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Author: Tafari, Sunday, July 20th, 2008 at 6:20 PM Mindspill Last Saturday I celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary with my boo.  Usually we take a trip to celebrate our love out of town but this year it was not an option because my best friend Brion (BFB) got married on our special date (weird coincident).

Ever since BFB told me the wedding date I bitched at him about how he fucked up my vacation plan & that he owes me.  And he always basically said fuck you & you better be there (of course).

BUY Azor ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, So anyway, the big day was last week & I was one of the groomsmen, which was interesting experience a) because I had not worn a tux since high school b) the wedding was large, which made me nervous even in my small role c) if I started to cry with joy everyone would see me.

Just before 515pm last Saturday, the pastor walked into the room with us guys to escort us out.  Before we walked out he asked that we all join hands for a prayer.

At this point, I was like ummmmmmm. & I just sat right were I was seated.  As the guys formed a prayer circle, real brand Azor online, Purchase Azor ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, everyone looked at me & was like come on.  I explained that I was not going to participate & another guy said what, I said I am an Atheist & I would not.  Then the same guy was like, buy cheap Azor, Rx free Azor, you can’t make an exception for your boy, totally putting me on front street.

To take the drama out of the room & the spot light off of me, order Azor from United States pharmacy, Buy generic Azor, I stood up walked over, joined hands to complete the uncomfortable prayer circle.

After it was over, order Azor from United States pharmacy, Rx free Azor, I got my mind right so that I could focus on standing in front of 300+ people during the exchange of vows between my friends.

Fast forward, it is now 1130pm & BFB, kjøpe Azor på nett, köpa Azor online, Comprar en línea Azor, comprar Azor baratos, Suite Suzy & I were talking at the reception about me being pressured into praying.  Suite Suzy said I should have got off my ass and at least pretended.  BFB co-signed & said that I should have as well, then he said he just bowed his head & went along with the program despite his feelings. 

I also shared this story with my friend Zana days later & she sided with BFB & Suite Suzy & said when in Rome, where can i buy cheapest Azor online, Purchase Azor online, do as the Romans or stay the fuck out.  She also looked at me & had that oh no you didn’t look, which was funny.

Basically BFB was not tripping on me & knew were I was coming from & he knows where my heart is.  I mean, canada, mexico, india, Azor from canadian pharmacy, we have been friends for 24 years, why would I do anything just to fuck him up???

Last Sunday on the drive home, order Azor online overnight delivery no prescription, Order Azor no prescription, I thought more about the church incident & was questioned why Christians (not all but many) like running guilt trips on others that do not see things the way they do.  And I also pondered, why fake a prayer in the circle of believers, Azor over the counter, Buy Azor from mexico, wouldn’t my disbelief cancel some of that shit out???

Then I thought, what if I practiced Santeria and had that same guy at a religious gathering on my turf & we were about to sacrifice a chicken & I ran the same game on him that he ran on me.  Would he help in the murder of the said chicken to be there for his boy?  I think not.

This incident & a few others helped to solidify my belief that Christianity is a religion based on guilt, real brand Azor online, Purchase Azor, intolerance & mental domination.  If you want to argue me on this point, I can quote scripture that back my points up, australia, uk, us, usa, Azor trusted pharmacy reviews, so go there if you dare.  I grew up in the church so I am equipped to fight, although I prefer not to.

When I look at other regions, buy cheap Azor, Azor samples, I do not see the as much of the things that turn me off about Christianity.  Ultimately, I respect all who respect my & my beliefs or lack there of.  I do not run around trying to convert people etc so don’t fuck with my by trying to force your practices, online buy Azor without a prescription, Buy Azor no prescription, beliefs & systems on me.

Live & let live & do what’s best for you & I will do me.

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  1. Tamra Says:

    I’m not religious either–for a variety of reasons.

    My parents insist on saying grace, always–I used to as well (hell, my dad is a Baptist minister so as a kid I had no choice).

    Nowadays, so as not to have to get into a big debate about why we’re not religious, we just humor them and while they’re praying with their eyes closed. When it involves us (e.g., at dinner) we just sit there and allow them their moment…


    At least they’ve stopped bothering us about going to church–they actually let up off of that years ago because they came to respect our beliefs thought they didn’t necessarily agree with them.

    I totally get your point though. If it were anybody else, I might become a little less amicable about it–but, because I know them and the extent to which they *could* harass me if they chose to, I just let them say “grace.” Keeps us all happy.

  2. Tamra Says:

    should read: “…we just humor them while they’re praying with their eyes closed.”

  3. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – I feel you but for me, it is a point of sacrificing who you are to a degree to appease others. By agreeing to not agree but participating are we selling our selves out per sé to not rock the boat?

    Oh & you are a PK!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!


