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Author: Tafari, Friday, June 26th, 2009 at 6:59 PM Mindspill

BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Yesterday on the drive home I was listening to “All Things Considered” on NPR like I do most days. Buy Amikacin from canada, If you are a NPR listener, you know all about “driveway moments, buy Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Order Amikacin from United States pharmacy, " so lets just say that I had the worst driveway moment ever.

My driveway moment started after anchor Robert Siegal, in haste noted that singer Michael Jackson was rushed to the hospital after being found unconscious from possible cardiac arrest.

As I sat in my car, purchase Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy generic Amikacin, I screamed nooooooooooooo. I knew that he had died, buying Amikacin online over the counter. Buy Amikacin online cod, I felt it. Not only that, buy cheap Amikacin, Amikacin for sale, after a cardiac arrest, survivability chances are very slim to none.

With that on my mind, order Amikacin no prescription, Buy Amikacin without prescription, I continued to sit in my car dumbfounded & lost. It took me almost an hour to make it into the house, BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I felt like I just couldn’t move at all.

Once I collected myself a little, order Amikacin online overnight delivery no prescription, Fast shipping Amikacin, I took to Twitter for more info & to share my thoughts.

When I started to share my thoughts & collect information, the rest of the world must have also done the same thing because Twitter was hardly moving.

Here are some of my tweets from the time that I got the news till the time I was finally able to go to sleep.

  • OMG, ordering Amikacin online, Comprar en línea Amikacin, comprar Amikacin baratos, is Michael Jackson gone?
  • Please don't tell me I need to pull out my pleather Thriller Jacket. Please......
  • In my best Florida Evans voice "Damn, rx free Amikacin. Buy no prescription Amikacin online, Damn. Damn!" I don't care what they have said, where can i order Amikacin without prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, I loved MJ, well B4 alleged molestations & whitening.
  • Mom just called & told me Michael Jackson was dead & she said & Farah too, online buying Amikacin hcl. BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I said fuck Farah. Online buy Amikacin without a prescription, MJs death trumps all. This is major!
  • I lost my virginity on a red velvet couch listening to the "Off The Wall" album, Amikacin price, coupon. Kjøpe Amikacin på nett, köpa Amikacin online, #michaeljackson
  • [Updated at 3:15] Pop star Michael Jackson was pronounced dead by doctors this afternoon after arriving at a hospital... LA Times.
  • Michael Jackson’s death is crippling Twitter, buy generic Amikacin. Could Twitter be the unheard of 4th death this week?
  • My 10 year old just asked me what Michael Jackson’s last words were, BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Purchase Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Kids think of everything.
  • People talked a lot of shit about MJ, but I'll tell you what, order Amikacin no prescription, Buy cheap Amikacin no rx, the world is mourning this man. The fucking world, online buy Amikacin without a prescription. Buy Amikacin from canada, #bitchesalwaystalkshit
  • Am I the only one fighting back a teary breakdown. I'm a mess right now!
  • When I was a kid, purchase Amikacin, Purchase Amikacin online, I asked my mom if MJ used the bathroom. BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, She said of course, he's human like you & me. I thought he was so much more.
  • Tired of how the news is talking about all of MJs legal issues, buy Amikacin no prescription. Buy cheap Amikacin, How about we focus on what he meant to ppl & not scandal. #dissedevenindeath
  • If I had a bedazzler, order Amikacin from United States pharmacy, Rx free Amikacin, I would be making me a MJ glove like right now.
  • Taking a break from my MJ death watch. Great news, buy no prescription Amikacin online. Getty Images wants 10 more of my photos, BUY Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Order Amikacin online overnight delivery no prescription, Got my Kool Aid on boo. #imgoodatwhatidobitch
  • Typing a blog post & listening to "Liberian Girl." Naku penda piya-naku taka Piya-mpenziwe, ordering Amikacin online. Comprar en línea Amikacin, comprar Amikacin baratos, #michaeljackson
  • Bout to call it a night, but before I do, online buying Amikacin hcl, Kjøpe Amikacin på nett, köpa Amikacin online, I have to listen to "I Cant Help It." My favorite Michael Jackson song.
  • "I cant help it if I wanted to I wouldn't help it even if I could I cant help it if I wanted to I wouldn't help it no no no." I wont cry. #liar
  • If I had a Wave Nouveau, where to buy Amikacin, Buy Amikacin ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I would comb the shit out of my baby hair tomorrow & stunt on them hoes in the board meeting.
To get a clue as to how popular this unfortunate this story is in terms of Twitter & the internet, read this, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Order Amikacin from mexican pharmacy, It will also clue you into the relevance of the image above if you are not familiar with Twitter & a little more.

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  1. MochaSiren Says:

    OK…I knew I liked you! I listen NPR on the way home too! Just so happened I was home yesteday..totally fucked up about MJ…I don't care how weird & WHITE he got, black folks did not turn their backs! I was in complete shock and still feel numb…had a hell of time getting to sleep last night!
    Congratulations on Getty Images wanted more pics from you…so talented…you deserve it!
    LOL@ Wave Noveau comment…kill them hos with those beautiful locs!!!

  2. Invisible Woman Says:

    I Can't Help It is in my top 2 MJ songs, my twin. I love that pic u posted so much–I put it on my blog…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I got home late on Thur and turned on MSNBC and heard the news. I let out a loud NOOOoooo as if that would reverse time and events. It didn't it just startled my dogs. I stayed up all night watching the coverage in disbelief. I went to work Fri not sure if I would be able to keep it together. Thankfully I was left alone at work.

    I have accepted he is gone,but I can't watch or read any more TV coverage/news at this time. It is just too much.
    I will remember him for his talent. There will never be another. Rest in peace, Michael.


  4. Los Angelista Says:

    I saw the TMZ story about his death about 10 seconds after it got put up, and immediately burst into tears. Folks out on Hollywood Blvd are acting a fool though. I took the train over there today and it was just nuts. Couldn't even get close.

  5. Freaky Deaky Says:

    I remember hearing about Farah dying on Twitter and wondering who was going to die next. I never would've believed that I'd get my answers a few hours later and it would be Michael Jackson.

    R.I.P. MJ

  6. Manny Says:

    No doubt one of the greatest losses our generation will probably ever know. I was pissed about the TMZ story because I didnt want to believe it… turned out they guessed right. RIP Mike.

  7. Tafari Says:

    Thx peeps for sharing your feedback & feelings, This has most certainly been a heavy emotional last few days. So much drama, mystery & death. If this s life, then damn!


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