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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, June 4th, 2008 at 4:36 AM Mindspill

BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, As you may have guessed from my teaser post yesterday, I photographed Barack Obama, at a town hall meeting held in Troy, MI. It was very last minute & I spent the entire weekend waiting for the moment when I would have our next president as a photographic subject.

Like many, where can i find Bael online, Buy Bael online cod, I have seen Barack speak on TV, defending himself, rx free Bael, Purchase Bael ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, talking about what he envisions for America & going on the offensive against his GOP rivals. Whenever I watch, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Where can i buy Bael online, I get excited, inspired & yet nervous at the same time.

Well, online buying Bael hcl, Order Bael from United States pharmacy, after being there in person with about 2000+ (I think this number is not official) other supporters I got more than I bargained for. There was so much energy in the crowd that it could have lit up 2 city blocks, buy generic Bael, Bael trusted pharmacy reviews, and this was before Barack appeared.

One of the major highlights before Barack took the stage was that he got two super delegate endorsements from Brenda Lawrence (Southfield, MI’s first Black and first female mayor) & Lu Battaglieri (Executive Director of the Michigan Education Association).

After all of the local notables said their piece, real brand Bael online, Buy Bael without a prescription, Barack was introduced by a local woman who seemed almost too excited to talk. She told the story of how her job left MI, buy Bael without prescription, Ordering Bael online, & how her & her husband whose also unemployed cannot afford gas to live their daily lives. Her story was touching & all too familiar these days, BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Just before she exploded with excitement, purchase Bael ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Order Bael from mexican pharmacy, she turned the mic over to Barack & the crowd went wild. At the same time, Bael trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Bael online cod, I was fighting with another local photographer after she PUSHED me to take a photo. I was so ready to jump off but, fast shipping Bael, Canada, mexico, india, well, you know.

As Barack spoke the crowd burst into encouraging chants of we love you, Bael samples, Buy Bael without a prescription, Obama 08, etc, Bael from canadian pharmacy. Buy Bael ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I think I even shouted once. BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Another photographer next to me called out & said, you are too happy & I take it that this is your first political assignment. I told him that he was more than 100% right & we both laughed.

Anyway, buying Bael online over the counter, Buy Bael no prescription, Barack, spoke on many of the points that he has covered over the past few months: gas, rx free Bael, Where can i buy Bael online, energy, education, online buying Bael hcl, Where can i buy cheapest Bael online, jobs etc. He also dissed JM big time, buy Bael without prescription, Purchase Bael online, which was awesome & he also showed Billary some love.

After his familiar speech, he turned to the audience for questions, Bael over the counter, Real brand Bael online, which were unscreened & in a boy/girl fashion. The questions ranged from wanting answers on gas prices, where to buy Bael, Buy Bael from mexico, his plan on mental health coverage, corporate greed/profits & a few others to which he broke down without skirting the issues, buy cheap Bael no rx. Comprar en línea Bael, comprar Bael baratos, The best questioned asked from the audience IMO was from a gentleman who admitted to spending 13 years in prison because he stole a pair of Nikes & a set of bed sheets (a possible crack move!!!). The gentleman stated that since his release, he started a company that employs 1300 people & noted that he does hire ex-offenders, BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. His question to Barack was what does he plan to do about decreasing prison/jail recidivism rates.

This question really resonated with me because of the paper that I wrote last semester on mandatory drug sentencing & the release of thousands of former crack dealers, where to buy Bael. Buy no prescription Bael online, His answer was on point & covered prevention programs to curb conditions that turn people to crime, offer programs that would help introduce ex-offenders back into society so that they could be successful & productive, kjøpe Bael på nett, köpa Bael online. Online buy Bael without a prescription, Then he also flipped the script & stated that parents need to be more accountable for their children, “parents need to parent”, buy Bael from canada, Buy cheap Bael, “fathers need to be step up to the plate”. Those last to statements made the crowd swell with praise, Bael gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. I heard several amens & hallelujahs from the older Black women that were standing near me.

BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, After the Q&A session, Barack thanked the crowd for coming out & for the support. He then toured the crowed & was surrounded by the supported who wanted to hug him, shake his hand & get photos with their cell phones. It all seemed surreal to see the love that he was getting!

Quick flashback::::: When I showed up at the school, I meet many journalists from all over & they were open & warm. Many asked who I was with & when I told them that I was a blogger, I got some great reactions. They were like wow, who do you blog for & what do you write about. A few even asked what a blog was.

I also mentioned that I was a member of the AfroSpear & excitedly told them that a few the AfroSpear bloggers were recently credentialed to blog from the National Democratic Convention this August.

Two of the most notable people that I spoke with were Rochelle Riley of the Detroit Free Press (I swear I met her last year at a party) & Peggy Agar, the local reported who was the center of “Sweetie Gate”.

I actually talked with Peggy about the incident & she told me that it was not a big deal to her & she blew it off, BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Her main gripe was that Barack did not get back with her as he said he would. She went on to say that she was shocked to see how bloggers were dogging her out as if she created the drama & the way it was being handled in the media in general.

I asked if any of the cable news networks requested interviews after the jump off & she laughed & said many of them did. Her network requested that she not appear on any programs because they knew that it would spin out of control & she would just be a pawn in the game. Peggy also stated that she was just focused on doing her job, getting a paycheck so that she could feed her family & make sure that they had health coverage. BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Her husband has been laid off for an extended period of time & she has much bigger fish to fry. You go Peggy, & apologize for dogging you out boo!

Flashforward::::: The event was awesome, my journalistic experience was definitely interesting & I want more!!. Lastly, I encourage you to go see the political candidate that you are backing in person. Watching on TV is cool, but being there in the crowd is so much more. Kinda like watching a good movie, then you read the book & are just blown away by all of the detail that you missed.

To see images of the town hall meeting, check out my photojournal here.

- My sister found out that she is having a boy & his name will be Asar. She asked that I give him a middle name, so I am choosing something of greatness to complement his powerful first name.

- Barack Obama is now the official Democratic nominee, BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. He gave a scorching hot speech that anyone can be proud of. I teared up a bit & only wished that I was in that stadium tonight.

- Hillary Clinton showed her ass during her sappy assed speech that should have been a concession speech. Homegirl did not announce any future plans & did not concede. I think she maybe stuck in a state of denial so tight that only R. BUY Bael ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Kelly & Kwame Kilpatrick can understand. Hillary, give it up boo, the popular vote does not get you nominated, delegates do. Ask Al Gore if you don’t believe me.

- John McCain is now older than he was earlier today making him still one old as mutha who needs to retire to FL vs. trying to run the country. Why does he always look freshly embalmed????

- On CNN tonight Anderson Cooper tried to get all up into Donna Brasile's business & she shut him down by saying that he is not her boo. Anderson retorted, “I wanna be your boo”. That exchange cracked me the fuck up.


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  1. shea Says:

    YES WE CAN!!!
    i haven’t quite read all of this- i’m too excited about him getting the nomination
    *praying he doesn’t get… you know*

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    I am excited too, but lets not go there on that. The universe is watching….

    This is a GREAT NIGHT in history.


  3. shea Says:

    i know, i know- i’m just nervous, you know…

  4. shea Says:

    i’m so stalking your blog today :/

    just wanted to say awesome photos! i love how you capture their emotion.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    I like stalkers as long as you do not boil my rabbit & show up with knives…….


  6. brunsli Says:

    Fantastic post!!

  7. Cluizel Says:

    awwwww!!! Great post! And good photos!!!

  8. byrdparker Says:

    congratualtions , you are doing it.

    re hillary ,
    For Principle :
    she should not concede and i would be dissappointed ,if she did not finish . No quitters! Come on she is the first woman candidate

  9. byrdparker Says:

    i just looked at the ophotos , absolutely stunning , photographic journalism at it’s best … go tafari , its you bday !!!

