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Author: Tafari, Tuesday, September 2nd, 2008 at 7:01 PM

BUY Aciphex ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, On my way to Chicago this past Friday, I got a call from Cousin Dee who informed me that John McCain aKa The Mummy had chosen his VP & it was a woman. Where can i find Aciphex online, After that bit of news, I was like shit, purchase Aciphex ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy Aciphex without a prescription, let me call you back so that I could tune into CNN on XM.

After I hung up, I tuned into the CNN coverage & it was hot news indeed, buy generic Aciphex. Buy Aciphex no prescription, Like many others, I was shocked that he picked this woman Sarah Palin out of virtually nowhere then we found out that they had only met once, real brand Aciphex online, Buy generic Aciphex, WTF.

I guess it can be summarized to the fact that The Mummy pulled out the white mans best & oldest weapon; the white woman ot she-devil if you are a fan of the “Undercover Brother” movie. It’s a clear case that The Mummy will stop at nothing to win votes.

This choice seems to be a cheap attempt to sway Hillary supporters & appeal to conservative/super conservative idiots who like to force their views on others, online buying Aciphex hcl. Ordering Aciphex online, I wonder if it will work???

Here we are 4 days since the announcement of Palin as the Republican VP choice & the she is caught up in all kinds of scandal.

a) Her 17 year old daughter is pregnant & planning on marrying an 18 year boy (like that is going to last!!!). This means that her call for abstinence fell on deaf ears in her home, BUY Aciphex ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. And her daughter has an obvious love for hot dick & nuts, where can i find Aciphex online. Aciphex samples, I mean, let’s keep it real, Aciphex gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Australia, uk, us, usa, if Palin were a Negro, she would be condemned as having a unwed daughter who is pregnant instead of being praised by right to life fanatics.

b) She is caught up in the firing of her former brother-in-law, buy Aciphex no prescription. Where can i order Aciphex without prescription, This means that she is nosey as hell & needs to stay out of her sister’s business. And how is she going to handle an active investigation in an abuse of power case when trying to win the white house?

c) Her husband is a drunkard who caught a DUI case, where to buy Aciphex. Fast shipping Aciphex, This means that she was not smart enough to bury this shit deeper. I can only imagine how much he is drinking now with a young pregnant daughter & a special needs child whose sucking on a 44 year old titty.

d) She has a 5 month old baby with Down Syndrome, Aciphex price, coupon. Order Aciphex online overnight delivery no prescription, This mean that this child more than anyone needs their mother around, how is she going to handle that business when she is off creating wars & fucking up the country with The Mummy?

With all these points made, Aciphex trusted pharmacy reviews, Canada, mexico, india, it is clear that this bitch is fucked up & by no means a Hillary Clinton replacement.

Lastly, how can anyone running a US state have so much of their business on Front Street & get selected to rule the world with a dictator in the making??, where to buy Aciphex. Rx free Aciphex. Order Aciphex from United States pharmacy. Real brand Aciphex online. Kjøpe Aciphex på nett, köpa Aciphex online. Aciphex for sale. Purchase Aciphex ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Order Aciphex online c.o.d. Aciphex from canadian pharmacy. Buy Aciphex from mexico. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy cheap Aciphex. Buy cheap Aciphex no rx. Where can i buy cheapest Aciphex online. Buy Aciphex online cod. Comprar en línea Aciphex, comprar Aciphex baratos. Buy Aciphex without a prescription. Online buy Aciphex without a prescription. Order Aciphex no prescription. Buying Aciphex online over the counter. Purchase Aciphex. Buy Aciphex without prescription. Order Aciphex from mexican pharmacy. Purchase Aciphex online.

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  1. AnnaC Says:

    Ahhh… so glad you are back… but we also need some feedback on Barack’s speech on Thursday — before the Palin shit hit the fan

  2. DJ Black Adam Says:

    As usual, you “Broke it Down to the bone grisel” as Method Man says. Epsecially here:

    “I mean, let’s keep it real, if Palin’s were a Negro, she would be condemned as having a unwed daughter who is pregnant instead of being praised by right to life fanatics”


  3. Bygbaby Says:

    AnnaC – Ooooh, I was going to do a post on the Barack's speech last week but I got caught up in the moment & lost my mind with how he broke it down & hit on many points that he should have long ago.

    Now that all of the major players are in place, I am dying to see what's next. I also wonder how Joe Biden will go head up with The Secret Weapon. Can a man effectively attack a woman on the stage of public opinion?

