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Author: Tafari, Thursday, August 28th, 2008 at 11:33 AM

I remember when I first moved to Detroit from Birmingham in the late 70's how I used to always want to go to the kiddie disco but my mom would always say no.

BUY Lamotrigine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, After seeing the video below, if my kids ever stepped to me asking to go to the kiddie disco, I may jump off.

As usual, when I see fucked up shit that kids are doing, I would ask where are the parents but it is clear to see that the parents are somewhere fucking. It is such a shame that these kids have obviously seen there momma fucking on the couch.

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21 Responses to “BUY Lamotrigine ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Tamra Says:


    I bet they don’t get anywhere near that kind of encouragement/egging on about their homework…


  2. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Yup – this is HORRIBLE!

  3. shan Says:

    Tafari – you KNOW I already saw this. I as too embarrassed to spread it around! yikes.

  4. shay Says:

    I saw this on another site. Some people commented that the kids/adults in the video may be Dominican; and how culturally this is accepted at parties when little kids imitate adult dancing.

    Well, I’ve seen little black American girls dance suggestively as well, so I have come to the conclusion that this is an issue in the global black community.

    This makes us look like we’re sex-crazed at an early age. Like we just can’t control our negroe sexual urges; and of course people bring up the high HIV infection rates and all the other statistics with high rates that have something to do with what black women do with their vaginas/uterus (i.e. abortion, out-of-wedlock births, etc.)

    This is sad…I mean do these people think about pedophiles….this won’t be cute when uncle chester the molester shows up at the party. Kids are so easily victimized and this type of crap is not helping the situation.

    I’m amazed Bill O’Reilly from Fox News hasn’t gotten a hold of the video so he can broadcast it for the world to see. More negroe youth gone wild.

  5. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – LOL!!! OK

    DTW – Indeed

    Shan – I had too do it, someone needs to let people know that this shit is not right!

    Shay – You know when I 1st saw it, I said, maybe they are Caribbean but then I looked again & I was like no, that is not one of the overtly sexual dance move, that is straight up doggy style fuck dancing.

    The sad part is how the kids were like get him girl & how he seemed to not know what he was doing but quickly got in the game.

    I guess no matter what, we are a people that have dancing in our genes, which makes backing that thang up natural, good bad or indifferent. But with kids…. this is not cool!


  6. DJ Black Adam Says:

    This just exemplifies the problem, our cultural and societal standards for our children need to be raised.

  7. C Says:

    15 seconds is about all of that I can watch before I straight up want to cry.

  8. Renea Says:

    Well, the boy looks clueless. I don’t think they’re simulating sex they’ve seen. But obviously none of the adults around them have a clue about what is appropriate for children. The girl dances like she’s spent a lot of time watching videos or dancing with older people. Her parents, the chaperones at the party (hello!) should be teaching her that those kinds of dances are 1)inappropriate for her and 2) certainly shouldn’t be done with or making contact with anyone else.
    That said, I think the other tragedy is that the little girl is actually a good dancer…instead of preparing her for the pole or the champagne room, someone should be channeling that energy into dance classes or some activity that might get her positive attention. I think we miss the forest for the trees sometimes. Some people don’t pay attention to what they give their children attention for…I hope these nitwits have their report cards and artwork on the fridge. But I doubt it. So the kids p-pop… cause when they do they get attention… Sigh. We shall overcome…one day.

  9. Shai Says:

    Byg, those kids imitating other kids who either saw adult in person dancing like that or on TV. Come on now, it ain’t about sex. SMH.

  10. Carla Says:

    This video really is sad, too sad for words…almost…but I have a choice few!

    What I see when watching this debauchery and destruction of our youth is that I feel the worst for the little boy. A little boy who, as someone else mentioned, seemed to not really know what was going on at first. I wonder what sort of man he’ll grow into, and how he’ll end up treating black women at some point, when this is his introduction to male/female relations. Confused into thinking that this is how you treat a black woman. After all, his getting behind her as she gyrates all over him is encouraged with positive reinforcement!!!

    I’m starting to think that many of us are just plum crazy! The people who allowed this to go on need mental help, or to be locked up.

    If men are supposed to be the leaders of our community, it’s no wonder the current state of affairs between black men and women if this has been their early exposure. I mean, damn! What’s a boy to do??

    Is this his first rite of passage into manhood?

    Do we really need to wonder why many (not all) black men disrespect black women, when as a baby, sexuality was thrown in their faces???

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel for that little girl too, cuz she’s been given the wrong message too. That she is only as acceptable as she is sexy. Wow!

    What a f*cked up bunch of black folks I see there! And that saddens me. Who do we blame for that? Is it the white man? The government? When do we accept responsibility for our failures as a group? I’m sure most, if not all, who read this blog would not support those sorts of actions. But maybe those of us who know better need to speak out against this more. If not for the sake of the idiot (and criminal) adults who should know better, then at least for the babies.

  11. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T Says:

    i saw that 2 mnths ago and it is still foul

  12. Los Angelista Says:

    I can’t even watch. It’s a travesty.

  13. Bam Says:

    Well she’ll be knocked up at 12.

    Damn shame.. Its no wonder black youth are sex obsessed and I don’t want children.

  14. Dearbornite Says:

    Uh? You moved from Birmingham to Detroit? Isn’t it usually the other way around?

  15. Bygbaby Says:

    My bad all, I let it slip & did not respond to comments here, sorry.

    Dearbornite – Backwards, yes but it is what it is.


  16. Where do y'all live? Says:

    What’s the surprise here?

    I mean, at least her titties are not 44 years old, right?

    Yeah, the video is sick, but really, is it all that rare? I don’t think so.

  17. Bygbaby Says:

    Where do y’all live? – If you do not see the surprise, then you have issues. Rare? I cannot answer that because I have never seen this type of behavior where I have come from, have you?


  18. Kandgoods Says:

    Ok certain people are making it seem as though this behaviour is ok…it’s really not. It starts off this way…what’s the likely hood that she won’t grown up and be acting the same; after all there was an ADULT there encouraging them as though it’s normal to do those things.

  19. Ghetto Girl Says:


    In the ‘hood (most American ghettos) this IS considered normal behaviour.

  20. Bygbaby Says:

    Kangoods – I love your screen name!!! You are on point!!!

    Ghetto Girl – Although I am not in the hood anymore, I cannot vouch for your claim but I hope this is segmented if not isolated.


  21. Ensayn1 Says:

    They’re Dominican, and the dances are Jamaican dances FOR ADULTS!!!! Not children. the parents are foul no matter what culture they come from, to allow this kinda ish to go on!

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