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Author: Tafari, Friday, October 10th, 2008 at 12:47 AM Mindspill BUY Zestoretic ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Wednesday night @ 10:54, I got an email from my little cousin Precious J letting me know that The Foreign Exchange just released their new album “Leave It All Behind”.

Before I could finish reading his message, I ran down to my office & downloaded it with the quickness. After hearing the first cut, fast shipping Zestoretic, Order Zestoretic no prescription, I emailed most of my friends (Foreign Exchange fans) to let them know about the release because I just knew that “Leave It All Behind” was going to be a must have. The 1st album “Connected” was the best example of a hip-hop album since… shit, order Zestoretic online c.o.d, Zestoretic price, coupon, I don’t know. But anyone who was/is a true hip-hop fan has this album, buy Zestoretic ONLINE WITHOUT prescription. Canada, mexico, india, With that said, I was looking forward to rocking “Leave It All Behind”.

So last night, purchase Zestoretic, Where can i find Zestoretic online, I listened to the album twice & loved it. The vocals were great, the beats were on point & the flow was perfect.

This morning, I got in the car plugged my iPod in & played the album while I drove to work, BUY Zestoretic ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. During this third listening, order Zestoretic from mexican pharmacy, Buy Zestoretic from canada, I was more aware of what I was listening to. After the first 5 cuts, buy Zestoretic no prescription, Where to buy Zestoretic, I was like wait a damn minute, this is all R&B, where can i buy cheapest Zestoretic online, Order Zestoretic from United States pharmacy, where the fuck is Phontae & why is he not rapping but I hear his voice. The I fast-forwarded through a few more songs & I definitely realized that there was no rap on the album at all. MindspillAfter reality set in, rx free Zestoretic, Zestoretic for sale, I grew disappointed, like really disappointed with the album, buy Zestoretic online cod. Buy no prescription Zestoretic online, I purchased “Leave It All Behind” based on the credit of “Connected”, which came out 4 years ago & is still on heavy rotation in my music library.

Although "Leave It All Behind" is rapless, online buying Zestoretic hcl, Where to buy Zestoretic, it's full of hot melodies produced by Nicolay. BUY Zestoretic ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, The rest is average R&B at best. This is not to slight the abilities of Yazarah aKa Purple St, kjøpe Zestoretic på nett, köpa Zestoretic online. Real brand Zestoretic online, James & Darien Brockington because they are on their A game in this release as they were on “Connected”. What brings the R&B portion down on "Leave It All Behind" is Phonte & his singing, Zestoretic over the counter. Zestoretic samples, Actually, he is not that bad, australia, uk, us, usa, Buying Zestoretic online over the counter, I'm was just shocked & was surprised when I figured out that he was the other voice on male vocals.

Perhaps the title "Leave It All Behind" suggests that we as fans need to leave behind what we thought we liked & try something new.

I cannot totally say, do not get this album but if you are looking for the dopeness of “Connected”, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Buy Zestoretic from mexico, you will not find it here.

The bottom line is that my expectations were set way to damn high!

If you are not up on The Foreign Exchange, I mos Def recommend that you pick up "Connected"!!, purchase Zestoretic online. Buy generic Zestoretic, Anyway here is a bit of history of the duo:

"The members of Foreign Exchange have never held a telephone conversation: never met face to face. That's right, Zestoretic gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Ordering Zestoretic online, Breaking the current barriers set up between music and geography, The Foreign Exchange conceptualized, comprar en línea Zestoretic, comprar Zestoretic baratos, Where can i order Zestoretic without prescription, conceived and completed Connected by means of instant messenger and the world wide web.

Consisting of Phonte of Little Brother fame (vocals) and Nicolay (drums, bass, buy Zestoretic without a prescription, Zestoretic trusted pharmacy reviews, keys, guitars and samples), buy cheap Zestoretic, Zestoretic from canadian pharmacy, The Foreign Exchange came together via the online hip-hop community where people of like-minded music and artistry dwell: Although Nicolay is based in the Netherlands and Phonte in Raleigh, order Zestoretic online overnight delivery no prescription, Buy Zestoretic online cod, NC they continued to trade music and discussed plans for a full length project.

Once the idea of a full length album became clear, The Foreign Exchange came to life.

After more than a year and a half of "file swapping, online buy Zestoretic without a prescription, Order Zestoretic from United States pharmacy, " Connected was completed...."

In other news, the new Little Brother CD "...And Justus for All" is super fucking hot!

, rx free Zestoretic. Real brand Zestoretic online. Where can i buy cheapest Zestoretic online.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was with you until this comment -"What brings the R&B portion down is Phonte & his singing." referring to "Connected". That's what makes the album dope-the best of both worlds.
    Looking forward to the new one.

    Lovely pix by the way.

  2. brightstarr Says:

    I have to agree with “anonymous” on this one too. Good stuff.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Anonymous – My bad, I was strictly referring to "Leave It All Behind" when I said "What brings the R&B portion down is Phonte & his singing.".

    Connected is a totally balanced masterpiece!!!

    Brightstarr – Yall not letting a brotha slip on anything. LOL!!!

    So did either of you get the new album???


  4. Bam Says:

    Hmm. Seems the new FE is getting mixxed reviews. I definitely think connected is better. I like the new FE. Now I could be biased for reasons I can’t explain right here, BUT, I think it has a solid 4 or 5 songs. The hooks are definitely better than the verses though.

  5. Tafari Says:

    Bam – “I think it has a solid 4 or 5 songs. The hooks are definitely better than the verses though.” I agree with that!

    I a now feeling:
    – Daykeeper
    – All Or Nothing/Coming Home To You
    – Valediction
    – If She Breaks Your Heart
    – Leave It All Behind


  6. Cluizel Says:

    I like the album…(good…so i don’t have to change my dogs name) but I was confused by the lack of rapping. Its a nice CD to just kinda relax too…

    I really like Nicolay’s producing skills regardless…

  7. Tafari Says:

    Cluizel – I am happy that you like it because after my official assessment, I was like oh shit, she will never listen to me again.

    I guess I am still kinda right in that thinking. LOL!!!

    Nicolay is mos def very skilled!!!


  8. Smitty Says:

    Yo! I did the same thing. I was bumpin' it…liking what I was hearing then I realized that it was a straight up r&b album. I was bamboozled! I did like the music tho. I just thought it would be like "Connected". I went to a Little Brother show a few weeks back and my girl was surprised that Phonte was singing all the hooks. She's like the biggest LB fan. Most people don't realize Phonte can rap and sing he writes a lot of those r&b songs and comes up with all those melodies.

  9. Tafari Says:

    Smitty – Damn, you are lucky! I would love to see Little Brother in the flesh. I love their latest album but "The Minstrel Show" is the best by far. Cheatin' is my favorite cut.

    I hate to flip flop my position but Phonte is holding his own & the fact that is singing on LB's tracts is another surprise, I just would have never thought it.


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