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Author: Tafari, Thursday, July 10th, 2008 at 5:18 AM


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22 Responses to “BUY Acomplia Rimonabant ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. byrdparker Says:

    this stuff is for show and controversy , don’t by into the hype and get yourself upset . His son works with Obama ! This stuff makes for a interesting , albiet entertaining race >

  2. Invisible Woman Says:

    Well said BygBaby! I don’t beleive it was for hype–he is a hater….sorry no one wanted you for POTUS JJ

  3. Bygbaby Says:

    My thing is when you are doing anything with Fox News, you need to watch your back. I am sure that those mics where not going to be off to capture anything that can make a headline & whoomp, here it is.

    I am happy that JJ’s son spoke out. Jesse is a hater & needs to disappear for a bit. Possible & trip somewhere far away with J Wright.


  4. Tamra Says:

    I’m with you–I don’t get it.

    I heard that this is specifically about the Father’s Day “sermon.” If so, Bill Cosby says the same thing on a regular basis, and in a much harsher (but on-point) way. I’ve not heard Jackson speaking ill of Mr. Cosby for doing this. In fact, I dare him. It’s not like either Cosby or Obama is lying.

    And, like you said, he was on Fox anyway–so um, yeah. To be expected.

    I think he’s a hater too. Crabs in a barrel…

    And, once again, the media picks this up and runs like hell with it (I swear if I hear Jackson referred to as “backpeddling” one more time…); whereas, they seem wear white kid-skin gloves when handling old Leatherface. But, I heard he (Leatherface) has some kind of sweetheart “deal” of sorts with the media.

    So, anyway, you’re right.

  5. Renea Says:

    Freud. I had just cut Jesse slack for endorsing Obama a few months ago when the rest of his cohorts (You Andrew Young) were making asses of themselves. I was going to break my blog silence and blast on him. But then I saw the footage of his comments. He’s just pathetic. Just like Bill, pouting because they can’t figure out when the freshman kid replaced them as BMOC. I mean who thinks their mic is cold on FOX? Just sorry…

  6. Keith Says:

    That says it all, Tafari. That says it all. How in the world he could say something like that…? I’m done with him.

  7. sdg1844 Says:

    LMAO @ your reaction. I remember when he called NYC “Hymietown” when he was running for President. He has Foot In Mouth desease. Whatever though. Jessie is Jessie.

  8. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Whew – someone ain’t upset, is he? Wow – I think the fact that we all found out the microphones were still on and the tape was rolling is enough humiliation for Jesse. I think he realized it was a mistake, he has a personal relationship with Obama – so that type of talk is tolerable between two buddies – and I think at this point, Jr. spoke out and we’re now all good. We can put this to rest.

    But yea bruh, that got you upset, huh?

  9. toni Says:

    The one thing I inherited from my mother was a healthy dislike for Jesse Jackson. She thought that he took advantage of MLK’s assassination by making himself seem closer to the minister than he really was. I get kind of happy when my blanket hatred for him pays off this well!!

  10. The Pew View Says:

    Now Tafari, you knows that since Jesse thanks he our resident expert on politics he gotta do what he can to be seen. I thanks what he did was on purpose. I was in prayer when he did it but as soon as I got done with my praying I said, “oh shit, look at what Jesse done did.”

    You know, he ain’t all that bad looking. If I was just a few years younger or he was a few years younger, I’d be the baby momma.

    With Love,
    Mrs. Mabel

  11. Cluizel Says:

    Ugh…you took the words out of my mouth…thank you!

  12. muslimahlocs Says:

    exactly!!!!! maybe barack’s message about the difference between being a father and making babies just hit a little too close to home for messy jessie.

  13. Bygbaby Says:

    Cousin Dee called me last night & asked me if I heard what Jesse said & before she could finish her statement, I blurted out… Fuck Jesse Jackson. We then both cracked the fuck up.

    Then I went further by saying that I am sick & tired of him & his good hair, who wants to take shit from a nigga with good hair???

    I am so happy that other Negroes ate feeling this. The topic is proliferating out of control & Jesse may really need to go somewhere to get over himself.