    I will say this about the end of the speech. I was so nervous after he walked off stage & then came back on with his family & friends. When the balloons confetti & fireworks started going off, I started crying like Anne Price-Mills and shouted, you know that was a presidential speech, you know it, you just seen't it yourselves. LOL!!!

    No on a real note, when the music started going, I did get nervous because it was like a movie &the gun man is ready to pull the trigger as the music comes to a crescendo. It was like "In the Line of Fire" & "The Manchurian Candidate" all rolled up into one but no bullet fortunately!!!

    DJ Black Adam – Shit bone grisel, now that is deep!!! LOL

    The Jesus freaks & conservatives are loving her ass. You know if it was Condi…


  4. DJ Black Adam Says:


    I think Biden best stick to the issues and avoid any perosnal attacks or anything the femenist will hold on to.

  5. muslimahlocs Says:

    “the mummy”….reminds me not to read your blog when my child is sleeping because i just might LOL.

  6. Tamra Says:

    And…of course it’s rumored that this is the second time the daughter is preggers, and that the infant is actually hers, not her mom’s. I found an interesting link that really makes you have to wonder–will come back and post it later.

    And of course, the McCain camp is already lobbing accusations at the Obama campaign for “smear tactics.” Um, it’s called, vet your fucking running mate properly… What losers to blame it on Obama–as IF this weren’t a political contest to begin with.

  7. AnnaC Says:

    Biden’s been in the attack dog business for a long time — I am sure he will figure it out..

  8. Bygbaby Says:

    Dj Black Adam – Yes, I agree cuz you know he has a big mouth, or at least they say.

    Muslimahlocs – LOL!!!!! I know how that is, this is why I can no longer read blogs on my laptop in bed.

    Tamra – OMFG!!!! I was driving home today & I heard that the baby was possible Bristol's & almost chocked on the pineapple now-and-later that I was chewing on. What i that shit is true though, talk about better than reality tv.

    AnnaC – I hope so, cuz the Reps must go down!!!

    On another note, I was on CNN this evening & saw a story about gay Republicans supporting & for Polin & that cracked me up. If republican are against one group, it is gays. I'm just saying.


  9. Invisible Woman Says:


    I wish to God you were one of the talking heads on Fox and CNN…you would turn those b*tches out!

  10. daez Says:

    So glad you are back Byg! I have been so freaking hyped over this whole thing the past year I can’t believe it…trust if my old tired broken down arse wasn’t so crippled up I would love to beeotch slap the Mummy (love it) and his running mate multiple times then kick him in his shiveled up throat!!!!!!..ARGhhhhh!!!! They’ve got the Dems apologizing for the slutty white girl getting pregnant, and basically everything else she does…today there are pictures of her on Media Take Out drunk and tonguing another female…lawdy, her mammy and her might be bout dun for…(((HUGS)))
    ….just me…daez

  11. AnnaC Says:

    I am sad to say that I am loving watching McCain’s pick unravel…

    and the fact that he can’t take the heat

    watch the interview with McCain’s guy who cannot figure out how to defend the Palin pick… it’s hilarious

  12. Bygbaby Says:

    Invisible Woman – I would love to go on CNN & kick it with Roland MArtin. He seems to be one of few people that have their shit together on air.

    Fox News, Me, fuck that. LOL!!!

    Daez – I would love to see The Mummy bitch slapped because I was to know if all that jowl on his face would shake. LOL!!!

    AnnaC – Tucker is a fool who cannot walk the walk & makes up shit as he goes along,=. I was happy to hear Campbell get up into that ass!!!

    The fact that he could not name a decision that Palin made ever shows that the vetting was rushed & ill thought out!!!

    As a matter of fact CNN is showing a segment of the interview now. Too funny. Name a decision bitch, name a decision niggaaaaaaaa!!!

    "Tucker, I am just going to give it to you baby"??? Is that Campbell Browns way of offering up a piece of ass???

    Why come The Mummy backed out of the Larry king interview.

    Don't talk shit, if you can't take it!!!


  13. Vegan Ladee Says:

    I just love this phrase of yours, "hot dick & nuts" HILLARIOUS!!! I love, love, love reading your blogs. You keep it painfully real.

  14. Bygbaby Says:

    Vegan Ladee – Thx boo!!!!! I love saying hot dick & nuts. Blame in on Alexys Tylor.


  15. Los Angelista Says:

    El Mummy picking her is like if Obama really had, called me up and asked me to run with him. Except my hair looks better and I didn’t name my child “Track”.

    And the whole republican convention sucks! It’s so boring! My mom said she turned it on and thought they were showing highlights from some back in the day convention. We agreed that it looks like a Klan rally. Couldn’t they have at least hired some diversity to sit up in there?

