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Author: Tafari, Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 6:04 AM

Why I’m not getting the new iPhone 3g:

  • I’m broke

  • I would have to sign another 2 year contract

  • BUY Galantamine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I would be forced to get the new 3g service plan, which is 10 dollars more & 5 bucks if you want a minimum pf 200 text messages.  So with both, that brings the data package to 35 bucks on top of your minute plan

  • The only difference in the new iPhone vs the old is GPS capability & that is not something that I need

  • The software upgrade 2.0 is available for my current iPhone so I get some of the same things just maybe slower in terms of using AT&T’s network

  • I don’t want to spend another 200 bucks on a disposable item

So for the record, AT&T is a bitch!  Today I spent 10 minutes on the phone with a sales person trying to figure out my bill & minute plan. My minute plan is 59.99 per month for 900 minutes & I had early nights & weekends, buy no prescription Galantamine online, Order Galantamine no prescription, which is 8.99 per month (now cancelled).  I also found out that I have like 6000 roll over minutes. The real kicker is that I’m paying over 10 bucks in taxes!!!!!!  I guess I need to start reading my bill, where can i buy cheapest Galantamine online. Order Galantamine from United States pharmacy, I tried to get a cheaper plan but the next step down was 450 minutes for 39.99 per month, which is not enough because my average over the last 4 months was 407.  Basically I could get ate alive in overage fees & I am not willing to risk that.  So I will continue to get raped by AT&T until this damn contract is up, buy Galantamine ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Galantamine samples, ………….

I am however, buy generic Galantamine, Real brand Galantamine online, going to get the Mobile Me service offered by Apple.  It looks cool & worth the 100 bucks for convenience. With all this said, where to buy Galantamine, Buying Galantamine online over the counter, I still have the right to back peddle & get the iPhone 3g. Mindspill
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11 Responses to “BUY Galantamine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Terell Says:

    I feel ya! But that shit is still tempting. Going to have to sit on my hands for this one.


  2. Bygbaby Says:

    I am not giving in, hold out my brotha!!!!!!

    The new one is so sexy though.

    To make myself feel better, I ordered the Mobile Me & a refurb 30 cinema monitor.


  3. sdg1844 Says:

    LMAO! Must…resist…temptation. Anyway, I’m headed to work this morning and peep this RIDICULOUS line stretching around the block.

    All the crazies lined up for the new phone. I laugh everytime this happens.

  4. muslimahlocs Says:

    whatever! i am getting my new one tomorrow if there are any left! not sure what i will do with my beta.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    sgd1844 – I saw the long lines on TV this AM & was like fuck that!

    Muslimahlocs- You go big baller!!! If it were not really for the plan hike, I would get on board but I cannot give out another 15 bucks.

    I did install 2.0 today & it tool forever because of the server slowdowns.


  6. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Ye, they get you at EVERY angle. I just had a similar conversation with TMobile because I was convinced that I would be able to save it a bit more money – but it turns out I have the best plan for my lifestyle. Anything other would mean risking overage charges too.

  7. Tamra Says:

    I can’t stand AT&T. –About taxes, just be glad you don’t live in Chicago–you’d really be livid.

    Aaannnnh. I had the first $600 phone there was (the Siemens SX66)–it just didn’t get the publicity of THE Apple. But, it wasn’t quite as cool because it didn’t have the touch screen. ;-)
    I’ll never spend that much money on a phone again–I didn’t use half of the features on it.

    I can’t stand AT&T. Oh, but I think I said that already…

  8. muslimahlocs Says:

    HATED IT! i actually preferred my beta to the new 3g. although much lighter, i do not like the new cheap plastic material. i did learn something new though…schedule an appt at the genius bar and you can walk right in instead of waiting in line (and yes, there was a long, long, long when we went late this afternoon). hijab toss (muslimah-speak for “shout out”) to my dh for that one.

  9. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T Says:

    yea man, save that loot Recess – is- on

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    I upgraded to 2.0 on my gen 1 phone & it got jacked up. Could not get mail, spent a combined 6 hours getting help.

    Today while visiting the Dummy Bar at my local Apple store I snapped. 2 hours I walked away with a free upgrade from my 4gb iphone to a 8 gb.

    I guess the new release worked to my advantage after all.

    DTW – These damn companies have us all by the throat & pimped out!

    Tamra – Oh I bet, I hear it is much worse in other areas. Why must they get paid off of us???

    You go big baller. That is a lot of phone. LOL

    Muslimahlocs – Oh that sucks. I have been reading several sites & they talke about the plasticy feel. I refuse to touch one because I might cave in.

    Torrance – Loot saving on that is mos def on!!!


  11. WandaWoman Says:

    Byg,if you have over 6000 rollover minutes and you’re averaging 407 minutes, then you could step down to a lower plan. The rollover minutes would kick in and you shouldn’t have any overages, b/c you have the rollover minutes and you get so many of them each month. Each month you don’t use them, some of the rollover minutes expire.hth

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