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Author: Tafari, Sunday, October 5th, 2008 at 12:34 AM

BUY Rythmol ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, It has officially been a month since I had 2 pieces of my art on Display at the Dally In The Alley. You probably remember how excited I was to be part of this, buy Rythmol no prescription, Buy Rythmol from mexico, my first show.

The show has come & gone & my excitement has turned into being pissed the fuck off.

Pissed off, yes!!, buy Rythmol from canada. Comprar en línea Rythmol, comprar Rythmol baratos, I am so pissed!!!

First of all, after the show, buy cheap Rythmol, Order Rythmol from United States pharmacy, I collected the two pieces that made it to the via the jury process & while inspecting them, I noticed that the glass on one was damaged, buying Rythmol online over the counter, Kjøpe Rythmol på nett, köpa Rythmol online, so I notified the head fool in charge. Before I left, Rythmol price, coupon, Purchase Rythmol, I talked to Khristy Wilkinson & asked when I could get my other pieces from her & she was like, I will FedEx them to you on that following Monday & that was cool.

Well, where to buy Rythmol, Rythmol for sale, lets just say that she never followed through on the FedExing. So I tried calling & emailing her to get my work & she just did not follow up, buy Rythmol ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Where can i order Rythmol without prescription, After the 2 try, I contacted my associate who invited me to participate in the show to assist with getting my work.

It seemed like it was a going to work & that I would get my shit because Khristy responded to him with some bullshit but she was working to get the issue resolved.

Well, buy Rythmol without prescription, Buy no prescription Rythmol online, lets just say that it is weeks later & I still don’t have my shit!

Last Wednesday, I emailed this bitch & told her that she had a week t run me my shit or pay me $450.00 + $20.00 for the piece that was damaged under her watch, buy cheap Rythmol no rx. Purchase Rythmol ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, After she saw that, she was like ok, where to buy Rythmol, Online buy Rythmol without a prescription, I will have it to you Friday or Saturday.

Well, lets just say, rx free Rythmol, Australia, uk, us, usa, it is Saturday & I still do not have my shit & the bitch has not responded to my voicemail.

So since I was lied to & dissed again, I contacted the chairman of the Dally hoping for some satisfaction, Rythmol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Order Rythmol online overnight delivery no prescription, In my message to him, I indicated who upset I was & if I got no response by Wednesday then I was filling a small claim against her & the Dally In The Alley.

I hope that it does not result to this but I am so ready to make it happen!

This is the 2nd time that I got janked over for my art within the last month & I am not putting up with any more bullshit, real brand Rythmol online, Fast shipping Rythmol, from friends, or these so called art professionals, where can i buy cheapest Rythmol online. Order Rythmol online c.o.d. Online buying Rythmol hcl. Buy generic Rythmol. Rythmol over the counter. Where can i find Rythmol online. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Rythmol no prescription. Kjøpe Rythmol på nett, köpa Rythmol online. Rythmol from canadian pharmacy. Rythmol gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Buy cheap Rythmol. Buy Rythmol without a prescription. Where can i order Rythmol without prescription. Australia, uk, us, usa. Rx free Rythmol. Order Rythmol no prescription. Buy generic Rythmol. Where can i find Rythmol online.

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  1. Tamra Says:

    Go for it–take them to small claims court. Maker her pay for the damaged piece AND the stuff she hasn’t returned.

    Find some place to “air your grievances” and write a review for other artists so they know what to expect. For example, there’s The Art Fair Source Book ( where members who buy the book/services can submit reviews about shows and fairs for the sake of helping other artists (I guess if enough of them have the same issues). I’m almost willing to bet that something has happened with the other two pieces–damaged, stolen or something–that’s the only thing that makes any sense.

    I don’t know what the situation was, but friends should definitely be treated the same way others would who are buying your art–no extensions, no layaways, freebies (unless you *want* to), etc. That stuff tends to get messy, and I can’t stand that. The “art professionals” to–they either want to do the dealing and all that goes along with it, or they don’t.

    Get ’em! You’ve been nice/tactful enough.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Damn–I’m losing it with the typos (I know, I know–still bugs me).

  3. Tamra Says:

    GAWD–sorry, that’s me–not a real “anonymous person.”

  4. Carla Says:

    Do what you gotta do man! That’s yo money! And in these harsh economic times, the gova’ment shole ain’t got yo back!

  5. Invisible Woman Says:

    Handle yo bidness BB!!

    Get your sh*t and your respect!

  6. Tafari Says:

    Tamra – Have you been dipping into the Sangria??? LOL.

    At this point, I do think she fucked up my shit & it seems to be the only logical conclusion. What else could it be?

    Ladies, it is just so on & popping later this week & I am kinda hoping that I have a day in court so that i can put that ass on blast!

    Stay tuned!


  7. Tamra Says:

    Totally up in it… LOL.

  8. byrdparker Says:

    forget small claims court , chalk it up as experience.Your so talented , you can create more . believe me i speak from experience ,all that court drama= negativity .

    Can’t u just go and pick it up ? it is in det right …???

    i would concentrate on getting your porfolio together and submit to real galleries, and if you are serious about this you will need a agent …. You are sooo talented , don’t let the crazies get you off your grind!!!!!

  9. Tafari Says:

    Byrdparker – Tried that & I do know where she lives but she is not answering my calls & I am not popping up on anybody's doorstep. Especially after OJ's conviction last week.

    Overall you are right but I am caught up on GP now & that is hard for me to shake.


  10. Lola Gets Says:

    Wow, man, sorry about all your problems Tafari, but, um…can a sista get some free art??

    Im just saying…:).


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