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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, April 9th, 2008 at 2:03 PM

I saw this video BUY Frisium ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, & got pissed off early this am. The student needs to fucked up then jailed & the parents need to be investigated for raising a violent asshole, Frisium from canadian pharmacy. Where can i buy cheapest Frisium online, There is no way that I could teach in a school where a student would have the nerve to step to me. Shit I would constantly be one step away from prison, order Frisium no prescription. Buy Frisium ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, This kinda reminds me of that little girl in Florida who was arrested for acting like a lunatic in her classroom. That child too needed a beat down & her momma needed to be bitch slapped.

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  1. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    This is why I am strongly considering homeschooling my baby to be. This is crazy! I second your round of beat downs and b!tch slaps.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    ok , this might be a long one ….

    my neighbor is a inner city school teacher , he is a black gay jamaican male , he does not take crap from any one ….

    1st incident
    Two weeks agao he came home because he got in the middle of a fight , and they ripped his pants . Homeboy looks like the owner of a fortune 500 company when he goes to work …

    second incident
    he reprimanded a student , and said student said he would report him for molestation , in which case ,my neighbor told him ” your not my type i like them 40 and good looking “… stop …

    third incident
    he gave one student a bad review and reprimanded them strongly . Said students fathers also west indian , came to the school to give a ass whooping , of course after he got through with them it did not happen .

    fourth incident
    bad student , who has potential , never buckles down to do work , so he fails said student and gives bad review , student always uses profanity especially when talking about women , said student lives with momma. parent teacher conference rolls around said student father comes in , long haired dread starts talking in jamaican patois , as if he is in the street with his boyz ” where hm at man , dread ere fadher of said student ” stop the madness , he ended up getting the father part way interested , and then the father said something about the mother ,. And when said student’s mother was brought up she was called a bitch !

    This teachers tales are scarry .. and kids now always cry child abuse , once that happens the teacher is suspended immediately and put under investigation .

    Today i woke up about 6 am what greets me …. students in florida , luring another student to thier house , because they did not like her myspace comments , they beat her so she temporarily lost hearing in one ear , bruises everywhere, wait they filmed it and put it on myspace.. What in the hot hell is going on …

    Tafari , protect your chillins, teachers cannot help them , it is crazy . Growing up i fought once a year, mostly because of my color / hair and being a only child . I wish someone would have tried to kidnap me, they would have had to kill me .


  3. Jovan Says:

    This is much more common than you would believe.

    Administrators don’t ever take action and teachers are the ones left taking the blame for a fucked up system.

    But, if we don’t take care of the babies…who will ?

    Their parents certainly won’t.

  4. Tamra Says:

    My dad and I talked about this same stuff last night. I feel really bad because he sounded so sad about it (he’s less of a cynic and pessimist than I am)–I don’t think he ever imagined that kids would be this vicious and incorrigible. He was a strict disciplinarian as was his father before him (and some of 11 of them still turned out kinda…).

    Anyway, there are the things that happen in-school–and then there was that recent report on drop-out rates that was all-out depressing.

    Just think–this is the future we have to look forward to.

    These parents–need to be lined up and…

    Funny you mentioned the parents–have you ever watched an episode of either Supernanny or Wife Swap? Embarrassingly I must admit that I’m drawn in to it from time to time, and oh. my. gawd. It’s no wonder some of these kids are batshit crazy. Hubby has to almost confine me to my seat and make me wear a muzzle when Supernanny is on–it is amazing parents have these kids and don’t have a clue about what to do with them when they get here (but, it is acknowledged that some of the parents come from messed up homes too–still, no excuse–others in similar situations have been successful in raising well-balanced children).


  5. Tamra Says:

    One more thing–when I was in junior high and high school, do you know that people tried to vilify my dad for being an involved and concerned parent??? They gave him HELL! But he raised some hell too, that’s for sure–he was a school board member for a while, and tried to work for the good of us kids–but that wasn’t what the board was about then. Sigh! So, as others have mentioned, it’s a vicious cycle that goes all the way up to some of these whack administrators.

    I wonder about the extent to which this happens in some types of schools vs. others.

  6. Bygbaby Says:

    Hijabi Apprentice -Lets line them up!!!

    Byrdparker – “…he reprimanded a student , and said student said he would report him for molestation , in which case ,my neighbor told him ” your not my type i like them 40 and good looking “… stop …” Damn & LOL!!!

    I saw that video on the Today show yesterday & was like damn!!!

    When we fail at home all is lost you provided a good example of that that the Jamaican Funkin’ dad.

    Jovan – What do/can teachers do to see some change from the school side?

    Tamra- I catch an episode of the nanny show & wife swap & sometime I am like WTF. You let your kids do what! You let them call you what! None of that shit would fly up in this bitch!

    “do you know that people tried to vilify my dad for being an involved and concerned parent???” MAkes me wonder if they were on their game for tripping like that.


  7. James Tubman Says:

    i understand your anger my brother

    and i think that some of these parents need to be held accountable

    and i think that the teachers sometimes disrespect the students

    i think it should be respect on all levels

  8. Smitty Says:

    This is sad. I’m even more upset thats it’s a Black teacher & Black students. Yeah investigations need to be goings-on’ in the home of those students.

    I would come to school strapped up like Rambo for those little bastards…then again they prolly have guns too.

  9. Tina Says:

    Dude….all I have to say is it doesn’t surprise me. Administrators are more concerned with test scores and pleasing parents than ensuring that the teachers are safe in the classroom. Did I ever tell you about the time while student teaching when a kid threatened me with physical violence IN FRONT OF THE DEAN and nothing happened to him whatsoever? Let’s just say that despite the job offer at the end of my time there, which would have meant more money, I went for less money at a school where the principals backed the teachers up

    Parents need to PARENT THEIR KIDS. End of story. Quit trying to be your kid’s friends, quit trying to get your groove on and RAISE YOUR KIDS. And give them consequences for God’s sake!

    And my final words is: you don’t hear about stuff like this happening in other countries where education is valued and teachers are highly respected. AMERICA, WAKE UP.

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    James Tubman – I think mos def disrespect teachers in a lot of cases, which only makes the cycle worse! Bottom line is that it begins at home.

    Smitty – “I would come to school strapped up like Rambo for those little bastards…then again they prolly have guns too.” OK!

    TIna – After seeing this, I was like, I could not teach in the inner city if I ever went the teacher route! I would probable go for the burbs but there you have to worry about that one weird white kid coming in with a sawed off shot gun fucking up the first mutha they see. You cannot win for losing. One of my kids starts middle school in the fall, *& I know shit is going to change. Scary to even think about!

    Did anyone see her (the teacher) on the Today show yesterday, It made me made all over again!


  11. Tina Says:

    @ byg: I’ve done all of my teaching in the suburbs, so even that isn’t a guarantee.

    And when your kids get to middle school you need to be on them like white on rice to make sure they’re not falling in with the wrong crowds and going to the sex parties/gatherings. But on the upside I love kids at that age. They are so much fun and really starting to explore being their own person.

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