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Author: Tafari, Saturday, August 23rd, 2008 at 6:43 AM

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  1. The Second Sixty-Eight Says:

    Some good grass. But you can’t smoke it!

  2. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – LOL. I will show all them niggas!!! No not really.

    TSSE – It can be smoked, but…


  3. Bygbaby Says:

    DTW – This is no ordinary grass, this is the one & only papyrus.

    Here is a link to a less abstract photo:


  4. sdg1844 Says:

    Ancient papyrus eh? I really dig this shot because I don’t recall ever seeing papyrus in its natural state.

    Nice new series you got going here.

  5. Los Angelista Says:

    I can still only think of, “It’s soooo cold in the D…”

    I’m scarred for life from that video!

  6. Bygbaby Says:

    sdg1844 – I love papyrus because it always adds a little drama & height in my patio garden. I wish it grew naturally here but oh well.

    Liz – You is so wrong!!! LOL


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