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Author: Tafari, Wednesday, March 4th, 2009 at 1:59 AM Mindspill

BUY Caduet ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I decided to stop for breakfast at a local diner today before work because I was feenin' for something hot, cheesy & greasy. So I walk in and place my order with the waitress who kept staring at my hair as I told her what I wanted.

When she finally came back with my food, Caduet for sale, Order Caduet online c.o.d, she said (as she stared at my hair), “them some sharp dreads; how long have you had them?” My 1st reaction internally was, buying Caduet online over the counter, Comprar en línea Caduet, comprar Caduet baratos, a) they are not “dreads” but I said “thanks and they’re about 5 years old.” She then smiled handed me my food & told me to enjoy.

Most times depending on what kind of mood I’m in, I will go into a little non-confrontational rant when people call my hair “dreads” & I wanted to today but I decided that eating & getting to work on time was more important, buy Caduet from mexico. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,

Writing this quick list of things not to ask or say to someone with locks is a good alternative to me trying to educate someone on the spot. Maybe I should get the list printed on a t-shirt (please don’t steal this idea, purchase Caduet online, Ordering Caduet online, I may turn it into a hustle this summer).

Tafari’s guide to things not to ask or say to someone with locks.

  • How long are you going to let them get?
    • Why do you need to know
  • How often or how do you wash your hair?
  • Your hair looks so neat and clean.
    • This is not a compliment!
    • What did you expect?
  • I love your “dreads”.
    • Do not assume that one with locks is a Rastafarian.
    • Only Rastafarians have Dreadlocks.
    • Historically speaking, Dread Locks is a demeaning term.
    • Locks is a more appropriate term (if you’re talking to me).
  • What does your family think about your hair?
    • I'm not sure, real brand Caduet online, Buy cheap Caduet, I don't like my family.
  • Can I touch them?
    • No you cannot. I don’t know when you last dug up your nose, where can i buy cheapest Caduet online, Order Caduet from United States pharmacy, ass, etc.
  • Are you a Christian?
    • What difference does it make.
    • Even E40 knows that Jesus has “dreads”.
  • Is that all your hair?
  • I like your Bohemian style or You have a Bohemian look.
    • This is not a fucking compliment & if someone with locks had on a suit would you still say that had a Bohemian look, order Caduet online overnight delivery no prescription. Rx free Caduet, This is like saying something looks exotic when you know damn well it looks fucked up.
  • Are you making a political statement?
    • Yes, I hate nosey as people getting up into my personal business.
  • Do you have any weed?
    • Possibly, where can i buy Caduet online, Caduet over the counter, but I do not supply my shit on the streets; fool!

I'm not some Brotherlocks/lock purist but this does get on my nerves.

I'm just saying!

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  1. DC Says:

    AHHH! I do get a bit curious as to what the heck people want me to say when they ask me “how long are you going let them grow?”!

    I never refer to them as “Dreads” and I spell it Locs (I guess because the term is more unique and returns the right results in search engines). I won’t often correct people who use the term dreads, unless I know they are making connections to Rastafarian culture or religion.

    The only time I’ve had my decision to loc my hair cause someone to question me was with my former pastor. He thought growing and locing my hair was “some kind of gay thing”.

  2. toni Says:

    LOL! All your questions are so on point! I love the non-verbal questions as well. I have noticed several women over the years on buses, trains, etc. look at my hair then (unconsciously ?) touch their own! As if to ask – Is mine still straight? LOL

  3. Naturally Sophia Says:

    HAHAHAHA! This is why I nominated you. Because you have been awarded the Kreativ blogger award which as you know is a blogger to blogger award, I encourage you to post 7 things you love and nominate 7 other bloggers ;)

  4. SS Says:

    I have a few questions. Why get offended and go into any type of rant when someone refers to your hair as dreads or asks questions about your hair? Why would you expect in the general public to know that they are “brother locs” and not dreads? This is not common knowledge amongst most of the poplulation. Why have a hairstyle that might inspire questions from the general public if you are so irritated by these questions? Shave it off and I bet the questions would stop.

  5. Ro~ Says:

    Ok so when you get the shirts did, I want one. On the for-reala, I’m serious!

  6. Shai Says:

    I call them locs. I usually ask how their locing process was. I have thought about getting them.

  7. Tafari Says:

    DC – I too use locs & locks interchangeably & it is much easier finding info online with locs. Good point.

    I have never asked anyone how long they were going to let their perm, gheri curl, afro, braids etc get. Really just strange in my book!

    Your former pastor sounds like a pill.

    Toni – You have some straight up funny public transportation stories.

    That looking & touching is hilarious!

    Naturally Sophia – I am now challenged & MAY take you up. Memes kill me. LOL!!!

    Suite Suzy – I guess the only way I can help you understand is, it is the same frustration/annoyance that you get when people speak Spanish or Arabic to you. Or when people walk up to you blatantly, black, white etc & ask what color or nationality you are. Does that help?

