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Author: Tafari, Sunday, December 7th, 2008 at 5:54 AM

BUY Flexeril ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, 1st of all, it’s so cold in the D!!!!!!

- I was officially admitted to the Business School @ Eastern Michigan University this past Friday. Buy Flexeril without prescription, Your boy is super geeked. I only have 12 classes left to get my BA with a specialization in HR!!!

To step my game up, order Flexeril from mexican pharmacy, Where can i find Flexeril online, I am taking 2 classes next semester & plan on one in the spring & summer sessions. I gotta hurry up & get out of that bitch.

- Suite Suzy & I decided to let Quench Essentials go, buy Flexeril without a prescription. Fast shipping Flexeril, I will be having a fire house sale soon to move remaining products. I will miss Quench but I will not miss giving up time that can be focused in stronger areas.

We learned a lot over the past 3 years doing this business that helps me now & will help elsewhere in the future.

Stay tuned for more information on the liquidation sale!

- I have been busy getting my photography hustle on this week, BUY Flexeril ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I applied for the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, where can i buy cheapest Flexeril online, Where can i order Flexeril without prescription, which is a major deal seeing that 500k people attend this 4 day event each year. They have a grueling jury process & I will not know if I made it until Feb 20, Flexeril samples, Buying Flexeril online over the counter, 2009. I am happy that the stress of the application process is over, online buying Flexeril hcl. Buy cheap Flexeril, Now I will rest & not trip over weather I make it or not because it is what it is & out of my hands.

I also applied to present @ Pecha Kucha Night in Detroit. BUY Flexeril ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, When you present @ Pecha Kucha, you have are allowed 20 images, each shown for 20 seconds – giving you 6 minutes 40 seconds of fame before the next presenter.

Not sure when I will hear when the presenter announcements will be made. We will see what happens.

On a final art note, buy Flexeril no prescription, Canada, mexico, india, next week, I’m applying for the Crosby Festival of the Arts, australia, uk, us, usa, Buy cheap Flexeril no rx, which is held at the Toledo Botanical Gardens. I have never been to this art fair but it sounds awesome, buy Flexeril from canada. Where can i buy Flexeril online, They have like 230 artists & it has been around since the 60’s.

I do not intend on being an art fair traveler or doing them full or part time. I’m doing this to get my art seen by more people so that I can get my pieces in the right places.

- I got into a traffic accident the other day while in Detroit, Flexeril for sale. This Canadian idiot hit me when he cut me off & went into oncoming traffic, BUY Flexeril ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Purchase Flexeril, The incident got heated & I told him that I was going to jump the fuck off he back the fuck off. The po po showed up at the right time because I was about to catch a case.

The good news is, Flexeril price, coupon, Online buy Flexeril without a prescription, I was not injured & the car has little damage. The other guys car did not fare so well.

- I have been feeling guilty because I have not been on my blogging game, rx free Flexeril, Purchase Flexeril ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, letting posts slip my mind. I know that Twitter is the cause, buy no prescription Flexeril online. Buy Flexeril without prescription, Twitter make communication & very short thought publishing a breeze. You should be following me:

- Friday night, Flexeril from canadian pharmacy, Real brand Flexeril online, Suite Suzy & I had a pretty good conversation about OJ Simpson & his conviction/sentencing. I really wish that the conversation was recorded because it was funny as hell, order Flexeril no prescription. Order Flexeril from United States pharmacy, We both agree that he was over charged & that the prosecution/sentencing was linked to the allegation of murder.

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  1. Bam Says:

    First of all, you jump out a car trying to beat my ass and I am going to sit the eff down. You are rather tall man based on your pictures, What was the puny Canadian thinking?

    BTW, all Canadians are puny to me.

    Twitter will halt the blogging – hense the delays in my own updates. I gotta get that in order.

    I look forward to you at the artfairs… I usually make my way to a few of those every year.. They have to be at least a little fun. Even after the application process.

    I came across a food guy and a photography site you may want to look at:

    If these are not new to you, pardon me, I haven’t reviewed your links. I thought their sites were eye catching at least.


  2. Darius T. Williams Says:

    Congrats on getting into class – get those classes over with.

    Um, so how about I met some folks who were trying to teach me to hustle. I can step – i’m from Chicago – but hustle – Lord Jesus – lol.

  3. Tafari Says:

    Bam – The mutha was out of his damn mind & I am mad that I have to pay this 500 deductible. I swear I hate MI insurance policies!

    We were about the same height 5'11" but that means nothing because My locks were in a pony tail, all I needed was some Vaseline for my face & the beat down could have occurred,. LOL

    You & DTW both know how Twitter can fuck up you blogging game but how can we not do it???

    I am applying for another art fair next week. I am hoping that I make it into at least one. Stay tuned!!!

    Thx for putting me up on Eric. I'm digging his style & I'm now following mattbites. I lobe great food photography!

    DTW – Man, I cannot wait until I can say that I'm done!! Cannot wait!

    Detroiters take hustling to a whole new level, big time!


  4. muslimahlocs Says:

    congratulations on your acceptance into the b-school program!

  5. Tafari Says:

    Thx so much!!!!

  6. brunsli Says:


    You do so much—you’re a husband, a father, an employee, a photographer, a blogger, a student, a salesman, a cook—it sounds like a good plan to focus on the most important 4? 6? 12? things going on in your life!

  7. theweightofwhatisreal Says:

    A Detroit blogger AND a photographer? How did I luck up on this?!?!

    Do you post your work anywhere?

    I want to pick up photography as a hobby. Currently in law school so I need something to balance life out.

    So glad I found your blog!

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