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Author: Tafari, Thursday, April 17th, 2008 at 6:18 AM

My post title is inspired by Swing Out Sister's song "Twilight World” from their "It's Better to Travel" album 1987.

"Time out
World in a hurry
There's more love than money changing hands

Lights out
Thinking out loud
Turn your back on the world outside

Night thoughts
No one can share
As darkness breaks through another day

Talking out loud
Silence waits just a dream away

BUY Zantac (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Forget lonely crowds, unfriendly faces
They'll soon became familliar places
Before too long, before too long
Don't be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts
You're living in a twilight world.

Don't be fooled by love songs and lonely hearts
Don't give in to the twilight world."

Last night before dinner, I ran out to a cornfield near my home to take some photos of this lonely tree.  The real inspiration behind it was really the sky because it was so pretty with tones ranging from blue to pink to purple.

So I set my tripod up & get a few exposures so that I can process a HDR (High Dynamic Range) image.

30 minutes later, I’m at the table throwing down & 15 minutes after that I am working my magic & 25 minutes after that I have this: Mindspill

I was so amazed at the twilight sky that I could not stop staring.  You know I use the term twilight a lot & especially referring to my preferred movie time (cheap tickets) but honestly never knew when twilight actually was.

So after some surfing, I discovered that twilight happens twice a day (before sunset & & after sunrise).  Can you say lesson for the day!

So while reading, I saw a link that said “Belt of Venus” & I was like, what the hell is that & how is it relevant.  Well it turns out that the Belt of Venus is an atmospheric occurrence that happens around twilight & it is the reason why we see pink & purple tones in the sky.

The reading further, I learned about the Blue Hour, which occurs between daylight and darkness. Mindspill

The funny thing is that lately I've been taking images during these times & did not even know it. I just loved how the sky provided extra drama for my images.

I will not even get into the Golden Hour or Green Flash but I will tell you that I love Wikipedia!!!

If you too were in the dark about these natural phenomenons, where can i order Zantac (Brand) without prescription, Buy Zantac (Brand) from mexico, now you know boo & we’s smart now.

That’s all!

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17 Responses to “BUY Zantac (Brand) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Tamra Says:

    Go astronomy!!! Don’t get me started! We usually catch the BoV on the way to the gym this time of year, and you’re right, it really is so cool–so awe-inspiring. I wish we could turn more people on to the wonders of earth and space…take a break from all of the crazy *mess* going on. Sigh!

    Cool post and cool pics!

    *BTW, you should see about submitting that photo to Astronomy Photo of the Day. I know they have some BoV photos on there, and yours looks much better than the ones I’ve seen…

  2. -=Topper=- Says:

    One morning is was just unbelievable. Not blue or any other natural spectrum. This particular morning the sky was red, auburn, crimson, just damn different.

    I needed this “step back” this morning.



  3. Danielle Says:

    Beautiful images of nature. This Earth we call home is a beautiful place and the universe is infinite.

    Thanks for sharing a small slice of loveliness today. :-)

  4. Lola Gets Says:

    Very nice pics! Part of me wants the one at the top. For what I have no idea.


  5. AnnaC Says:

    Gorgeous…love the purple sky and the lessons for the day! Keep ’em coming…

  6. overanalyzeit Says:

    Thanks for the lesson. I ask my son daily what he learned at school. I’ll have to share with him my lesson of the day.

    The pics are wonderful.

  7. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    Learning IS amazing!!!!

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    Thx for your comments. I have been out & about over the last few days & not actively blogging.


  9. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    FYI, i doe found a lot of inaccuraciesd, dates and names and shit like that in wikapedia, but then the same can be said for the web period. love that tree and field, what do the plant in that field

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Torrence – Oh yeah, Wikipedia & most wikis are known for bad data at times. I was watching CNN the other night & they were saying how the people at Wikipedia had a hard time keeping up with all of the false data about the presidential candidates. It was pretty interesting.

    Both of the fields pictured above are corn fields. That is pretty much all that surrounds me.

    In a few months, it will be a sea of green & gold.


  11. Smitty Says:

    You images are on point as usual. I need to be your intern or something….I’m a fan of 90% of your photo that are posted here. Thanks for the twilight/Blue hour lesson bruh. Keep up the good work.

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    Thx Smitty!!! You can be the intern of the intern LOL.


  13. dclawchic Says:

    Lovely pics Tafari! I learned what twilight meant when I got an invite to a party that started at “twilight.” Please believe I had NO CLUE what time that was supposed to be!

    Anyway – thanks for the lesson – I learned a few more times of day! :)

  14. Naturally Sophia Says:

    Love your artistry!

  15. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    Spectacular pictures, my brother. Truly awesome. No joke.

  16. Los Angelista Says:

    Amazing photos! And here I was thinking the Green Flash was just a plot device in the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I want to see a real one now!

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    Thx so much for all of your feed back on the info & most importantly the photos!!!

    I have been humbled as your comments trickle in!!!


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