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Author: Tafari, Thursday, October 23rd, 2008 at 4:59 AM Mindspill

Photography BUY Motilium ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, : So today is the big day. Ordering Motilium online, I am dropping off my art pieces at the Detroit Artist Market for the holiday show. I am still crazy excited & nervous like a school boy.

My gallery wraps are looking awesome & my prints are freshly matted & looking like a million bucks, order Motilium online c.o.d, Purchase Motilium, or at least 55 bucks. (above is what I will have on display & sale)

The show is running Nov 7-Dec 12, buy Motilium from canada, Order Motilium from mexican pharmacy, with an opening reception Nov 7 @ 7pm. If you are in the Detroit area, fast shipping Motilium, Order Motilium from United States pharmacy, check it out and put a cherry on top by buying some of my shit!!!

Music: Last week, in my “A Few Questions” post, Motilium trusted pharmacy reviews, Buy Motilium ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I asked whatever happened to Lisa Fischer while reminiscing about Lutha’. Well today, I found out what my former boo interest has been up to.

It was about 715pm last evening & I was in class goofing off checking my email, when I got my weekly update from Traxsource, BUY Motilium ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. The first new release listed was from Elements of Life (A Louie Vega group), order Motilium online c.o.d, Order Motilium no prescription, who has a new track named “Into My Life (You Brought The Sunshine)” and it features Lisa Fischer & Cindy Mizelle but most importantly, it features Lisa Fischer.

After I read this little news I could no longer concentrate on my accounting because I wanted to hear what it sounded like.

Later when I got to the cut, buying Motilium online over the counter, Comprar en línea Motilium, comprar Motilium baratos, I went online to have a listen & it’s a very hot house track!!. I had a hard time figuring out if I liked the “Main Mix Up” or the “Vamp Mix” version better, order Motilium from mexican pharmacy, Motilium from canadian pharmacy, so I got both. I am so hooked on the hook!!!

When I finally go back to the gym, buy cheap Motilium no rx, Where can i buy cheapest Motilium online, I will be armed with some new elliptical machine jams!!!

If you like house music & Lisa Fischer this is a great cut to have too.

In other new music: Jazzanova has a new release titled “Of All Things”. This release is so-so & I only really cared for 2 of the 12 cuts available, buy Motilium from mexico. Purchase Motilium, So I got “Lucky Girl” & “Little Bird”, and I actually am loving them both.

“Lucky Girl” is an upbeat jazzy cut with refreshing male vocals by Detroiter Paul Randolph!

“Little Bird” is a very somber bluesy/jazzy cut with deep reaching vocals by José James who I have been feeling for a little over a month since his release of “Desire & Love”.

On my final music note (pun kinda intended), Motilium over the counter, Motilium samples, I discovered this 8 year old electro Brazilian album titled “Brazilian Love Affair 2” (sorry not available on iTunes so check eMusic) & it is smoking hot!!. I downloaded 3 cuts “Freio Aerodynamico” by Marcos Valle, buy Motilium without prescription, Buy Motilium from canada, “Dindi” by Victor Assis Brasil, & “Quem Com Quem” by Azymuth, where to buy Motilium, Purchase Motilium ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, & all three have totally different flavors that melt together wonderfully.

Of the three “Freio Aerodynamico” is my stand out favorite & probably the best song on the release. It’s an up-tempo instrumental with a killer bass line & keys, australia, uk, us, usa. Buy generic Motilium, I say a must have for house fans who love international flavor sprinkled into the mix.

OK, I’m out this bitch.

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  1. One Man’s Opinion Says:

    I am so excited for you, bro. You know i’m an artist, right, so I truly understand the excitement. I wish you the best of luck. So, is it Juried or just a show of talent?

    Anyway, i enjoy your photograpy because I think you have a very unique voice (view point).

  2. Tafari Says:

    Thx OMO!!!! You eluded that you were an artist before but do not mention it on your blog.

    What medium do you work in??? Talk tome.

    The holiday show is juried & today when I dropped my items off I saw other offerings for the show & they all looked wonderful!

    I appreciate the love.


  3. Darius T. Williams Says:

    LOL – soooo – she’s your favorite boo? Really – lol, now that’s funny.

    Yea, what happened to you going to the gym? How are your man boobs doing?

    Oh, I’ve been trying to dibble in photography too. I needed your advice on what type of camera to buy. I think I bought a piece of crap. Oh well – look at last pics on the food blog.


  4. Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T Says:

    im with u and u da bomb eyball via camera lense if u asked me

    and chk out Blue six, Hill st.Soul, Tosca, Thievery Corporation and llorca great muzk

    have a great weekend folk

  5. Tafari Says:

    DTW – She was my boo. WAS. LOL!!! Gym starting next week for real!! For real this time!!!

    Had a look at your most recent shots & you stepped your game up. Did you get a point & shot or a DSLR?

    I think when you master light balance & depth of field you food will look even more delicious!

    BTW, congrats on the interview. Had a read yesterday & you go!!!

    Torrance – Thx man!!! I love Blue Six!!! What you know about that down in the dirty??? LOL!!! I have several of their cuts & their releases are always different & fresh. I think Aquarian Angel is their best to date & I also love Beautiful Tomorrow.

    I got into TOSCA a few years ago but have not dived into their style too much but I love their song Honey. It is so very sexy.

    Thievery Corp is a great group also, man you go the good music taste poppin'.

    Never heard of Llorca so I have to check that out.

    Good looking out

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