!”

    My loctician also fell out with Dr. Cornwell after being a die hard Sisterlock enthusiast for years. She doesn’t do everything by the SL Book. I’m sure a few eyebrows would rise if I shared every detail of my Sisterlock experience.

    I love my hair and I’m grateful that I was introduced to Sisterlocks but, I also appreciate and respect all the other techniques out there.

  6. Cashana Says:

    Amen…And I am glad someone noticed how much help the website needs. I haven’t looked in the magazine because even though I see it when I get my retightenings, it isn’t inviting…

  7. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Well congrats on being 248! That’s still good – it’s progress. Just keep moving in the right direction and remember it’s really more of a lifestyle change than trying to reach a goal.

  8. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    dang jones, im still the same size i was in 11th grade, 6-2, 180

  9. Lyrically speaking Says:

    Stopping by to say hello, thanks for the visit to my page…they should have a Brotherlocks website, perhaps you’ll be the first to create it :)

  10. Naturally Sophia Says:

    The whole lifestyle thing kind of bothers me too. And there are so many things I don’t like about the naptural community. I think I will do a post on that one myself…

    The website would definitely benefit from you.

    Congrats on your weight loss!

  11. Renea Says:

    Hi Byg–
    I recently took over moderating the LockItUp group. I concede there are a few nuts on the list–they definitely drive me crazy. The *intent* of the list is to provide information about Sisterlocks and other tool-techniques. I certainly have no stake in Sisterlocks, but a lot of people get misled about them so I’m all for providing specific, correct information. But Sisterlocks is no different than any other hair community. It has its fanatics. They believe their hair drives their spirituality, their politics, their diet…I don’t agree with them, but they do participate as long as they adhere to the list rules and etiquette. Sometimes they go overboard.

    As for the Sisterlocks website and magazine… They are trying to do too much with too little. I think they are well-intentioned, but so concerned about maintaining control that they don’t bring in help where they need it. I wrote an article for the journal early on, that was intended to be part a series, but they edited it into this biased, pro-Sisterlocks thing that discouraged me from continuing. I was told the journal was going to be a forum for the Sisterlock ‘lifestyle.’ But what I saw instead was an overly edited promotional piece. There are only a handful of people that Joanne seems to trust and work with; which would be fine if they had expertise in the areas where she needed to grow. There’s not a lot of attention to men, because there aren’t many in her circle– perhaps only her partner. Even though she is an academic, for example, the ‘articles’ in the journal come across as very one-sided editorial or promotional. I stopped my subscription too. When I last looked though it was kind of a vanity book for consultants and client profiles. I just started offering Sisterlocks myself so I thought of resuming for the photos…but there’s not much else there.

    Having spoken to Joanne, I think she is open-minded…but she is very guarded about her business. At some point she’ll either have to let other people in to grow the business or maintain what she controls while the bulk of it evolves without her. I give her nothing but respect for what she’s inspired and the hard work she’s done, but she can’t rein in it like she thinks she should without stifling it.

  12. Tamra Says:

    Bygbaby, I agree with you on everything you said about Sisterlocks. I’ve had mine for a long time now and that initial hype is way gone. No offense to the ladies on the site, including Dr. Cornwell, but the photos would NOT make me want to get them. It’s time for some new blood up in there (photos and all). And, the tagline is way tired.

    On the weight front, I wasn’t going to say anything since you didn’t ask, but since you put it out there, you really should introduce a strength-training (weights) routine to your workout like somebody else said. Since you’re in the earlier phase of losing weight, you can take advantage of both ST and cardio–otherwise it’s hard to do both at the same time AND lose weight later on down the road. Not to mention, when you build muscle, you help boost your metabolism too (and, hopefully you’re eating 5-6 small meals a day to help keep your metabolism from dipping throughout the course of the day).

    I don’t do personal training anymore (another life time), but I do recommend the beginners ST/cardio routines in Body for Life to people wanting quick guidance in your situation. [just the book–all the other fluff is unnecessary, added expense.]

    I don’t know if you’re doing it now, but mix up what you’re doing so you don’t get bored, and so your body doesn’t start to get comfortable–you mention the elliptical a lot. Cross-train–add bike, treadmill, yadda yadda… And, start doing interval training if you’re not.

    Congrats though–and keep after it!

    Long enough. Must go.


  13. Tamra Says:

    Oh, and if they have a rowing machine at your gym–use that sucker!

  14. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    Old up. You lost 18 pounds and are sweating the 2 that you intended to but didn’t lose? Nah bruh. Be happy that you lost a bunch of weight. And let that success motivate you to continue for similar results.

    But am I reading this wrong or are you trying to lose 113 more pounds in 3 months? Doesn’t sound quite healthy but hell I am still fat myself. And 135? You must be pretty short to aspire to be that small.

