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Author: Tafari, Tuesday, May 13th, 2008 at 5:14 AM MindspillWhat the hell kind of weed was OJ BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, smoking when he admitted to killing his wife & her boo. Buy Neem without a prescription, That must have some good shit for him to slip up & expose the truth that we all know but love to deny.

Sad thing is that he cannot be retried, he is not the 1st person to get away with murder (well, fast shipping Neem, Neem samples, maybe the 1st Black man to get away with murdering a white woman) & will not be the last. I wonder how his kids feel about him????

What the fuck took so long to get R, rx free Neem. Where can i buy cheapest Neem online, Kelly’s trial going??. In the last six years, order Neem from mexican pharmacy, Comprar en línea Neem, comprar Neem baratos, that nigga released like 8 albums, made me “step in the name of love” countless times, Neem trusted pharmacy reviews, Neem from canadian pharmacy, he did 35 collabos & paid for 4 abortions. Honestly, why is this going to trial??, BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I saw the video when it was circulating & if that was not R, buy Neem online cod. Online buy Neem without a prescription, Kelly, maybe he was kidnapped & got into some “face off” type shit.

The (obviously willing) victim is now twenty-damn-three & is denying that it is her in the video, Neem gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buying Neem online over the counter, Can you say, the dick brainwashed her (she needs to talk to Alexyss) & she mos def got paid off.

The Detroit City Council is a step closer in getting Kwame’s delusional ass out of office, buy cheap Neem. Buy Neem from canada, All I wanna know is what can I do to help!

In other news:

1st) Who made that dress?
2nd) Likeded is not a word!
3rd) Why does she have that big ass tattoo on her chest & that tongue ring?
4th) Why is this in the news, & who really cares?
5th) Last but not least, online buying Neem hcl, Kjøpe Neem på nett, köpa Neem online, where is her momma. I would have said where are the parents but it is clear that there is no father around.
6th) Can't wait to see this featured on the Hot Ghetto Mess website.

In personal news:
BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, - I got a Myspace message from my sister Baby today that stated “just left the doctors and my due date is 11-11-08 yes i'm having a baby”. OK, purchase Neem online, Neem over the counter, WTF!!.

1st) Why would you Myspace message that kind of news, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy no prescription Neem online, This is worse that a text message. So impersonal!!, Neem price, coupon. And why didn’t you just tell me this bittersweet news when you saw me Saturday?
2nd) Last week you called me because you were out of money & food until your current boo got paid & begged me to order you a pizza so yall grown asses could have something to eat, BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Buy Neem without prescription, How are you going to afford another mouth to feed. Oh wait, purchase Neem, Buy cheap Neem no rx, I know food stamps. Duh!!!!
3rd) You don’t have a job now, order Neem online c.o.d, Buy Neem from mexico, have not had one for months, is this a sign of a life line system lifestyle?
4th) Why is my mom so excited about this new baby, where can i order Neem without prescription. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Yes I know it is another grandchild who will be precious, but all I see is another bastard child who will be sharp as hell & living in the lap of ghetto luxury.
5th) My sister changes her boo more than she changes her panties, order Neem online overnight delivery no prescription. I started to ask whose it was but that just would have been too fucked up for me to even ask.
6th) Why do I have to have that one sibling that people talk about at the family reunion?

BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I love my Baby, but she makes the worst life decisions ever. Order Neem no prescription, I wanted to call her so bad tonight but all I would have to say would have been counter productive & a waste of breath. What’s done is done.

In political news:
- Will someone fucking take over Myanmar with an international coup, ordering Neem online. Purchase Neem ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I really do not understand why the government over there is denying aid. I saw videos of all of the squalor & dead bodies floating around to this day, where to buy Neem. I guess if I was a Katrina victim, I would stop complaining right about now, or at least until the FEMA checks ran out.

- Hillary, you mos def can’t count & we all know you can’t budget, BUY Neem ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Neem for sale, Drop the fuck out & have a BBQ with your hard working white supporters. How dare you insinuate that white Americans are the only ones that are middle class, order Neem from United States pharmacy, Buy generic Neem, hard workers etc. This is the exact reason your campaign is going down faster than Monica Lewinsky or Karrine Steffans in a room full of hot dick & nuts.

- George Bush, buy Neem no prescription, Buy Neem ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, fuck pictures of your daughter's wedding cuz I don’t give a fuck!!. I wanna see my damn stimulus package check, where can i find Neem online. Where to buy Neem, I need some damn gas money bitch.

. Canada, mexico, india. Neem trusted pharmacy reviews.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I’m glad some responsible adult stepped up and let the young lady know that her “dress” was inappropriate. Instead of trying to get her prom money back she should be trying to get her money back for that 2 yards of fabric somebody stitched together and bedazzled while waiting in line at the dept of motor vehicles.
    I’m done!

  2. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Um, you will quit ragging on R. Kelly – do you hear me – lol. We love R. Kelly. What ever happened to forgiveness and love?