  16. Ro~ Says:

    Alright here is my $.02…..whatabout when introducing his pick for running mate he was clearly reading her bio/vite (whatever ya call it), whatabout I betcha the Mummy wished he had've picked Tim WhatsHisFace, whatabout The Mummy & "FirstDude"(as named by the Alaskans) are probably throwin' 'em back together, whatabout I believe he screwed himself out of a position to run these United States, whatabout Barack & Biden are laughin' dey azzez off at McCain & Palin & guess what so am I!!!

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Didn’t some TV talk show host make a joke about Michelle Obama, referring to her as Obama’s Baby Mama?

    Well…. now we got a real life bonafide baby mama on our hands, lets see if the same host will call that spade a spade!

    But all joking aside, I really don’t think it would fair or in good taste to pull the 17 year old girl into this because, she is young, still a kid, and probably scared as anything about becoming a mom.

    We need to leave her out of it.

    But yeah, it’s an example of “abstinence” education I guess.

    Although I got through high school and college without doing it. And so have alot of people I know. It’s easy if you have morals and will power.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    And PS. What’s with calling Palin a “bitch” and the 44 year old titty comment?

    Many women are having kids in their 40s.

    You came off as disrespectful and misogynist.

  19. Bygbaby Says:

    Liz – Shit Obama could have picked me. I have a passport, I have been around the world & people like me. Can we say all of this about Pailn???

    Ro – Democrats are so laughing at this pick. I am so looking forward to the 1st VP debate!

    Anonymous – "Didn't some TV talk show host make a joke about Michelle Obama, referring to her as Obama's Baby Mama?" Fox news is barley talking about this because they know better than to pick on their candidate.

    Bristol may be scared to be a mom but she was obviously not scared of catching a STD or maybe she did & it got swept under the carpet.

    This must be your first time here because I use the term bitch as a verb for anything applicable, i.g. places, niggas, bitchs etc.

    And her titties are 44 years old & that is an old titty!!!

    Personally, I think kids should be off the table at 40. It's just too old & risky, science supports that.


  20. Cluizel Says:

    "And her titties are 44 years old & that is an old titty!!!"

    lmao…I love you blog. :-)

  21. Got it! Says:

    "And her titties are 44 years old & that is an old titty!!!"

    That attitude partly explains to me the kiddie back that thang up video.



  22. Bygbaby Says:

    Cluizel – LOL, OK!!!

    Got It! – "I. AM. SO. GETTING. BLACK. PEOPLE. NOW." You must not know any. Sounds like you need to take a trip & get some life experience.


  23. Got it! Says:

    Actually, my fiance is one!

    For now anyway.

    You know, I know alot of black and white people are still against the whole “inter-racial” relationship thing. And I figured out why.

    It’s one thing if you were raised in similar ways and come from the same type of cultural background. But when the cultures are too different, whether you are black, white, yellow, pink, whatever, well then it’s an issue.

    It’s not the color, it’s the culture.

    For instance, where I grew up we had a wide range of colors repped. However, we were all coming from the same “cultural” background.

    But when you start to cross cultural lines, if those lines are thick, meaning if both of the pair cling really tightly to their own cultures, whatever those cultures might be, that’s where the issues start.

    Same goes for inter-religious unions. How many of those work when both parties are really into their religions?

    A dedicated, practicing Muslim with a dedicated, practicing Buddhist?

    Not likely.

  24. Barbara Says:

    I find some of your remarks sexist, e.g. how’s she going to take care of her baby if she’s VP? You would not ask that question at all if she were a man. You would simply assume that the man’s wife will take care of the baby. So how come Todd can’t be a stay at home daddy and mind the kid? All he does anyway is race snowmobiles and there won’t be much of that if they end up in DC — god forbid.

    Anyway, the woman is a tool — or as Obama put it, she’s the lipstick on the pig. A dangerously stupid and vapid demagogue and Mummy McSame is irresponsible and greedy for choosing her.

    Sorry, I don’t know how to write funny.

  25. Bygbaby Says:

    Got it – "my fiance is one!" Hmmmm. I do not feel like getting into a jungle fever discussions because I am trying to avoid headaches this week. Perhaps another time.

    Barbara – In terms of taking care of that baby and others, Todd looks like a NASCAR Car dad so him watching the kids is a no go & the kids will be fucked but a difference kind of fucked than Bristol.

    I have even heard feminist asking the same questions.

    Really I do not care what happens with her kids/family life,my family is more important & with that in mind, I do not want her or the mummy running the country into the ground furthering a legacy of despair for my kids.


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