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Author: Tafari, Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 6:46 AM Mindspill

Yesterday I anxiously waited to read the results of who was selected to participate as an artist for the 2009 Ann Arbor Street Art Fai BUY Methylphenobarbital ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, r. I had applied back in November 2008 so it was a long time waiting for the application process to close & finally the jury process.

Well yesterday, buy Methylphenobarbital without prescription, Fast shipping Methylphenobarbital, I never got any information after checking the website all day like every 20 minutes.

So today I constantly check the website & still got no answer on the website. Things changed while I was at lunch with my wife, buy cheap Methylphenobarbital. Where can i order Methylphenobarbital without prescription, I got an email from the selection committee notifying me that I had made the waitlist.

When I got back to my desk after lunch, I check the website & found that I was 46th on the waiting list, buy cheap Methylphenobarbital no rx, Kjøpe Methylphenobarbital på nett, köpa Methylphenobarbital online, which is 75 people deep.

I’m very excited about this because:

a) I was not rejected

b) My work is more interesting than at least 29 other poor souls but slightly not as good as 45 others from across the country

c) My work was reviewed in 5 jury sessions by up to 4 people & this tells me that there is some respect for my work

d) If I get in, this will be a major ostrich feather in my cap

If I do not hear anything by June 21st in terms of my waitlist status, buy generic Methylphenobarbital, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I will take myself out of the running. I do not want to get in at the last minute & have a disastrously stressful 3 sales event.

My fingers are crossed hoping for the best outcome.

Oh wait, canada, mexico, india, Methylphenobarbital for sale, there’s more; I need to tell you that my presentation at the 3rd Pecha Kucha Night in Detroit was awesome!

There were at least 400 artists & art enthusiasts in the audience. Suite Suzy could not make it because no one wanted to watch out 3 damn kids but my momma & Cousin Dee made it out which was awesome, online buy Methylphenobarbital without a prescription. Real brand Methylphenobarbital online, I was also lucky enough to have Amber (Bam) Cabral show her face in the place and a new Twitter friend Kensington.

I have met some great people through all of this social networking.

BTW, here is a link to the images I presented at Pecha Kucha last night.

Anyway, Methylphenobarbital samples, Order Methylphenobarbital no prescription, the last 7 days have been packed with good news & opportunities for my photography career. I wonder what’s next??, where can i buy Methylphenobarbital online. Methylphenobarbital over the counter, My artist resume is really starting to take on a life of its own.

Many of you support me from your corner of the world & I really appreciate all of your encouragement as I haphazardly guide myself through my photographic journey.

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6 Responses to “BUY Methylphenobarbital ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Amber "Bam" Cabral Says:


    I am so excited for u and your good news lately!!!

  2. AnnaC Says:


    i especially love the second one — that looks like a representation of the world.

    when i have a job again, that is the one i am going to buy for my wall!

    or if i actually get into any of the grad school programs, it will be my reward!

    can’t wait…

  3. toni Says:

    Love the Pecha Kucha pictures! And I am certain that you will get in the art fair. I only wish I was able to support you financially by purchasing some work, but maybe one day!

  4. Keyknow Says:

    Your pics you presented are beautiful, sorry i could'nt make it out on thurs but i'm sick as a mofo. dam kids and there nasty ass colds. anyhoo, hope you get into the art fair, you deserve it. have a great weekend. it's snowing like a bitch out so stay warm & dry.

  5. Tafari Says:

    Amber – Thx so much & I appreciate you & your potential for coming out!

    AnnaC – You may not need a self reward, you may need a congratulatory gift. Keep me posted with your status!

    Toni – Get your money right boo & buy some of this shit while it's hot. LOL!!!

    Keyknow – Its a week later & I am just getting back here, so I hope that you are back at 100%! BTW, Thx man!


  6. Invisible Woman Says:

    No more Byg Baby huh?

    Well, Tafari–I know you have probably posted this info on your blog before, but how can I purchase your prints? Thanks!

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