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Author: Tafari, Saturday, May 24th, 2008 at 3:49 AM

BUY Ashwagandha ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Hillary Clinton's hard working American base is fucked up.  I know now all Whites are not racist but there are a hell of a lot of them & I think we will see that come out as Barack Obama makes his way towards 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

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I am so happy that I do not live in those southern towns where these type people breath & hold their head up high like they are the most precious thing under the sun.

I'm surprised that no one yelled out "white power" or "I likes coloreds but they all just some shady coons".

White men have been fucking this country up from jump.  What makes people think that one day a white man will get it right?

What we's gone do???
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12 Responses to “BUY Ashwagandha ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Meikmeika Says:

    WTF??!! How can people be so ignorant?

    These people stated they were die hard democrats but would vote for McCain in a heartbeat, if Clinton wasn’t an option…

    Why noone ever mentions Obama is not only black is beyond me, then again would it really matter? For these people to have no valid reason not to vote for him is pathetic.

    Seeing things like this makes me sad to be an American :(

  2. shea Says:

    the woman who says she doesn’t believe is not muslim is such a damn idiot

    these people are… oh lord
    thinking about it makes me mad

  3. Mochasiren Says:


    True…this is some fuckery right here! But I just want to say that I grew up in southeastern VA in a small town and I didn’t experience this type of “euphemistic” ignorance/racism. Hey..if you’re gonna be a racist fool as least keep it real!!!
    I actually prefer “country” white folks over these “fake-ass so-called cosmopolitan” white folks that I interact with now!
    One thing about the “real” South is at least the racist people are blatant about it. Northern racists worry me more because by day they’ll work with you, eat with you and secretly have the Klan outfit in the coat closet at home!
    I have lived in the DC Metro area now for 10 years. And there are just as many “rednecks” here only they wear designer suits!
    This is why I don’t really consider W VA to be truly a “southern” state. Ignorance is in FULL EFFECT everywhere!
    Thanks for keeping us informed as always!!!

  4. Darius T. Williams Says:

    I saw this too on someone else’s blog and I just really shook my head in disgust…Muslim? Really? WOW.

  5. GIgirl is Back!! Says:

    What the heck!! These are some of the most ignorant, racists, folks I have ever seen in my life.

  6. shay Says:

    Wow!! I don’t know why ignorance like this is still a shock to me. You’d think I’d be more mentally prepared by now.

    I have to agree with Mochasiren…racism up north is a bit more subtle but it’s still there. At least you know what you’re dealing with when it comes to southern rednecks; and if we study the political history in this country white southern Democrats passed the Jim Crow laws…..the Democratic party hasn’t always been and in my opinion still isn’t, a pro-black party…it’s all bullshit….neither party truly has our interest in mind so we definitely have to do for ourselves but I digress and I’m still voting.

    I have a white co-worker who said she was uncomfortable with Obama because his middle name is Hussein; no other reason was given for disliking him as a candidate. I had to explain to her that Hussein is a popular Arab/Muslim name and break down his father’s background.

    One more thing, they all keep talking about his alleged lack of experience….non of the candidates in this election have been a president of a country before….even if you’re a governor or a senator you’re still not running an entire country; so they will all be trainees damn it!!!! So that’s not an excuse to me.

  7. BizyLizy Says:


    I had to collect my thoughts before responding to this…

    I’m sick to my stomach, but I’m so glad I saw this. For several reasons.

    My ex & I used to have conversations years ago about racism. Being white & growing up in a fairly liberal city, I ignorantly believed that racism was a thing of the past. But he explained to me that racism is less overt, more sinister and subjective now. He would tell me, it’s demonstrated in the way he would step on an elevator with a white woman and she would clutch her purse & not make eye contact with him. Like the video suggested, it’s in the way people use euphemisms to justify their racist attitudes. Everyone knows it’s “politically incorrect” to be a racist pig, so it burrows its ugly head more deeply, more subtly, erroding the fabric that the US was supposedly built on: freedom, equality & tolerance.

    I always get extremely pissed off, when I hear people talk about foreigners coming here to live (yes, I understand Obama is not a foreigner, but some ignorant fuck eluded to this in the video). But aren’t ALL Americans essentially foreigners?? Isn’t that why we’re considered the Big Melting Pot? The only true natives here, are actually the Native Americans…if we want to be technically correct.

