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Author: Tafari, Saturday, October 11th, 2008 at 4:39 AM

BUY Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It's been a minute but I am back in the house with shit that I must know. Where to buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc),  Talk to me people!

  • Why come John McCain’s townhall meetings/rallies seem like KKK planning meetings short of a burning cross. They have been off the hook & I was floored yesterday when I saw that Black man about to explode with disgust for Obama (don’t you just love a passionate token).
  • Why come no one knows what that big jowly ass growth on John McCain’s face is, Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) price, coupon. Where can i buy cheapest Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online, That shit looks so nasty, coupled with those yellow barracuda teeth he is a hot busted mess by the head.
  • Why come I am so geeked that I currently have an A in my accounting class, Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) trusted pharmacy reviews. Rx free Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc), If I keep my shit together, things will be looking good at the end of the semester.
  • Why come, buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online cod, Buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) from canada, I am made as hell because I “lost” two of my most recent “Photoshop User” magazines?
  • Why come I just got my renewed passport in the mail today & so turned off by my photo. It is almost as bad as my last one.
  • Why come Luther Vandross’s song “Don't Want To Be A Fool” is like one of the best songs ever, BUY Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I am actually listening to it as I type this why come, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy cheap Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc), I will never forget when he performed it at the 1992 Grammys. He was skinny then & sharp as hell with some shiny blazer on, Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) from canadian pharmacy, Purchase Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc), the s-curl was tight & extra wet looking, then he had sexy Lisa Fischer on background vocals with some other chick, buy generic Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc). Buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) without a prescription, I recalled shouting to the TV, “hurt Lutha, online buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) without a prescription. BUY Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, hurt em’!” BTW, Whatever happened to Lisa Fischer???
  • Why come Negroes love them some pimps but hates hoes. Where can i find Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online, You cannot have one without the other right?
  • Why come I plan on going to see “Saw V” and any other cheesy scary B movie that drops this month?
  • Why come I have not been to the gym since June & I feel like my man tits are bigger than ever?
  • Why come I hate R Kelly like I hate vomit coming out of my nose but refuse to delete any of his music that came out before “Step In The Name of Love”. I just don’t think I can have a world where “Half On A Baby” was not in my music library, buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) without prescription. Order Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) no prescription, Anything (well most) released after he got brought up on charges makes me think pedophile.
  • Why come this fool emailed me asking if they can use a photo of one of my children for a book for free. I was like no; you can get a license for use for 175.00 & she said hell no, where can i order Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) without prescription. I was like why come you think you can get paid using my shit & that would be ok with me?
  • Why come I went for an eye exam today, had minor vision changes & had to drop 287 goddam dollars for new lenses, BUY Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Canada, mexico, india, I told Suite Suzy how much they cost & she almost slapped the taste out of my mouth. She said I should have shopped around, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Buy no prescription Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online, Now I am looking like boo boo the broke fool.
  • Why come Forrest Whitaker has a damn Oscar but some bitch ass white Hollywood elite thinks he is too ugly & unbankable to star as part of an ensemble cast in “Winged Creatures”. Yeah, purchase Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online, Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) over the counter, we all know that Forrest is ugly as hell and brings memories of the “Gooch” but he is bad as hell at what he does. I don’t’ care how he looks I will see him in anything because he’s a master at his craft.
  • Why come, where can i buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) online, Where to buy Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc), I have not done one of these posts in weeks but really wanted to?
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11 Responses to “BUY Amlodipine (Generic Norvasc) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. brightstarr Says:

    ROTFL!!!, I love this post! I’m SO with you on the R. Kelly comment. And yes, I hate myself for it.

    Oh, and I don’t like pimps nor hoes unless I get my cut…I’m just sayin’.

  2. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    Why come you asking so many damn questions, bro? LOL

    Oh, and as for this one….Why come Negroes love them some pimps but hates hoes? You cannot have one without the other right? It is a little known fact that Three 6 Mafia is coming out with a new song titled “It’s hard out there for a hoe”.

    I’m just saying.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Brightstarr – So sad for us n a RK note!! OK, when was the last time you got a pimp/hoe cut. LOL We wanna know!!!

    OMO – Just to see if people can read! LOL

    Please tell me that you are lying about "It's hard out there for a hoe"!!! And if it is real, I hope it is not the theme song to "Hustle & Flow 2".


  4. Carla Says:

    LOL! Thanx. I needed that laugh on this boring Sunday! :D

  5. Tamra Says:

    Methinks I’ll limit myself to commenting on two bullet points–I’ll leave the man tits alone…lol!

    *Congrats on the accounting class–keep it up! Isn’t the home stretch in sight?

    *I read that whackness about Forest Whitaker. All I could do was just shake my head. You’re right–dude is a serious master of his craft–“Last King of Scotland” is one of my favorite movies EVER. Dude was outstanding!

    make that three bullet points…

    *I don’t know where Lisa F. is, but I sure love her song, “So Intense.” Think I’ll go cue it up now. Thanks for the flashback! Sho’ miss Luther…

  6. Darius T. Williams Says:

    You do know you’re hilarious, right? Um, why haven’t u been to the gym? I’ve got my bag right here and I’m going when I leave class tonight…come on – I’ll be your virtual gym buddy. Get it into motion!

  7. CarmenNC Says:

    Why come I haven’t bookmarked your site before now?

  8. Cluizel Says:

    that’s alot of damn questions! lol.

    I love that Luther song!

    and thanks for teh heads up…i LOVE the new FE album!

  9. Cluizel Says:

    I need a virtual gym buddy too! lol

    oh…and congrats on the A in accounting!

  10. daez Says:

    LOL…love the why comes T…(((HUGS)))..
    ….just me…daez

  11. Tafari Says:

    Tamra – "Last King of Scotland" is a true masterpiece. That story is just too fucked up. Forest will survive!

    Lisa Fischer's "How Can I ease The Pain" & "Save Me" were the shit back then. I remember having the cassette single. Remember those???

    DTW – I need to get off this ass! I think I will start back up on Sunday or Monday. At least that is what I am telling myself now. LOL!!!

    CarmenNC – Whaaaaaat, you sleeping boo! LOL

    Cluizel – Shit, I know, that is what I said when I finished!

    You, DTW, & I may have to work something out, for real.

    Oh yeah, I need to be calling you to get some damn help with this homework. LOL!!!

    Daez – Thx boo!


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