    Dang. This picture sure does look a lot like family. Never noticed that before…

  15. Tamra Says:

    the second sixty-eight–you’re right. The recommended guidelines are between 1-3 lbs. per week or something like that. I didn’t want to crush BB’s excitement–but, a reality check is in order.

    Bygbaby, he is indeed right.

    BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t re-adjust those goals and maintain the same momentum. It may just take a little longer. Think in terms of “lifestyle” and that’ll help keep it all in perspective…

  16. Smitty Says:

    Best of luck with your weight loss and Brolocks.

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    Cluizel – Thx boo & for the record, I am only naked briefly in the locker room. LOL

    Ms Stella – That magazine is not ready for Bygbaby!!! LOL

    “I’m sure a few eyebrows would rise if I shared every detail of my Sisterlock experience.” Damn,now I wanna know!!!

    Cashana – “I haven’t looked in the magazine because even though I see it when I get my retightenings, it isn’t inviting…” You really ain’t missing shit!

    DTW – Thx Man! Wieght loss will be a never ending battle fo sho hence viewing exercise & healthier choices as a lifestyle.

    Torrance – The last time I was under 2 was sometime in highschool. Thx for taking me into the dark past of days gone by. No not really! :)

    Cathy – Thx so much Boo!!!

    Naturally Sophia – “The whole lifestyle thing kind of bothers me too.”, yeah that is wack. How can locking technique be a lifestyle??? Looking forward to reading your follow up post.

    Renea – “I recently took over moderating the LockItUp group.” If I were still a Christian, I was say bless your heart cuz I bet it is no joke!

    I think some of the people in most of the boards are cool but I guess I just do not understand the SL purest & zealots.

    Joanne mos def gets mad props for her business savvy & branding but I think she should step her game up because presentation & inclusion are everything when you are trying to attract new business as eluded.

    Tamra – On the weight note I am slowly but surely adding free weights to the mix in addition to the weight machines. I think next month I will synch with a personal trainer providing they can work with my small Negro budget.

    Working out with my friend Brion has been a big help because he should me some new things that I have incorporated.

    One of the challenges that I face is time. I try to limit the time I am at the gym to 1.5 hours so everyday, I try to do something a little different.

    I am eating my little snack but not totally consistent. Another opportunity area.

    My gym will be starting these “body pump” classes in the next few weeks & I think I will drop in to see if I can hang. I looks fun!!!

    TSSE – Oh now, I am not trying to drop down to crack head weight @ 135. I meant 235 by June.

    Who yo peoples & where you from? You never know!

    Tamra – Major typo & if that were my goal, it would only be accomplished if I go a leg amputated. LOL When things are going well. I am doing at least 1lb per week.

    Smitty – Thx bruh!!!

  18. muslimahlocs Says:

    call out: so are you volunteering your services?

    @ the men. at least three of my former male clients were featured in the brotherlocks calender. but guess how well it sold compared to the materials that feature women? however, i agree that men should be featured more, especially on the webiste.

  19. Los Angelista Says:

    Wowzer, 18 pounds! Congratulations to you! That’s no small thing and you should be proud! I’m JEALOUS! If I lost 18 pounds my ass would be taking pictures of myself left and right! I’d be trying to get an agent. I’d be camping out in front of Paramount Studios with a sign that says, “I’m really fucking hot!”

    Okay, just kidding. But if you lose all the weight you want by June I will get you an Amazon gift certificate as a “Tafari is Hot!” prize!

  20. Bygbaby Says:

    Muslimahlocs – Oh major call out!! It depends on what you call volunteering!!!

    Liz – “If I lost 18 pounds my ass would be taking pictures of myself left and right! I’d be trying to get an agent. I’d be camping out in front of Paramount Studios with a sign that says, “I’m really fucking hot!”” Ummmm, if is was in CA I would be out there now with that sign. LOL

    Oh, the challenge is on boo!!!


  21. muslimahlocs Says:

    i suppose the easiest part would be sending in some pictures of your hair…i mean you.
    and then how about volunteering to redesign the ui.

  22. Tina Says:

    18 lbs is good! Way better than I did. A month (or so) of dieting and exercise and I lost 3 lbs while my husband lost over 20….gotta love jacked up hormones.

    I hear you on your feelings towards the whole sisterlocks thing. The magazine isn’t the best, it could be more than it is. I would love to see more emphasis on Brotherlocks, but it seems to me that’s not going to happen so long as Dr. Cornwell controls things the way she does. Imho, the blogs do a better job of selling sisterlocks than she does.

    As for the Lockitup group, no comment.

  23. Bygbaby Says:

    “18 lbs is good! Way better than I did. A month (or so) of dieting and exercise and I lost 3 lbs while my husband lost over 20….gotta love jacked up hormones.” Damn your boo is working it out. Better keep up LOL!!!

    “Imho, the blogs do a better job of selling sisterlocks than she does.” So sad but true. Perhaps she should offer kickbacks fro all of the online support & information that is out there.


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