    Moving onward…

    So, for I while I was pretty naive about racism. Over the years, meeting people, making friends, having open discussions in college and work, and falling in love, my experiences have taught me differently.

    I had a boss once who I adored. One day, she made a racist comment & I was completely floored. I was so shocked, that I literally did nothing at the time. But isn’t that another form of racism? Enabling? Doesn’t that put me in the same category of those idiots on that video? A few days later, I finally confronted my boss & told her I was deeply offended by what she had said, and that if she ever made a comment like that in front of me again, I’d go to HR to file a complaint. She scrambled in defense. She didn’t mean it that way…I misunderstood…she’s not prejudice…whatever. Our relationship changed after that. I don’t consider it a loss.

    So, does this make any difference, since I confronted her? Did I change her way of thinking at all? I don’t know. But I do know it changed me a little bit. It humbled me to realize what many people with skin color different than my own deal with on a daily basis. I realized that by not doing or saying anything makes me a contributor to the very problem. This is the insidious nature of racism & what it relies on to survive. Fear and ignorance. Sadly, white folks often tiptoe around the subject or ignore it when it rears its ugly head.

    Seeing this video is another wake up call for me. Ignorance is alive and kicking…

    On a positive note (and I’m almost done rambling, I promise), I am so very excited that our children get to see a black man, and yes, a woman, too, running for president. These are such exciting times, and absolutely essential to our future generations to become more tolerant of diversity.

    I do see a change in attitude in our youth. My son, who has a whole rainbow of friends in color, gender, and in sexual origin, seems to have an air of “this is just what life looks like.” It’s a beautiful thing to see. I have such hope for our youth and their ability to break these barriers of ignorance and outright stupidity.

  8. Disturbed Stranger Says:

    Ignorent people

  9. Bygbaby Says:

    Meikmeika – “How can people be so ignorant?” Years of inbreeding!!!

    Shea – My thing is, if you want to know more about him, even if you don’t want to vote, at least have some knowledge about what you are against. The simple fact that they don’t know his religion at this point just shows that they are not as smart as they think they are. Secondly, I so don;t understand why you have to be a Christian to be president of the US. We preach religious freedom to the world but discriminate in our own borders.

    Mochasiren – You hit the nail on the head, I to prefer a blatant racist so I know how to deal with you vs the racist that is only racist behind your back & subtle in your face

    DTW – I know. I was shaking my head with my mouth wide open in disbelief.

    GLGirl – “These are some of the most ignorant, racists, folks I have ever seen in my life.” Sad thing is that there are so many more out there.

    Shay – If his middle name was Josh, it would have been something else. The euphemisms are killing me. “non of the candidates in this election have been a president of a country before….” Exactly! George Bush’s stupid ass got elected twice & still has no experience, so now what?

    BizyLizy – tell us what you really think! “I had a boss once who I adored. One day, she made a racist comment & I was completely floored. I was so shocked, that I literally did nothing at the time. But isn’t that another form of racism? Enabling?” Wow, sometimes I think we get so shocked by people we cannot always comeback with a comment or question.

    Your approach to her was a good one & seems like it really exposed feelings that she had/has but in denial over. She might as well said “some of my best friends are Negro people”

    Like you, I see a difference in the younger crowd but maybe I see this because I live in a very diverse community & work in a college town???

    Disturbed Stranger – Beautifully put!

    I am really enjoying the dialogue on this post, keep it coming!


  10. muslimahlocs Says:

    wish i could have watched the video. but i vowed not to waste my brain cells on trash.

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Musilimahlocs – Good move!


  12. evaovalle Says:

    I really enjoyed your video! I’ve never stepped foot in West Virginia, but it sure seems like an awfully scary place to be, unless, of course, you’re Forrest Gump or Daisy Duke. I think racism is prevalent in all states and is woven within the entire spectrum of the American experience, much like the Caste System is in India, it is an unfortunate part of American history and one of the more darker legacies we leave to our children.

    I think the election results proved that, while there are still a lot of “buttholes” out there, there are also a lot of younger Americans who have overcome the western world’s long established ideology of racial purity and convictions that the European race is superior.

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