  3. Tamra Says:

    Thanks for making my Tuesday morning–this was hilarious–and on-point about so many different things…


    Couple’a quickies: I, too, am just baffled at this whole R. Kelly mess–you should hear the way they talk about it here OMFG!!! Did you hear where he had a hanky to his nose because he couldn’t stand the foul odor coming from the bathroom next to the court room??? Gimme a fucking break?! I’m sure he’s smelled more foul odors than that… And why the HELL is it news??? GAWD, I hate the media. And, like you, I think the Bush girl’s wedding photos add insult to injury to all of the families who can’t celebrate the same blissful joys because their loved ones’ lives were wasted in this bass-ackwards joke of a fucking war. I think Jenna and Janie-or whatever the hell the other one’s name is should have been out there on the front lines…

    Alright…gotta go calm down.

  4. The Pew View Says:

    Child, you and me both. I’m waiting on my stripulus check too honey. I gotz thangs to do with that money. I would normally buy gas but LB don’t let me drive much anymore since my eyes started acting up on me.

    But yes, you and I are both waiting.

    With Love,
    Mrs. Mabel

  5. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    OMG! You have too much that I agree with on here.

    Why in the blue hell isn’t R Kelly in a jail cell somewhere. I don’t care about innocent until proven guilty! He’s yucky and nasty.

    LOL @ likeded! I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video though. Your breakdown was just enough for me to feel the ghettoness ebbing from her.

    I will send prayers out for Baby and her Baby-ette.

    Hilary needs to sit down somewhere at this point.

    I could so care less about W’s offspring getting married.

    Take Care,


  6. NappTown Says:

    Man you had me rolling! You are so on point. 1st-where is my stimulus check. I have to pay for school, 2nd-why do most white girl dresses look howdy dewdy and most black girl dresses look so skank! 3rd-Bump R Kelly, Hillary and Bush! And lastly-let’s not even get into siblings that make you want shake some sense into them cause they just don’t realise that they are dead wrong!!!! Lord have mercy!

  7. BizyLizy Says:

    Okay, so I’m a white girl.

    But I remember watching the whole OJ Simpson trial, and it was such a curiosity to me.

    The man was obviously guilty. As sin.

    And on & on it dragged.

    And I was shocked to see that the jury found him not guilty. But what suprised me even more was the divide between races. The media selectively showed reactions of white groups and black groups. In bars. In their homes. At the office. Wherever the verdict was diclosed and the media happened to catch the gut reactions.

    What I saw was the media portraying the majority of black people celebrating OJ’s innocence.

    What was that all about? Because every person I’ve EVER talked to about this, black, white, orange, or purple, including my boyfriend (who’s black) has never bought into the OJ is innocent thing.

    Anyone wanna take this on?

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    I know most of you said I made you laugh but you must know that I have been cracking up at the responses to this myself.

    Darius – R Kelly needs to go some where & get pissed on. No wait, he might like that.

    Tamra – I can image what the Chi town folk are saying, if they are anything like Detroiters pouring out support for pimpalicious Kwame.

    Ms Mabel – I think it comes this Friday & I hope so, baba needs a brand new bag & some gas. LOL!!!

    Hijabi Apprentice – You know, I watched the video like a total of 7 times. I just cannot believe what I’m seeing & hearing.

    Talked to Baby today via Myspace (of course) & she asked me if I was really happy for her:

    “I am, this is something that you seem to want & who am I to rain on your parade. However, I am very concerned for your future & the ability that you have to be successful.

    1. you have no job
    2. you seem to not care about your own education, can you really provide a good example & support system for your children
    3. you seem to have persistent cash flow problems & eviction seems to hunt you always.
    4. you jump from relationship to relationship. what’s next for you and your boo? will it end the same as you and tony?
    5. recently you called me because you were out of money & food until your boo got paid & asked me to order you a pizza so yall could have something to eat. how are you going to afford another mouth to feed.
    6. living on aid is something you should not want to do. you have potential, I really think you do not believe in yourself.
    7. in someways, i see you making some of the same mistakes that mamma made in the past & some of the ones she is making now.

    I tried really hard not to call you last night to talk & I did not do it. While I am happy & want the best for you, the way you life is playing out right now, I just does not look good to me.

    You are 26 & have had every opportunity to make great strides but they never seem to happen. When you tell me about your cousins on your dad’s side, I am like wow, they are doing great. When I run into your friends & they tell me what they are doing, I am like wow, that is great. When I think about what you are doing, all I do is say, well maybe one day.

    I know that I’m harsh & we do not agree on many things but please do not view this as hating. I love you but expect much more out of you. I just wanna see you deliver results instead of a lot of babies that live in unstable environments.

    Talk to me,

    All she said in reply was thanks for the note.

    I know that I will be hearing from my mom in the next few days & that they will not be coming to my graduation on Saturday but I guess we will see.

    NappTown – I do not understand why these girls wanna where all that mess & why the parents think its cute. Hopefully this case will raise some light & standards set by schools. Strip club wear should be prohibited at school functions.

