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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 at 4:00 AM

BUY Symbicort ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, After 5 evenings of work, I finally finished clearing all of the weeds, grass & dead plants from my 6 gardens!!!

Today, I started planting some annuals & tomorrow, I will be mulching.  I made a promise to myself to have everything done including my container gardens my Memorial Day.  Will I be able to do it is another thing! Mindspill

And speaking of gardening, Sunday I did my 1st self imposed photojournalist assignment. My job was to visit the annual "Flower Day" event at the Eastern Market (Detroit's farmers market) and tell the story from that shows how great the event was for gardeners, Symbicort for sale, Buy generic Symbicort, people watchers & families.

It was a fun assignment to do but I was so tempted to put my camera up & shop for flowers & plants for this year's garden. I managed to leave only spending 20 bucks, order Symbicort from United States pharmacy, Buy Symbicort from canada, which is a drop in the bucket of how much I can spend there on any given day.

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  1. Los Angelista Says:

    Are those purple flowers Allium? I love those! I can’t wait to head home and help my mom do some gardening this summer. I miss that a whole lot living here in LA.

  2. Los Angelista Says:

    And the pictures are fantastic! I feel like I’m there. I love the one of the guy with the three smiling boys.

  3. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    dont sleep on the flowers u ill b suprised and chk out my latest post and ans on what it means to be a father

  4. Darius T. Williams Says:

    such a green thumb…my urban ass couldn’t do any of this.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Liz – Yes, they are allium, the gladiator variety & I love them. I planted them last fall & was so happy to see them come up last month. I planted like 12 & they really add great fun to my spring blooms.

    When I say the man with the children, I had to capture that. just the sight of it was magic to me. A grandfather with his 2 grandsons. it made me feel good.

    Torrance – I love flowers & you will see how much over the next few months.

    Darius – I never thought that I could or would enjoy gardening but when I got a condo & had a balcony & wanted to have life, so I started doing container gardens & liked it. When we moved into our house, I went nuts.

    Gardening is hard work but very rewarding & relaxing. just you, the dirty & beautiful blooms all summer long.


  6. AnnaC Says:

    Thank you for sharing your photo assignment! :)

    You have such a fantastic eye and an incredible talent to make the camera tell the story you want.

    It ALMOST makes me want to buy a camera!

  7. BizyLizy Says:

    Your pictures tell such awesome stories. I want to meet these people. I loved the smile on grandma’s face with the baby in the stroller. And dad left alone with baby, lol! It’s all so colorful, so happy, so…

    I saw my family, my friends, my neighbors in your pictures. Smiling,without a care in the world.

    I’m inspired.



  8. Tamra Says:

    Awesome, awesome, and awesome!

  9. ingridspeak Says:

    Loved the photo montage and you truly have a thing for catching the beauty in eyes! The little boys eyes were so beautiful!

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    AnnaC – Thx & just do it!!!

    BizyLizy – Thx so much, I am hearing similar comments from friends. These words make feel that my time is being well spent.

    My aunt responded to me today & said “You have such an eye for art in that you know the people, situations, and things that will make for a good photo. I mean who knew the exchange of money would make a beautiful photo.”

    I was so geeked!

    Tamra – Thx boo!!!

    Ingrid – Thx! That image is in my top 5.


  11. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    I went, I saw, I enjoyed. It was great. I am a great fan of candid photography. The pictures were great, sir. I am dabble in photography, myself. You have impressed me, some of the pictures were absolutely amazing! I especially liked the gloves and alos the toe socks.

  12. Invisible Woman Says:

    6 gardens! You are so busy Bygbaby—I really admire Suite Suzy–I would be dead from exhaustion trying to keep up with you, haha.

    Btw, I absolutley adore flowers and gardening too :-)

  13. Disturbed Stranger Says:

    I do some gardening too… but not as half as beautiful as yours!

    I want purple flowers in my garden too :(

  14. Bygbaby Says:

    One Man’s Opinion – Thx so much! when I saw the toe socks, I had to get a photo. I actually flagged her down for the photo op. She was laughing the whole time.

    Invisible Woman – LOL!!! We both move at a record pace. We are s due for a vacation away from our lives right about now.

    Disturbed Stranger – I want to expand one garden but Suite Suzy is not going to let that happen :(. I love purple! This year, I added more pink & some white.


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