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Author: Tafari, Sunday, June 15th, 2008 at 8:18 PM Mindspill

BUY Atarax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I was at a diversity conference recently & during a Q&A session, someone asked  Susan Molinari (fmr rep. congresswoman) how she felt race was going to impact the presidential election.  She then went into this grandiose rant about how beautiful it was going to be for the democratic process & talked about how proud she was to see a woman [Hillary Clinton] crack the glass ceiling & how awesome it was to watch a  Black man [Barack Obama] become the first legitimate Black candidate of a major political party etc etc.

After her bullshit comments, online buy Atarax without a prescription, Buy generic Atarax, & considering many more that I have heard about BO’s race, I wondered why it seems like white America is so quick to dismiss his white mother & grandparents that raised him.  Is he not white enough?

Why do we as Negroes accept anyone that is “Black” openly based on the one drop rule.

I guess at least Barack and many other mixed race individuals accept the “Black community” & operate in & around it.  Then you have your Tiger Woods people, Atarax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Where can i buy Atarax online, who seem to deny their Blackness & are far removed.

Should the one drop rule be addressed & confronted like many controversial words.  Should we be following the rule of “Partus Sequitur Ventrem”?  What makes sense???

I really don’t know what I’m saying but I just think the factors are interesting.

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  1. BizyLizy Says:

    The cheesiest pick-up line ever thrown in my direction…

    “Hey beautiful…do you have any black in you?”

    “Um, I don’t know, I don’t think so.”

    “Well, would you like some?”

    Oh, forgive me for being completely tasteless! Just this topic made me go back to my early 20’s and remember that.

    Race sometimes confuses me. I don’t know why. Maybe it is because we are living more and more in a multicultural society, with racially mixed children and adults, comingling with everyone else.

    I personally did not know that OB was raised by white grandparents. I don’t think that makes much of a difference to me…lots of people are raised by grandparents.

    The interesting thing to me, is that there is no gene for race. We cannot pull a strand of DNA & say “Ah, that there is the Mexican gene, there’s the Black gene, Caucasion, Irish, etc.”

    There are genes for physical traits: skin pigmentation, curly hair, eye color, bone structure…

    In fact, a white man and a black man can share more genetically than people of their own race, if they share the same blood type.

    But what I do see different within races is more a distinction of culture and of certain values. Not that we don’t all share similar values in a broad scope, but it seems to be reflected more in the details in some groups. Asian cultures seem to have a deep reverence and respect for their elders. Black culture always amaze me by their tenatiously strong and soulful spirit. Mexican cultures by their sense of loyalty and heirarchy within the family. White folks, well, I am always at a loss when it comes to this…we seem to be a lost bunch.

    I guess, I’m in the same boat…I don’t know how to define race, or to what degree we should include mixed people in one racial category or another. If we do, then we deny another part of who they are.

    Maybe we just honor the person, not the strands of DNA.

    Interesting topic.

  2. Meikmeika Says:

    I’ve been asking the same question for some time now….I thought the majority and minority would be ecstatic about BO since he was both white and black. How wrong I was. It’s all about how society views you.

  3. Bygbaby Says:

    BizyLizy – I have heard that line put down on women before & I was like what kinda shit is that to ask someone. We men can be idiots!

    Your DNA take is on point but I think most don’t consider that because it requires to o much thought.

    Meikmeika – You know during the conference, one of the presenters was breaking down racial growth patterns in the USA & the “Majority” as we know it is really the “Minority” but yet, they have the power. Actually, we all know the world is predominately of color making the “Majority” the “Minority” hands down. I too think we need to examine these terms & categories. At this point, I refused to be confused as a minority.

    Race & class are a bitch & a fucked up combo depending on how you look at it.


  4. Lola Gets Says:

    I thought that Blacks accepted the “one drop rule” because it increased our numbers, and hey, when youre in a fight, numbers matter. Well, perhaps all Blacks dont think that, maybe Im just the suck f*ck that does, lol.

    But, because the “one drop rule” has been in existence for so long, and since its widely accepted by the society at large (ie white folks), if Blacks dont accept it (like Tiger Woods), then one day we just might find ourselves in a “racial” situation that we have difficulty dealing with (the lynching comment made by that radio announcer). I dont ever think the US will be able to fully divest itself of the “one drop rule.”


  5. Luscious Librarian Says:

    I think Lola touched on something there, strength in numbers. I think the one drop rule persists is because our society is based on competition, capitalism. As long as we still see others as potential threats, financially or otherwise, we’ll always look for the quickest way to determine friend or foe, and a lot of times that’s skin color.

  6. Naturally Sophia Says:

    Maybe I have been in my small little world with too many opinionated, pre-conceived notions…but Black is Black. I mean that is to say if people can see you and judge from looking at you that you or a direct ancestor is black, then you are black. I thought there was no confusion in the matter in the U.S.

    When I meet biracial or “mixed” people( I loathe the words “mixed” and “biracial”), some of them have told me that they are not indeed Black but some scale of Calbinasian. I always say, “Yeah, we are both mixed, with black.” Then I politely smile (very sincerely) and keep walking.

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    Lola – “I thought that Blacks accepted the “one drop rule” because it increased our numbers, and hey, when youre in a fight, numbers matter.” LOL, OK!!!!

    luscious Librarian – “As long as we still see others as potential threats, financially or otherwise, we’ll always look for the quickest way to determine friend or foe, and a lot of times that’s skin color.” Agreed here, unless that have a weapon on you.

    Naturally Sophia – “Maybe I have been in my small little world with too many opinionated, pre-conceived notions…but Black is Black.” You cannot argue with that because out side of these US borders, all people see is Black.

    Great responses!!!


  8. Los Angelista Says:

    Well, according to the traditional way European patrilineal descent laws worked (which slaveholders conveniently ditched), if you’ve got a white momma and a black daddy, then you’re black. Me on the other hand, I’d be white. Let’s see how me going around saying I’m white works out for me in the ’08. Yeah, can you imagine Barack going around saying, “I’m white!” He’d get stoned or something.

    I never got called “mixed” till some dumb bitch in elementary school rolled up and said, “Is you mixed?” Some folks still ask such a rude question all these years later.

    I really believe that in 100 years, our society is going to be looked on as crazy for continuing our racial classifications. You ever notice how if someone is half Chinese and half Mexican, they are not required to pick a side? We are the only group required to choose just one. I’m just as proud of my black heritage as anybody but I also grew up with my Irish father and I rock the green and white on more than just St. Patrick’s Day. Just as it would make me sick to reject my black heritage, I will never diss my Irish heritage, even if some of my family have chosen to diss me and my mom. Sure, my white heritage is a little closer to me, but give me one black person that’s not mixed with something.

    My mom got her DNA checked last year and she has no white ancestry but she’s like 19% Native American. Who knows what could happen though if my dad gets his checked. He might somehow turn out to not be full blooded Irish. Maybe he’s part something else. Alot of white folks walking around aren’t “purebred” white. There’s no such thing unless you’re Tiger Wood’s wife.

  9. muslimahlocs Says:

    i have the same mindset as sophia…black is black. i am not into counting drops and i definately would not want anyone counting mine.

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Liz – “I never got called “mixed” till some dumb bitch in elementary school rolled up and said, “Is you mixed?”” You had me dying @ this!!!

    Good point on having to choose a side based on make up. I never thought bout that.

    And why come you doing out Tiger’s boo??? LOL!!!!!!

    Muslimahlocs – Yeah, ain’t no telling what my drops would reveal. I am not the darkest brother running around but I could never claim any European ancestry although it exists. I would never be accepted, just like Liz stated.


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