  10. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    Okay first let me got this out of my system: LOLOLOLOL @ a possible crack move. Ooh that was funny and still the only plausible explanation for such a “heist”.

    Okay I’m composed now! I can feel the excitement ebbing from your post! What a fabulous and awesome moment for us historically and you as a photographer.

    Also, Anderson Cooper is hot Donna better quit playing! LOL

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Brunsli – Thx!!!

    Cluizel – Thx boo! BTW, We will be in NYC in a few weeks. Negro Fixin’s boo!!!

    Byrd Parker – Why not conceded, she did not win at all in terms of securing the nomination. I understand her historic symbolism, but why continue grandstanding? If she is not careful, she will go down in history as the woman who sabotaged an election because of bitterness & narcissistic entitlement rage. Bow out, help the party & gain respect & trust. We i compare the 2 speeches last night, I see her as being all about her & her this & that while Obama was all about uniting all Americans putting himself last. This is the type of leadership we need up in here.

    Thx for checking out the slideshow. I have been circulating it & hope that it will bring added leverage to my portfolio as I try to get picked up by an agency.

    Hijabi Apprentice – You know that shit was a crack move!!! When he said it, I was like oh know & the lady next to me looked at me & we both had the look of we know what that means.

    I am still on high from the experience & will cherish the moment until I become senile!

    Anderson Cooper may be “hot” but he prefers a boo with hot dick & nuts. “Out magazine ranked him second among “The Most Powerful Gay Men and Women in America.” (


  12. Danielle Says:

    LMAO about Anderson and Donna. Too funny & ridiculous. Congrats to Sen. Obama and nice pictorial from you Tafari.

  13. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    Okay #1) I didn’t know that about Anderson Cooper and #2) I need to start read your comments from the comfort of my home and not at work so when I bust out laughing loudly like I just did my co-worker won’t be like, “Dude what’s so funny?!”.

  14. Disturbed Stranger Says:

    For some reason I am excited too.. goodluck… *pray*

  15. Bygbaby Says:

    Danielle – Yes, that is so funny & a nice break from all of the tension of the evening.

    Hijabi Apprentice – I laugh very loud all day in my office & people walking by always ask me what’s so funny. If they only knew…

    Disturbed Stranger – Is it because you want Barack to be your boo… LOL!!! These are exciting times regardless. A Negro in the running to run this bitch & if it was reverse, a Woman who would have had the nation by the balls.

    The next few months are going to be hot, literally & figuratively.


  16. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    hats off to him and the future first lady

  17. byrdparker Says:

    I am eating my lunch dinner as i am talking to you . Thai food , mussel pancake and drunken man .

    re hillary ,
    keep in mind when everybody was jumping on the clintons bandwagon , saying he was the first black president . I was not impressed i never liked them , and don’t now . I always thought they were phony , and favored the older bush. why u might ask the older bush because i like to know what i am dealing and he never hid his fucked up theories / personality.

    However in liew of all this i can look at the situation objectively .
    the clintons , do not work on soley by themselves , it is not hillary who broke the democratic party , one person can not do that . It has been a long time coming , since bush stole the elections and no one did anything .I would not expect anything less of her then to finish to the end . i.e. you love photography , if no one hired you for a year , would you give up ? Also even though your talent gets you the assignments , your connections let you know what is available and sometimes aid in getting you a job . So in my oppinion Hillary did not kill the democratic party .

    Obama speeches are nice with the help of Jon Favreau. I am happy a brother is making it … but it stops there … actually his speeches are open ended blanket statements , that in the end cannot be held accountable .

    Obamas team and some the people who back him/ are sketchy here are a few on my list :

    dadler pushing concert of democracies. his book due 2009
    Anthony Lake,
    Zbigniew Brzezinski

    3 years from now i want to see what people are saying , and i hope you will be there taking photos all the way !

    now is john mccain naming condi as vp ?

  18. Tamra Says:

    [Big smile] Awesome photography and great post. (as usual)

    AC and DB–hilarious. That was just too cute.