    Further, I think it is because of Negroes like JJ that so many of use younger Negroes do not feel connected to causes of the past, we are not feeling the NAACP, the self & media proclaimed Black leaders etc!

    Tamra – no one really has the “nuts” to go after BC, he would eat them alive. But like Jesse, bill needs to shut up & deal with his bastard child too.

    Renea – “I mean who thinks their mic is cold on FOX? Just sorry…” Nuff said!

    Keith – you are so not alone. jesse will be alienated & he will have himself to blame!

    Sdg1844 – he needs to start Operation Push On!

    DTW – I ain’t mad, just pissed off a little well maybe more turned off than anything. LOL!

    Toni – I have heard that sentiment before. from older Negroes like my mom and em’.

    TPV – oh you know you is nasty!!! LOL. I was reading your comment as I was getting out of the car drinking a water & spit it put when I read “”I was in prayer when he did it but as soon as I got done with my praying I said, “oh shit, look at what Jesse done did.””. I love it!!!

    Cluizel – YES!!!!!!

    Muslimahlocs – Hell nall & L-O-mutha fuckin-L. yes he is very messy with all that nut dropping in random office pussy!


  14. DJ Black Adam Says:

    Tell us how you REALLY Feel!


  15. Tamra Says:

    You know, I’m no fan of everything JJ says and does, and despite my initial feelings about the Crabs in the Barrel mentality, I have to come back and say that I think I do understand why JJ could have said what he did. –He just should have been smarter about *where* he said it (again, Fox, for crying out loud).

    I understand both sides, but again, dumb on JJ for the major slip…

    I don’t know if Chicago Tonight will make the segment (Philosophical Divide) available online, but you should check it out–really interesting piece.

  16. shea Says:

    what trips me out is when he said the ‘cut the nuts’ statement- he was completely clear. in fact- i don’t think i’ve heard him speak so clear and direct!

    but in the all interviews afterwards- i could barely understand what he was saying…

    did anyone else notice- or was i just too upset to comprehend???

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    DJ Black Adam – LOL. You know I’m kinda shy!!!

    Tamra – Backpedaling??? LOL That seems to be the word of the month.

    I check CT but did not come up with anything. :(

    Shea – I am cosigning. I heard him on News & Notes today & he sounded like he had marbles in his mouth! It may also be amplified by the fact that I am not into what he is saying anyway.


  18. byrdparker Says:

    i can’t believe , everybody believes it ,.. jesse who does interviews all the time , let this slip up , get real !
    um yeah right . you can see the other guy smiling , right before jesse starts talking . Yeah and his son , i repudiate my father , whose name got me my job ! It is done to get more supporters / secure votes into/ for obamas camp.

    Darlings , without jesse there would never have been any obamas! don’t be silly , and throw people under the train that helped to give you the freedoms you had today .

    And even if you thought it was real to buy into is a divide and conquer defeatist white ideaology . All this reported by bill stupid ass oreilly , that is so many people claim he is an idiot then why does he have a job .

    nope i don’t buy into the hype . This campaign is going to hit you , with every marketing ploy scam they have .

  19. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    It ain’t that he had a comment. It ain’t WHAT he said. Hell muhfuggas got beef and disagree all the time.

    What I am shocked about is:
    1) it is news
    2) it is causing such an uproar!

    Can we get some perspective people. They trying to pull the wool over our eyes by making Barack too controversial to touch. Don’t feed the hate!

  20. Renea Says:

    Actually I think JJ’s hateration will help Barack. White folks were kind of mollified that brimstone Negroes were suspect of Obama. When it seemed like he might be all wrapped up with Rev. Wright they got skittish. So many white folks can’t stand JJ that if he dislikes Barack it will actually raise his stock. The enemy of my enemy is my friend…

  21. Tamra Says:

    Forgot to ask–did anybody actually see him gesture as he made his statement? I almost missed it myself, but he looks like he physically went through the motion of cutting them–it was kind of off-screen and to his right side.

    Or, am I just seeing things?

  22. Bush Babee Says:


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