    Yeah, I know your color is not elective but maybe this will help fill in the blank.

    Ro – Hey boo, I'm sorry that I could not make it to your production. Life got the best of me & it's still kicking my ass.

    Shai – Well if you decided to make the jump to locs, here is your warning. LOL!!!

    And for all those wanting Tee's stay tuned!!!


  8. Vivrant Thang Says:

    Good post!

    Ok. I don’t even have locs and it burns my butt when people call them dreds. I get SO offended.

    Have you ever really been asked if you have some weed?! *logs the fluck off*

  9. Tafari Says:

    Vivrant Thang – As you can see, I am tired of my loc education duties. TIRED!!!

    And yes, I have been asked for weed. Downtown Detroit, anything is possible, especially when its hot outside.


  10. byrdparker Says:

    Imagine , having a herding dog , with what looks like human locs , but not, they are called cords , the breed is over 6000 years old originated from mesopotamia…./ no my pulik ( plural) are not some kind of poodles , poodles are some kind of puli.

    Tired of educating is right , the dog does not have dreads , or locs , they have cords….. google it !

  11. Shai Says:

    I don’t have locs but get what you are saying. It seems some people who cannot have locs(ie. non-black) ask the most stupid questions. I once had a man ask me was I wearing a weave. He was white and did not understand how offensive it sounded. I had braids. Then he asked do I take them down every nite and redo them in the morning. LOL. SMH.

  12. Tafari Says:

    ByrdParker – I am not into dogs but I love the way that Pulis look. I think that I would be able to live with one.

    I think if I had one, people would be like, oh how cute, you have matching "dreads".

    Im sure you are tired of the explaining. After while it's like look, don't ask, read up instead.

    Shai – OK, homeboy was just out of the box asking if it was a weave & then the braiding & unbraiding. I think that is ignorance on a whole new level.

    As a side note, Locs did not start in Africa. Researchers actually state that they originated in Europe, which kinda dispels the whole it's African thing. Also many East Indian women wear locks. You may not be able to tell because they are wrapped in turbans.

    Us Negro lock wearers are not alone.


  13. byrdparker Says:

    Puli’s are highly intelligent , actually in hungary a puli is not considered a dog , just a puli … Hard to explain . Also as a herding dog good for kids..

    as puppies , u can see the the sections and how the cords will form , they are double coated dogs. really not a lot of trouble to groom …… only problem is the dirt . The cords are easy .

  14. Ro~ Says:

    I know life happens. I am so done with that, for right now. I’m talkin’ ’bout the T-Shirts now! So, like I said befo, when you get those itches made. Give a sistah a HOLLA!!! LOL!

  15. Hijabi Apprentice Says:

    LOL @ the questions and answers!

  16. brunsli Says:

    Love it!

  17. hargespartyplease Says:

    What are we here for if not to edutain!? I did not know about the cords. My dreads, locks, locs… Whatever man! It’s my hair.

    And one day I’d love to ask “How long you gonna be perm’n your hair?”

    I’ve found a lot of times when people inquire about our locs they admire yours and was thinking of doing their on. It is a bit of a lifesyle. I think. Yes, the questions do get old, but they are funny.

    My sister said,”Why would you do THAT to your hair? I didn’t leave nothin’ in Africa!” WHAT???? was she talking about?

    Love it.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    Just stumbled across your blogspot and I think I am eligable to add my 2 cents to the piggy! I have been growing my locks for 5 years now and it is quite different here in South Africa. Loc’d up people are seen as somewhat the most patient peeps on the planet, there’s some sort of reverence to it. It all starts when a sister decides to go bald-headed ( Which I did before lockin up), that can reveal a lot about your friends and possibly the man in your life. Where they stand when you take such a life “altering” decision to loc up?! Yes I get asked all those questions and I have reached a stage where I just tell them that it is true, growing locs can mature a person. Patience develops, unconditional love develops, Self-esteem soars because one doesn’t give a rats touche what everybody thinks anymore, if they survived the bald-head stage, they can take anything that comes their way! So I never get annoyed when straight-haired weaved up sisters “attack” me for my havin locs, I just remind them who gets more respect in the street, me or them, and that sorts out!

  19. Tafari Says:

    Im really enjoying all of your feedback & experiences. This piece got a very nice response! So much so that it has sparked a project that I will announce soon.

    I think you all will appreciate what Im gonna do.


  20. Los Angelista Says:

    LOL, can’t wait to see what project pops off from this. Great answers, especially, “I’m not sure, I don’t like my family.” -DEAD-!!!

  21. [f?ng'k?] [blak] [chik] Says:

    I need to write a post about a similiar issue i've been having when ppl ask about my natural hair!

  22. Paul R. Giunta Says:

    Hilarious guide !!

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