    I can’t believe there are people out there who still don’t know what the heck a blog is…

    I’d love to see him in person, but my gawd, I am so NOT a crowd person, and just watching the way people were pushing, shoving, and knocking people in the head trying to shake his hand–omg…

    Again, great work!

  19. Lola Gets Says:

    @Did ya do a little bitch scream inside your head??

    LMAO@Putting Hillary/R. Kelly and Kwame all in the same category! You are sooo right!


  20. Bygbaby Says:

    Torrance – Yes!!!!!!!

    Byrd Parker- For you to be in the middle of a meal, you sho nuff broke it down!!!

    “I was not impressed i never liked them , and don’t now . I always thought they were phony , and favored the older bush. why u might ask the older bush because i like to know what i am dealing and he never hid his fucked up theories / personality.” I hear you but the sad thing is BUsh was so fucked up, he could not hide that shit; kinda like the dumb ass in office now.

    “…you love photography , if no one hired you for a year , would you give up ?” My shit would be on eBay before you could blink! Just kidding, Again another well made point.

    3 years from now, will be interesting & I hope we are saying 4 more years for Obama, the ultimate Magical Negro!

    I think if he is smart, he would out that out there but that would not get him many if any Black votes. We are not interested in a white man’s puppet. No disrespect to Condi because she has to do her & she does it well; I’m just saying.

    Tamra – Thx boo!!! “‘d love to see him in person, but my gawd, I am so NOT a crowd person,” Oh yeah, you have to be in the mood for that kind of crowd & who ever is.

    Lola – No boo, I did the bitch scream aloud & just for you, I am doing it right now!!!


  21. BizyLizy Says:

    I’m so jazzed! These are truly exciting, hopeful times. On a completely superficial note, I could totally look at that sweet face for the next four – hell, let’s be optimistic – EIGHT years!

    Sad thing, out of your entire post, I’m still giggling over “freshly embalmed”

    You kill me!

  22. Bygbaby Says:

    BizyLizy – FYI, Michele Obama reads my blog & she said to tell you that she will fight for her boo; watch yo’ back. LOL!!!

    I should not have attacked him with that comment but it is so true & so funny!!!


  23. Disturbed Stranger Says:

    loool you are too harsh ;)

  24. db Says:

    great post…brilliant pictures…we are so proud of you…think about about a degree in photojournalism since you have the practical experience and the eye…just a thought
    –Cole and Diane

  25. Bygbaby Says:

    Disturbed Stranger – I really try to be mild but it does not always work out for me. LOL….

    Diane – Thx so much!!!!! You know I look to you both as a example on powerful Black love & achievement as you both have influenced me significantly!


  26. Los Angelista Says:

    I’m still cheering inside over the nomination! Love how you broke it all down. I feel like I was there! And I LOVE Donna Brazile! She’s fab.

    I’m kicking myself that I didn’t go to the Obama rally in LA last year. Maybe he’ll come back and I’ll get lucky and get in.

  27. byrdparker Says:

    what’s up !
    I don’t know , but i think you cannot be dumb to get into office . for the dubya i never really followed him . check it out .

    it is either that or the bottle .

    Condi ,will throw a wrench into the plan, and she is no push over . i do not put it past the repubs to nominate a black vp… i think you know why they will do it .

  28. muslimahlocs Says:

    all of the pictures were great. my favorite was the sister wearing the brown shades and and the black headwrap, and not just because she has gorgeous locks. the look on her face really spoke to me…it reflected pride as well as an “ok, now show and proove, brother”.
    that donna brazille exchange was funny. she is rarely speechless so anderson really captured a rare moment.

  29. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    I got to see Obama when he came to Texas. At first I was not going to go, especially when I found out it was going to be like a two hour wait to see the brother and I am not one on waiting.
    I have to say that although it was a good crowd,the energy was not the same as yours. I have to say that I was an honor and a pleasure to see the man live. He will lift you up! I was very impressed. I honestly think he is going to take the white house. Not because he is a brother, but because he is just a outstanding personality.

