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Author: Tafari, Saturday, April 5th, 2008 at 11:15 PM

Why are the Transportation Security Administration airport workers so damn tacky? BUY Epogen ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, No matter what airport I travel from or to, the TSA workers are all the same.  They seem largely uneducated, lack tack, loud as hell, can’t speak, smile in your face as they take you Dasani water & bitch about not being able to take a break. And why was TSA worker (Black woman) at the security check point with short wet hair with brown gel slicked back with those white head/neck wraps holding her shit down on the sides.  All she needed was a hood dryer, where can i buy Epogen online, Australia, uk, us, usa, magazine, a 2 piece from Popeye’s & red soda pop.

Why do you have to show your boarding pass & ID to three people within a 4 ft radius?  I find this very annoying & I get really annoyed when they ask for my shit, comprar en línea Epogen, comprar Epogen baratos, Online buy Epogen without a prescription, I hand it to them & they do not even look at my ID.  Talk about an agency that needs lean thinking management really bad!

Why did the shoe bomber had to use shoes to attempt a bomb.  I hate taking my shoes off at the airport, especially if I have on sandals.  Being without shoes in these congested areas is just fucking gross.  The TSA/Homeland security are idiots with dumb policies, buy Epogen ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Purchase Epogen online,  I mean what can you really do with an ate up pair of old navy flip flops???

Who really cares what the national threat level is?  I find the every five-minute level warning a little too much.  If it was blue, what the fuck is anyone going to do anyway.  Actually I do not even know what the levels are so it all the same to me.  Just let me know when the shit is hitting the fan.

Why are Flight Attendants such assholes?  Actually I know the answer to this being a former Flight Attendant, buy Epogen without prescription, Purchase Epogen, so I guess I will hold off on this question.

Why does Spirit Airline nickel & dime people to death?  Yes, they have low fares but they charge 10-20 bucks per checked bag, canada, mexico, india, Where can i buy cheapest Epogen online, no complimentary drinks including water.  Don’t come on board hungry, thirsty & broke because you will come up very short!  Today I got slick when they came to get my order.  I said I’ll take a cup of ice please.  The flight attendant looked at me like what, order Epogen online c.o.d, Where can i find Epogen online, then handed it to me with a question still on her face.  I was thirsty as hell but I was not about to give them bitches any more money!  The ice was nasty but it did hit the spot.

Does anyone else miss having loved ones staying with them at the gate until the plane takes of or meeting you as you deplane with a big smile?  I do!!!  Going to the airport used to be so much fun, now it is just  pain in the ass. Mindspill

I remember when I was young, where can i order Epogen without prescription, Ordering Epogen online, my mom always said, when you fly make sure you fly sharp!  I used to always dress up to look my best.  We all know back in the day, order Epogen online c.o.d, Buy generic Epogen, not everyone could not afford to fly, so those that could looked the part.  I remember seeing videos of way back when of how travel has changed & how casual people fly nowadays.

Now when I travel, fast shipping Epogen, Epogen samples, I dress casual or more/less all purpose because you never know who you my run into.  Obviously, people feel differently now because they show up looking like any damn thing.  Nasty flip flops (I hate flip flops), buy Epogen from canada, Epogen gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, short shorts (aKa pussy shorts), house shoes; need I say more….

Flying commercially sucks & now more than ever.  Sometimes I wish I had magic teleporting powers.

On another note; is anyone else tired of hearing about MLK this week?  What about other Negro leaders, purchase Epogen, Where can i order Epogen without prescription, champions & healers???

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  1. brunsli Says:

    Oh, I hear you. Being on 2 planes a week is a royal PITA. And I always have socks in my bag. Where I am, most of the TSA folks are Filipino. But I swear I know who you’re talking about — I nominated her for most embarrassing black person.

    Anyhoo, congrats on all of your recent photography successes. Your talent is getting what it deserves!

    On being nominated for being sexy … well, perhaps if you put more self portraits … hint! hint!

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    LOL, if you are thiking or talking about la’shantinuqueahy, then you are right!!!

    Another funny random thing I wanted to mention is that I ran into this older man (60’s or so) & he was a very beautifully Black, I mean like blue black & it was sticking. He was a security officer at the Orange County Convention Center & stopped em to see may badge. During the stop he was very polite then he smiled & revealed a gold crown on his front tooth that also had an S in the middle of the yellowed tooth.

    I was like, damn man, do not smile!!! You just fucked me up with that shit. Who ever said gold teeth were hot???

    Anyway, that so much on the encouragement! I may do more self portraits but I am so modest….


  3. Tina Says:

    Dang. Guess your experiences at the airport weren’t too hot. But I’ll help you with some of your questions:

    1. Because mediocrity seems to be what employers look for because it’s cheaper.

    2. I think you have to show your ID so many times just in case someone who’s checking it can’t read.

    3. I don’t know and I’ve wanted to jack him up ever since. I like my shoes dang it!

    4. I don’t. There’s not much I can do if it’s red orange or blue. I don’t know where the threat’s coming from. I got desensitized to the threat level back in 2001. Just let me know which way to run.

    5. I don’t know. I’m usually unconscious on flights. Please share with me.

    6. Because they’re cheap and want to maximize profit at the expense of poor folks trying to save a dime. In other words, just like every other business in America.

    7. YES. I remember when going to the airport was an exciting experience. Now it’s just a miserable experience.

    Thanks for such a good blog post. It cheered me up.

