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Author: Tafari, Monday, September 8th, 2008 at 6:26 AM Mindspill

When I post floral photos on my Flickr page, I usually get a ton of comments about my composition, colors & subject, but lately, I have been getting comments like, “this looks erotic”, or “this very sensual” or “So close, it becomes erotic”.

Last week, when I went to my local farmer’s market I picked up this Celosia so that I could a) enjoy it & b) photograph it. It was not until I was done photographing & processing my images that I got the whole sensual or erotic floral eroticism out of my work.

I found this image & the companion images to kina erotic & kinda sexy even? I think it is the color contrast but I could be wrong or have a weird sex fetish ready to pop ou, otr maybe I just have issues in general???

4 Responses to “Erotic???”

  1. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Yup – so I don’t see eroticism anywhere in the flower. But hey, maybe I’m not looking at the right angle.

  2. byrdparker Says:


    Most people say this because they have been trained through learned inventory . Are you familliar with georgia okeefe / alfred stieglitz? Thier work was relationship / her flowers , and skull painting , Precisionism.( hopper /demuth)

    Very erotic due to the choice of images in relationship to anatomy , / and the dissection of such ..

    Okeefe’s flowers were thought to be symbols or simply parts of the female anatomy .

    Your pictures are great , but Celosia is not sexy. lillies , the inisdes of flowers , where the stamen are are considered sexy .

  3. brotherkomrade Says:

    To me, it’s about the photographer’s skill, texture, lighting, and te amount of moisture that will make a composition of flora and fauna look erotic. But without those elements, I have to agree that not every pic of flowers are erotic.

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    DTW – LOL

    Byrdparker – Georgia O’Keefe mastered the art of the floral vagina! Very erotic!!!

    Brotherkomrade – True!

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