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Author: Tafari, Monday, June 23rd, 2008 at 3:26 AM

BUY Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I’ve finally finished going through all of my NYC photos. I took almost 600 photos, Green Coffee over the counter, Purchase Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, of which 200 were trash, 100 were close duplicates & the rest made for hard decisions on what to post because I cannot post them all, buy generic Green Coffee, Where to buy Green Coffee, well I could but why.

During the trip, my one & only goal was to photo the Brooklyn Bridge & the photoshoot that I was scheduled for, buy cheap Green Coffee no rx, Buy cheap Green Coffee, everything else was just gravy. Mindspill

My trip had a few too many dramatic moments but over all an unforgettable trip with a few lessons learned.

Suite Suzy & I did some good eatin’ & I did some good cocktailing!!!!!!. There is something about NYC that makes me lose my mind when it comes to delicious cocktails & I realized this yesterday on the plane home, buy Green Coffee without prescription. Green Coffee samples, x pomegranate rum punches, x caipirinhas, comprar en línea Green Coffee, comprar Green Coffee baratos, Order Green Coffee from mexican pharmacy, x mojitos, x bombay & tonic & a bottle of Strawberry Hill (just kidding!!!), purchase Green Coffee. Buy Green Coffee online cod, I guess you can say I was a bit of a lush. Now it is back to reality, statistics, children running around & of course the presidential election which is enough to make me pour a drink right now.

Speaking of politics, I tuned in to “Meet The Press” this morning & saw that Brian Williams is hosting, BUY Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. My first question was why him, where to buy Green Coffee, Rx free Green Coffee, my second was why doesn’t he do something about those tan lines around his eyes. I find BW to be very anal & monotoned, canada, mexico, india, Buy Green Coffee from mexico, basically boring. At the end of the show, online buying Green Coffee hcl, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, he announced that Tom Brokaw would be taking over until after the election. Can you say boring!!!!!!!!!!!, Green Coffee from canadian pharmacy. BUY Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I hate to jock a dead man, but they will not find anyone to fill Tim Russert’s shoes.

On a similar note, when I was showering this am, I wondered if BET thought about trying to do a news program to cover the election. Order Green Coffee no prescription, I mean, you have a Negro running, buy Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Kjøpe Green Coffee på nett, köpa Green Coffee online, for the White House & BET has no news programming. I guess the question really is, order Green Coffee from United States pharmacy, Real brand Green Coffee online, why am I asking such a stupid question.

Speaking of Negroes & politics. I think I got dissed on the Sugar & Spice blog, Green Coffee samples. Real brand Green Coffee online, Sugar turned her blog into a Hillary Clinton love spot/Barack Obama make the nigga go away spot.

For a while there were some hot debates going on there between supports of both candidates but then it seemed like Billary haters were not commenting any more??. Then I noticed that my comments were no longer being posted.

Last week, Green Coffee trusted pharmacy reviews, Where can i buy cheapest Green Coffee online, I left 2 comments to a few really over the top posts about Barack Obama & days later they are still MIA. I really don’t care but I do but I really don’t, Green Coffee for sale. Where to buy Green Coffee, No really!

Why blog & have commenting an option if you are moderating out opposing view points?

Her POV is her POV, point blank but I think she lost her mind, where can i buy Green Coffee online, Buy cheap Green Coffee, based on some of the topics & pretty saddening language.

I am not trying to start a blog jump off because I think Sugar is cool (before she was brainwashed) but I had to get that off my mind.

Anyway, if you are interested in seeing more images, buy generic Green Coffee, Green Coffee price, coupon, check them out here.

. Comprar en línea Green Coffee, comprar Green Coffee baratos. Order Green Coffee online c.o.d. Buy Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Order Green Coffee no prescription. Canada, mexico, india. Where to buy Green Coffee. Buying Green Coffee online over the counter. Green Coffee from canadian pharmacy. Fast shipping Green Coffee. Order Green Coffee from United States pharmacy. Buy no prescription Green Coffee online.

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12 Responses to “BUY Green Coffee ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Los Angelista Says:

    Love the pics over on your Flickr! LMAO over what you told the girl from Slovakia!!! And I want my hair to look like the model in the light blue shirt. Awesome natural!

    You are so right about Brian Williams. He wears the goggles when he goes to tan, but goodness, his makeup artist should be able to hook him up!

  2. Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T Says:

    with drama like that
    u need to write a book
    and the coffee table book need to be out too

  3. Darius T. Williams Says:

    love the pics sir…and welcome back to reality – lol.

  4. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    Good Stuff!

  5. byrdparker Says:

    whats up tafari
    wanted to stop in and say :
    me thinks you have to change your profile , to exclude the word fat !!!!!!!!
    photos are on point , next time we must hook up ….