  30. Bygbaby Says:

    Liz – I know you are ultra excited & I thought about you during the speech hoping you were watching it. I have really taken a liking to DB, she is cool as a cucumber! If I was not married, she would be a boo candidate!!! You know he will be back soon, so get the tix fast!!!

    Byrd Parker – Wow, he did sound like he had some type of education! I think it’s the coke that he did & forgot about that got him to the point that he is at now. Permanent brain damage obviously!!!

    Condi already said about 2 weeks ago that she doens not even want to be approached. If she is asked & does take it, the implications are obvious & really shows how the RNC is out of touch with the Black community. I think we are proud of her accomplishments but she is not one of us…

    Muslimahlocs – Thx so much. The image you speak of is of one of my friends the Detroit Vintage Dealing Diva TJ. When I saw her & her family walk in past me, I sent her a text saying to take off them damn glasses. She texted (is that a word???) & said, where the hell are you to know what I got on. I told her to look back & she was fucked up to see me in the press area. It was too funny.

    I sent her a link to the journal & she was geeked to have made the cut.

    OMO – I fell you!!! The line at my location was around the building & I was like fuck that. Luckily press walk right in with no lines!!!!!!!!!


  31. muslimahlocs Says:

    oh, ok…so the look of pride was for obama and the rest was for you (LOL).

  32. Bygbaby Says:

    Muslimahlocs – LOL!!!


  33. Constructive Feedback Says:


    How do you reconcile the sustain poor economic conditions in Michigan with support for the very machine that presided over the atrophy?

    Al Gore stood in front of 21,000 Democrats and blamed George Bush for Michigan’s job loss. The Democrats who cheered this news also REELECTED the governor who presided over these economic conditions. The mayor of the city, who was not present due to circumstances of his own making was absent. Clearly these Democrats are not about accountability but about partisanship.

    Indeed hold Bush accountable for the losses in the automobile sector in Michigan. At the same time intellectual honesty holds that he should be credited with the net increases in employment in the auto sector that SC, GA, AL, MS, TX and KY have seen on these same times.

    The ultimate point of introspection should come upon the area of Michigan by noting that they are losing these jobs because they are a high cost place of employment. As a result Americans in other states are benefiting greatly from their intransigence.

    Just as Michigan and Detroit were once built up by these industries – these other areas of the nation will soon stand tall as well.

  34. Bygbaby Says:

    Constructive Feedback – 1st of all, thanks for hitting me up today!
    “Al Gore stood in front of 21,000 Democrats and blamed George Bush for Michigan’s job loss.” GWB (the fool) is the CEO of the US & his poor policies trickle down creating the conditions that we are faced with. Jennifer G did nothing to make it great for companies to leave for labor outside the state or the country.

    Instead, she has pushed for legislation that would bring business to the state, convince companies not to relocate etc & this began once she got in office around 7 years ago. In addition, she had fore thought & told leaders in several industries in MI to buckle up for a bumpy ride ahead & told them to diversify their thinking to maintain profits & a work force.

    JG leadership is highly favored in my eye, too bad she will be a victim of term limits next election cycle.

    “The mayor of the city, who was not present due to circumstances of his own making was absent. ” KK, could not attend for the sale of increasing controversial drama as I am sure you are aware. Secondly, let’s not get it twisted. KK is the leader of a city that has a long history of poor leadership but that can only be blamed on the fools that do not vote in Detroit & those that are stuck on stupid. KK should/cannot be used as a gauge for national politics. Well may he should be to point out consistent poor leadership, just depends on what team you’re on.

    In terms of the automobile industry, the big 3 themselves should take the blame for the decrease of jobs & world demand for their products. They also seem to be stuck on stupid & like putting the horse before the cart in favor of profits. The produce poor fuel economy vehicles (bad for the environment & bad for the pocket) & do not present with an urgency to change. That urgency was needed 5-10 years ago.

    Based on your response, I do not want to assume that you are for McCain or a 3rd party, so tell me. And why. Back up your talk.


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