    BizyLizy – Oh, debate!!! My thought is America is addicted to race & love to hate to talk about it.

    I think many Negro folk thought that OJ WAS one of our heroes & that we had to support him at any cost even when we knew what was up.

    I think the OJ trial exposed racially issues nationally that many thought were dead.

    You observation is on point & I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

    BTW, I still need to get over to your spot to read that post. I have been lazy if you can’t tell by my lack of posts.


  9. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    i likeded this post
    you man will get play to u asap, just been trying to get my store for dogs open, i posted some pics today so chk it out

  10. byrdparker Says:

    Whats up tafari

    i am having a fucked up week , and this post made me laugh!!!! thanks ..

    a) hillary is to mean for me ,i don’t underestimate her .

    b) ok bush is too much for me , i wonder why he was never impeached , there are rumors , but i won’t repeat them , in case fanatics come out …

    c) thank god you did not mention beyonce and jayz , so for that u get a medal .

    d) rkelly is probably part of a large connected pedophile ring … parents , lock up your kids.

    e) i cannot see the video u posted , but did you see the video where the girl was doing soljah boy to a old woman .. that is why i do not take the train … no fights in my adult years please.

    f) myanmar , four words Aung San Suu Kyi. that’s my girl … i guess we cannot help her because the druggies need the drugs . burma exports 1 billion dollars worth of drugs annually …

    afghanistan as well is a major drug importer . i am so glad i did not go to afghanistan when offered.

    g) your sister is your sister .it is her life , don’t worry , and just be there to pick up the pieces !

  11. Meikmeika Says:

    ROTFL!!! There are so many issues to address here…

    I’m sure most were aware that OJ did it. It’s sad to even say this but it’s a huge deal for a black man not to go to jail for killing a white woman. I’m not siding here but it was a big deal… Also, you know how the media is, there were probably blacks who didn’t agree with the verdict and whites who did, but the media chose to show the more controversial and thought provoking responses. Every person I spoke with thought he did wrong and should have gone to jail……just goes to show there’s a reason it’s called the Mighty Dollar.

    The high school girl video is tooo disturbing.. She’s got to many wrongs going on. Where are her parents?!? Just sad…

    I can’t even discuss R Kelly, I haven’t listened to his music for years and didn’t plan on listening to it anytime soon. Won’t they just put the man in jail already….

    As for your may take more time than you’d like, but she will get her sh*t together. It’s just a matter of time. She’s very fortunate to have you as a big brother though..

    ok…I’ve rambled long enough…

  12. ayankha Says:

    Gosh I missed reading your blog…finishing finals. A few comments:

    prom dress…ditto on the hot mess of it all.

    baby news…congratulations?!?!

    hillary… go the fu*k home!

  13. Los Angelista Says:

    Kellz is goin’ down. I can’t believe he’s been awaiting trial for SIX years. That’s what money can buy you though. My husband will be heartbroken but hey, if that was my daughter, he’d already have been jumped by certain relatives.

    Anyway, I’m glad you broke it down for your sister like you did because why front and not be real just because everybody else seems to be engaging in some serious denial. Sad that she only said thanks for the message and that’s it. I know it will hurt if they don’t show for your graduation, but you stay strong and know that it’s about you and your wife and your kids, not whatever else drama other folks in your family have got going on.

  14. Bygbaby Says:

    torrance – You are making it happen, congrats!!!

    Byrd Parker – Sigh for the bad week, but it is coming to an end… I think a lot of Republicans need to be gathered up & beat the fuck down. After seeing what jumped off @ the NRA event the other day I was infuriated!!!

    I did see that video of the girl soulhjah. on Jose Vilson’s blog yesterday & could not fucking believe what I was hearing & seeing! Very sad situation. According to comments on Jose’s blog, the girl
    s mother had her checked in for a psych evaluation.

    Talked with my sister today & all is good. I said my piece & not mad or regret what I said. As for picking up the pieces, as long as thy are not financial, I’m down.

    Meikmeika – “you know how the media is, there were probably blacks who didn’t agree with the verdict and whites who did, but the media chose to show the more controversial and thought provoking responses.” I think 80% of the shit we get on tv & elsewhere is spent to convey division.

    I really used to like R Kelly but since I saw that video I was sickened & have purchased anything from him since. When ever I do listen and or dance to his music, I though up in my mouth a little at the thought.

    Never enough rambling!!!

    Ayankah – Hope your exams went well!!!

    Liz – “…if that was my daughter, he’d already have been jumped by certain relatives.” OK!!!

    My mom & I talked yesterday & no love is lost. Families will always fight for the good bad & ugly of it all. I said my piece & no regrets.

    The graduation was today & Momma, Baby & Bay Bay all came so that was cool. I have a photo journal coming soon so stay tuned.


  15. Invisible Woman Says:

    LMAO at your hot dick and nuts comment!

  16. Bygbaby Says:

    Invisible Woman – You know that is one of my favorite things to say!!!


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