  4. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    I feel you on this. People can be very intolerant about other’s views. Especially when other people’s views call their own into question.

    That really wasn’t cool for dude to put you out like that.

    It wasn’t really cool for BFB and SS to think you should have felt compelled to pretend. But I at least see their point. I am assuming that because the two of them said it that it really ain’t that big a thing in your life (from their observations) and you wouldn’t have been affected either way had you participated. I am guessing that BFB wasn’t really down with the prayer either.

  5. Tamra Says:

    Yip–I’m a PK. Hubby’s mom is a PK too. So between the two of us…

    I am SO Jesused out.

    I don’t quite see it (my case) as “selling out.” I don’t mind allowing my parents their moment of time to say a thank you, aka a mini-prayer, before a meal so much. I know they wouldn’t *push* anything on us otherwise–they know the deal. We don’t play that.

    Tho I must say that I have to empathize with “how they were raised,” especially with regard to religion being both an outlet, as well as a means for many black people to find a way to prop themselves up during a time when the rest of the world was calling them “boys,” “niggers” and worse (my dad is a pk too–and I think he followed in his dad’s footsteps with the minister thing as a way of continuing that sense of “honor and tradition,” as well as sticking it to the man, so to speak). On the other hand, I am totally aware of religions’ vile and sordid histories and evolution–so, hell no I don’t buy into any of it and wouldn’t for the sake of appeasing anybody.

    I also empathize with my parents knowing all the effort they put into making my brother and me good human beings (with religion as a foundation), so I know it’s been tough enough for them to digest that I’m not religious, and I don’t seek to antagonize.

    They haven’t tried to push anything off on me, and every once in a blue moon when they engage in Jesusspeak when we talk (the Bible says…“Well, the Bible can kiss my…” –no, I don’t really say that, hehe), they get headed off at the pass because THAT, I will not allow. Saying a thank you before a meal is one thing–THAT is something else.

    Overall, we have a pretty decent mutual respect for the other’s beliefs.

    I absolutely will not allow that courtesy to other people if they make assumptions–I’ve noticed that “we” tend to do that a lot, and will get downright offended if you come out and say you’re not religious… Whatever.

    We’ve certainly lost friends because we’re not religious, but, que sera sera. Their issues, not mine. –Especially when I’m perfectly willing to let them be who/what they are without judging them. If I can’t get the same thing in return, then I drop them.

    Did you see the case of the atheist marine who’s suing the military for religious harassment and discrimination? I also recently saw a piece about how Christianity dominates in the military (in a huge way–to the point of attempted conversion of its personnel and others) . I can’t even imagine that.

  6. Tamra Says:

    I forgot to mention that Carl Sagan’s
    Reflections on a Mote of Dust
    is what helps me keep all of this stuff in perspective.

    Also, thought you might get a kick out of
    Stupid Design

  7. AnnaC Says:

    As I told you before, I have become less interested in making it ok for others that I am not involved in organized religion and can’t really say that I am a believer…

    I completely agree with you that had the tables been turned that guy who called you out and even your BFB would have felt justified in not participating in any religious ceremony that wasn’t Christian… in fact, they may have gone as far as to have felt offended that you would ask.

    I see this as the piece that is just so hypocritical as to not be tolerable… on the other hand, if you make a big deal about not participating or get offended by being expected or forced to participate, are you lowering yourself to their behavior?

    It’s so complicated — on the on hand, I could justify appeasing them or just not rocking the boat; on the other hand, at what point do you get to be true to yourself?!

  8. ingridspeak Says:

    I couldn’t resist a comment. As a Christian I must admit I feel guilty about very little. I think that is more my personality than my faith, but to you I will say this… The next time you are in an uncomfortable situation like that politely tell the folks turning up the heat that God as they believe is a gentleman. He doesn’t force us to his will, but rather we have to come willingly.

    I’m with you, that whole thing was uncool and they should have let you stay seated while they prayed.

  9. Ro~ Says:

    I am Baptist born, Baptist bread and when I die I'll be Baptist dead. My dad (a deacon) and my mom always taught my sister & me that we have the CHOICE. They guilted you about YOUR choice & that wasn't cool at all. The next time that situation happens again tell them exactly what ingreidspeak said, "He doesn't force us to his will, but rather we have to come willingly.

  10. Bygbaby Says:

    Wow, after reading the additional responses, I appreciate all of your POV’s. Bless you. LOL!!!!!!!


  11. Invisible Woman Says:

    BB, that is my motto–live and let live, tho so many filks just don’t get that. Do you babe!

  12. Invisible Woman Says:

    I meant folks, haha

  13. Bygbaby Says:

    IW – I got you. ;)

    Tamra – BTW, I did hear about that Athiest military case. It will be interesting to see how that goes.


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