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Author: Tafari, Thursday, October 2nd, 2008 at 2:47 AM Mindspill

- I finally got the new Little Brother BUY Confido ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, CD “…And Justus For All”. As usually they did not disappoint & put out a great album full of head bopping cuts, buy Confido from mexico. Where to buy Confido, I’ve been on a rap kick lately; don’t ask why!

- Last on my Flickr page I lamented that I was sad to see the season change & watch my gardens quickly fade into a drab mass of spent blooms & faded beauty. One of my visitors reminded me that with the appearance of autumn, buy no prescription Confido online, Where to buy Confido, I have renewed vibrant life & new vibrant colors.

I took that comment & put it in my pocket for another time because I will miss coming home to see what bloomed each day. Well today, purchase Confido online, Fast shipping Confido, I was pulled that comment from last week out of my pocket after seeing these (photo above) bittersweet sprigs at the farmers market. The bright orange made me smile & also think about one of my co-workers who really loves orange.

Anyway, as I left the market headed to work, I started to notice the leaves & fall berries & saw new photographic potential.

- I had my 1st test in my managerial accounting class today & I pulled of an 84%, BUY Confido ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. It was tough but I made it through & so happy with my results, buy Confido without a prescription. Purchase Confido ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I am feeling a B out of this class thus far. Many more quizzes & three tests will reveal the truth.

- I just figured out why my back has been hurting when sitting in my home office, Confido samples. Real brand Confido online, My damn lumbar support on my Aeron Chair is busted like a mutha. I have to contact Herman Miller ASAP for a replacement.

I just did a ghetto move to fix the problem for now but it will not last forever.

BUY Confido ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, - At 1am this morning I finally got the jury results for the Scarab Club photography exhibit that I applied for last week. I read the email like 4 times to be sure that my name was there & it so was not, order Confido from mexican pharmacy. Online buy Confido without a prescription, I was let down & lost a little sleep but I am OK now. Food was my comfort to make it through this, online buying Confido hcl. Buy Confido from canada, So for breakfast I got this way over priced bacon, egg & cheese sandwich from Zingermans (overrated local spot).

For lunch I headed to McDonald’s for 2 McRibs, buying Confido online over the counter. You may remember that I gave up eating beef so do not judge me on the McRib, BUY Confido ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Confido price, coupon, No one really knows what it is made of, so technically, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy Confido online cod, I did not violate myself. Actually, purchase Confido, Where can i buy cheapest Confido online, I am talking shit, I did not have a McRib but I did think one would help, buy cheap Confido. Where can i find Confido online, Not only that, the McRib is no back (yet).

Anyway......, order Confido no prescription. Kjøpe Confido på nett, köpa Confido online, before I went to class earlier, I decided to contact the organizer for the exhibit to touch base & find out if they offered any professional critiques of relatively new photographers, order Confido online overnight delivery no prescription. BUY Confido ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She was very happy to hear my question & told me that she was just thinking about putting together a program with hopes to pitch the idea soon. Order Confido online c.o.d, Possibly kindred sprits at work here.

She was very pleasant & told me to not be discouraged because some strong pieces did not make it & the competition was very rough. She also suggested that I continue to apply for shows & of course I will, Confido over the counter. Comprar en línea Confido, comprar Confido baratos, I felt good as we ended our conversation & ready for the next opportunity.

My next show verdict comes on Friday & I am hoping for a reversal of fortune or that McRib may really happen this time.

- I need to wash my hair but I don’t feel like it: so...

- I cannot wait to see the VP debate Thursday. That shit is going to be a riot!!!!!, Confido trusted pharmacy reviews. Confido gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Loose Lips Biden vs. Pussy Puppet Palin, rx free Confido. Buy Confido from canada, What a match!!!

. Buy Confido without prescription. Confido over the counter. Confido gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release. Confido from canadian pharmacy. Buy cheap Confido. Buy generic Confido. Where can i buy cheapest Confido online. Where to buy Confido. Fast shipping Confido. Buy Confido online cod. Order Confido online c.o.d. Purchase Confido. Purchase Confido online.

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  1. Tamra Says:

    Congrats on the accounting exam, poo on the McRib but lawd knows you right about what’s in it, sorry to hear about the gig (your day is coming, as is mine…), and Fall is where it’s at as it’s all about the colors-sights-sounds-smells-soups-tweeds-chill in the air-you get my point.

    Whew! What a run-on!

    Oh, and it is SO on tonight with the debate…

    I had to sell my Aeron because I ended up with a (dangerous) blood clot in my thigh because of the way the lip of the chair falls–puts pressure in the wrong place for mini-folk like me (feet barely touched the ground at the level where I needed it. Had the right size chair and all. Sorry to hear about the lumbar support gone amuck!

    More gigs’ll come along that you’ll get into. Their loss, not yours.

  2. AnnaC Says:

    I am going to watch the debate at our local rescued theater — used to be a real theater and it is now a movie theater usually playing not the first run movies for cheap and they serve beer, wine and a whole menu of food, delivered to the table where you watch the movie — mostly because 1) it’s free and 2) the audience response will be nearly as entertaining as the debate! Can’t wait

  3. toni Says:

    i remember liking managerial accounting, but that was 20 years ago so what do i know.
    you scared me with the mcribs! even when i ate beef, i wouldn’t mess with those.
    i gotta wash my hair, too. downside of having locs is you gotta plan to shampoo.

  4. Bygbaby Says:

    Tamra – I am so geeked about passing that damn test!!! Oh I love runon sentences, they are my friends. LOL!!!

    Maybe Herman Miller should make a mini a for the little peoples. LOL!!! I called HR today & ordered a new lumbar support & it looks like it will be here Saturday, I sure hope so!!!

    And let us both stay strong & focused with our eyes on the prize!!!

    AnnaC – That sounds like one cool damn set up. Dinner, drinks & a movie. That is great one stop shopping. Looking forward to your thoughts!!!

    Toni – LOL!!! I am sure not much has changed with the exception of a few laws here & there. :)

    The McRib is scarry & I wonder who came up with that shit???


  5. Tamra Says:

    Maybe Herman Miller should make a mini a for the little peoples.

    HA! (lol…)

    It’s funny, not long after I bought my chair (and before the blood clot), I was kinda wanting my money back, but I wasn’t trying to pay $200 dollars to ship it back to Levenger, so I kept it. ;-p

    Swoppers are where it’s at, man. I’m a Swopper gal now.

  6. Tamra Says:

    I forgot to add that I did actually end up selling my Aeron on Craigslist–got a good $650 for it!

  7. Tafari Says:

    Tamra – Oh yeah, you do not want to be shipping something that big.

    Wow, the swopper looks really cool but how is it in the real world, can you sit for hours without a problem in terms of your back & is it on coasters or what, kinda hard for me to tell.

    Who ever got it from you go a really good deal! I got the basic size c & it was over 800 bucks.

    I love my chair/throne.


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