  4. Danielle Says:

    Hello – I’ve been catching up on your posts and you are hysterical! I hate and despise air travel, but I always want to go somewhere. Dilemma anyone?

    I visit my family several times a year in NYC (I was born & raised in Harlem)and the airport just causes me stress.

    I wish the Safety Board and these airlines would get smarter about security.

    Limiting my damn carry-on toiletries to “travel” size ain’t gonna change a damn thing if I wanna blow some shit up.

    It’s dumb thinking like this that makes me hate dealing with these clowns.

    As for Dr. King, while I love him dearly and you are correct. There are others to celebrate as well.

  5. Lola Gets Says:

    Ok, this is going to sound strange coming from me, but here it is: As much as I loathe the “sainthood” of King, I am so damned glad that they are finally showing other speeches/clips of him – and not that damned “I have a dream” shit! Hell, at this anniversary, the media is finally acknowledging that King was and did so much more than that one damned speech! Yea!

    Now can we look at other folks, too? Thatd be great.


  6. Bam Says:

    I identify so well with this post because I was stuck in the airport all day Friday because my Boyfriends parents made us miss a plane AND when we got put on the next flight, his grown ass I got 2 kids father had a panic attack because he felt the plan was too small and we got off.


    I hate the TSA people too. Fuck them and how they live. It’s cool for me to come to the airport casual, I am the one who is going to have to damn near undress before I can get on the plane, but those damn TSA people, please adhere to your fucking uniform. Ugh.

    AND YES I AM SICK TO DEATH OF HEARING ABOUT MLK period. Sweet God, there are other Black People who did wonderful shit that didn’t beat on their wives.

    Thanks for listening

  7. Invisible Woman Says:

    “I mean what can you really do with an ate up pair of old navy flip flops???”


    I could soooo relate to this post–I used to love to travel, but it has become so heinous that I barely go anywhere unless I absolutely have to. I actually dread going to the airport cause it’s ALWAYS some bullshit. The Bush administration have slashed and burned this country.

    On another note–the MLK thing? LMAO again! That’s why I became a fan of your site–you kept it real about Xmas and said what I was thinking all holiday season. Now you dared to repeat my thoughts on MLK–at least I know I’m not the only politically incorrect one, haha.

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    I have been cracking up at your responses throughout the day. I am happy to know that I am out of the box for being pissed off for ABS (Airport Bullshit Syndrome).

    TIna – “…Just let me know which way to run.” That’s what I’m saying!

    Danielle – Welcome back boo!!! Shit the AP in NYC LGA) is off the hook! I got stranded in that bitch last year with my family over night. Can you say disaster! I had never been a pair of draws that long in my life!!!

    “Limiting my damn carry-on toiletries to “travel” size ain’t gonna change a damn thing if I wanna blow some shit up.” OK!!! All you need is to have a few of your peeps bring on the same shit & make your concotion, right???

    Lola – LOL Did you call white peoples out or what. Next time I see Ian I have a dream t-shirt I gonna barf on someone. Fuck that dream, give me some reality bitch!

    Bam – Ok hell nall, that is fucked up!!! I would have had to leave his ass & would have been like see you at home boo!!! LOL fuck that… Suite Suzy mos def would have left my ass.

    Oh I have seem some fucked up uniforms on them muthas. Dirty shirts, sexy belts, wrinkled jackets, dirty collars etc…

    IW – You know you fucked me up right??? I am at the point that I am beyond giving a fuck about what others think. We all have an opinion & why should I have to suppress because others are afraid to say something. My friends are no longer shocked by what comes out because they know (maybe why I do not get invited to dinner often.)

    I try not to offend but, we must keep it real.

    Me & my mom got into a big thing the other day & she slammed me for “claiming” to be an Atheist. Every time we talk, she tells me that she has been praying for me, all I can do is say thx, which leaves her feeling empty I guess. What am I supposed to say.

    Anyway, i got a trip to NYC planned for June & already pissed off about the trip to & from.


  9. Bygbaby Says:

    Oh wait, I need to address the MLK think one mo’ gain. I was watching the news & the reporters were tripping on Obama because he was not in Tenesse to MLK celebrations.

    They are taking any & every opportunity to cause drama! If McCain or HIllary really gave a fuck, where were they during the marches on Selma, Montgomery, or at least attended the I Have a dream speech? Well maybe HIllary was a kid, but still???


  10. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    This post was dead on! I have no confidence that all these hellish hoops they are making us jump through will make a bit of difference if someone wants to go nuts on a plane!

    Also, for the TSA worker who target the dudes with big beards, guys with turbans and chicks wearing headscarves: do you really think the real bad guys are going to send someone to the airport who looks “suspicious” or fits the “profile”??!! NO! We just trying to visit our family and ‘nem too! Leave us alone!!!!

    Off Topic: I’m ready for some more food posts BB!

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Hijabi Apprentice – “lso, for the TSA worker who target the dudes with big beards, guys with turbans and chicks wearing headscarves: do you really think the real bad guys are going to send someone to the airport who looks “suspicious” or fits the “profile”” Damn, so true!!!

    I am thinking about recipes as we speak so stay tuned to see something by Saturday!


  12. sunsail Says:

    I have tears running down my face cuz i’m lauging so hard. I’m lauging so loud my dog is looking at me like i done lost my mind!

    “Ice please.”


    I’ll comment later… when i stop laughing. Thanks for being real, Byg.

  13. Bygbaby Says:

    Sunsail – LOL, fuck that. I saved 2 bucks!!!


  14. muslimahlocs Says:

    don’t get me started @ the TSA.

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