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While I'm excited about there is a big mixed reaction to the Flickr Collection from both professional photographers who see this collection as a bastardization of stock photography & from semi-profession photographers who see this opportunity as a way to get over on those who have dreams to break into the stock photography game.

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  1. byrdparker Says:

    congrats , how do you get paid , and what do they pay you >? just curious ?

  2. Tafari Says:

    ByrdParker – Thx!!! I get paid via PayPal when ever my Getty account has a balance of $50 or more once a month.

    My images are all royalty free, so I get 20% of the sale price which ranges from $48 & $450+.

    If any of my images go rights managed, I will get 35% of the sales price.

    royalty free – anyone can purchase an image & use it as much as they want to when they see fit with no restriction except for selling prints.

    rights managed – anyone can purchase an image but it can only be used for specific purposes and for a specific period of time.


  3. byrdparker Says:

    Thank you for the info . I love your images . they are gorgeous , why not sell also to corporations. You need to get a few more gallery exhibitions , perhaps solo exibitions , perhaps think of a theme…
    i like the 1000 words theme , you could also possibly , make the show interactive like touchy feely to exploit the vunerability of certain photos. Like the photo of your sister’s pregnancy , perhaps a hologram of different images and some sort of audio of a heartbeat when the visitor steps into the area of the hologram…

    i love your work ….. I want to see it go all the way to the tippy tippy top .

  4. Tafari Says:

    Damn, you got the ideas popping. I would love to have a solo show & now I think I have a great of pieces to make it happen.

    In terms of selling to corporations, I think that I will need an agent to help push my work because I just do not have the resources to go there just yet.

    I just applied to two gallery shows here in Detroit & considering one in San Diego.

    Your multimedia idea on the maternity photo sounds hot bug time. I can envision making that come to life with sound 6 large photos and fabric.

    I need to tease that out!

    Im trying to grind & get my stuff out there.


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