  6. brotherkomrade Says:

    tafari, what’s up? I’m feeling you on the Sugar site. Personally and politically, I think that her issues with bad dates have colluded with what could have been a genuine opposition to not voting for Barack because he’s black. In other words, there’s nothing wrong not voting for Barack because you don’t think he’s right for the job, or because you think he’s a b.s artist LIKE THE REST OF THE POLITICIANS but at least state why you think he’s not cut out for the job. The problem is, when you compare his experience with that of his competitors within or outside of the democratic party the arguments become weak. Passing bills as a senator does not a president make. Clinton has been senator of New York for how long? Ask the working poo of New York what was done for them. Or the people Arizona.
    If all of the candidates are liars or fall short of progressive politics which should be the ONLY criteria for someone you want to get behind, then why support either? This is question that people of color like Sugar cannot answer because take away all her bs, you’ll see that her issue with Obama is personal, And if personal then what would that problem be? Can she name one person of color that she THINKS should be president? and if not a person of color, fine, then name a white candidate that she liked other than Hilary.
    Personally I think she’s compromised. Her blogs lack critical thinking or analysis. She basically echoes the writings of white Obama “critics”, but left on her own she basically nit picks Obama and her talking points are as if she’s telling us about an old trifling boyfriend she had . She’s a sad person and deeply damaged.

  7. Bygbaby Says:

    Liz – The woman from SLovakia was actually cool & it was a fun interchange. She asked me if I had heard of Slovakia & I was like yeah, who doesn’t. She then told me that many people that she meet in the US (NYC) had never heard of it. I told her that there are a lot of dumb people in the US, she then shyly smiled & said yes, there are. How could I argue???

    Lydia is really good & was easy to photograph. Her look is very fun & yet chic at the same time.

    Brian looks like a ho mess by the eyes & orangish appearance, his TV makeup people really need to handle that. I know we are not the only 2 people that notice.

    Torrance – LOL!!! Fuck the book, I wanna hit the chitlin’ circuit!!!

    DTW – Tx & yes, reality is back. Not sure how good that is though because it means I am back in class. :(

    TSSE – Thx

    ByrdParker – LOL, maybe, I can change it to husky r slight rotund.

    We always come in July & usually for a week. Cannot wait until next year!

    Brotherkomrade – Ooooo, you are saying some things that make make me smile but I do not want to go there on there. Let’s be constructive, please……….

    I think you hit the nail on the head about her not being comprehensive or very factual in her disdain for BO. Her calling Michelle B scoop mouth & some of the digs at BO are fucked up but we all have opinions. It just seems like hers are like Ann Coulters, just with a Negrofied touch.

    I do find some humor in her post believe it or not because some are just so outrageous.

    “Can she name one person of color that she THINKS should be president? and if not a person of color, fine, then name a white candidate that she liked other than Hilary.” Hmmmmm, good question.

    And you are so right, what does it really take to be the president of the US??? There is no prep school program for that shit.

    “She basically echoes the writings of white Obama “critics”, but left on her own she basically nit picks Obama and her talking points are as if she’s telling us about an old trifling boyfriend she had . ” Hmmmmmmmmm, ouch!!!


  8. brotherkomrade Says:

    You’re right, bro. I should have offered something constructive to say. I know that before her Obama fixation she was one of my favorite blogs that I liked to read to put a smile on my face and she was funny and the blog was unique.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    That is why I stopped reading Sugar and Spice too. I don’t mind a different opinion, and I can take the criticism about any candidate that I support … esp. if they have a point because nobody is perfect to everyone but good googly woogly (LOL), she took it to another level. Her tone about the presidential candidates was abrasive in the beginning, esp. about Obama and she had a SERIOUS issue with dissenters of her opinion. I will check her site after the Presidential election is over. Hopefully then she will check herself, her tone and whatever her real issue is with Obama.


  10. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    You are so funny. I love blog drama. I agree though, why post a blog and open it up to comments if you are going to censor out people who don’t agree with you. I have a friend, with a blog. When he first started it he would always ask me to support it, but when i left a comment he would delete it out. That shyt hurt my feelings. So, I stopped reading it all the time (now every once in a blue moon). He asked me to start leaving comments, but f*ck that. You burnt my ass three times. Now you will never know if I’ve been by or not. Just assume not.

    Second, “you have a Negro running, for the White House & BET has no news programming.” The reason being because BET backed Hillary, wonder of wonders. How you got a black entertainment network not backing the brother. Not saying that they have to, just saying that there is a bit of irony in it. Can I get a Barack O’bump on that?

    Lastly, I love the green over black and white. I wish I know how to do that. It would really bring some of the ideas I have for photos to life.

  11. Bygbaby Says:

    Brotherkomrade – Oh I used to LOVE S&S. & was on it all the time shooting the breeze. In my last comment that was not posted, I asked what happened to Spice. I guess I will never no since I was not published or responded to. Oh well….

    Nikita – At this point she may not be around after the election because she will be stressed to death because of wide spread Obamafication

    Thx for hitting me up!

    OMO – O hell no, you go tan invite & you were dissed. He would have got cussed out.

    I just wish BET would just go the fuck away. Actually, I really do not care because I do not tune in, especially these days because I am caught up in many network news programs, blogs & NPR. Who has time for videos


  12. Bygbaby Says:

    OMO – Thx for the photo compliment. It was photoshopped heavily & took me about a good 20 minutes & like 5 layers until I was satisfied with the look.

    Hey, you can always hire me…….


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