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Author: Tafari, Tuesday, June 16th, 2009 at 3:38 AM Mindspill

My next few weeks are going to be kinda intense with activity but I have my mind right for the challenges.

BUY Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Some of the major things I have going on include the end of the spring semester, which ends next week. In the meantime, where to buy Suprax, Purchase Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, I have 2 projects due & my final exam by next Friday.

At this point, I have a 95% in the class & I’m hoping that I kick ass on the final so that I pull this A, buy no prescription Suprax online. Suprax trusted pharmacy reviews, I must show & prove!

Then we have a trip planned to visit NYC in a few weeks for a mini vacay. I’m looking forward to getting back on the eat coast, online buy Suprax without a prescription. Buy generic Suprax, We plan on doing some museums & spending an entire day in Central Park doing nothing at all but living. Making this trip extra special is the fact that we are driving.

Yeah, I know it sounds intense but the drive to NY from MI is beautiful & very scenic, BUY Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. I plan on having a great 10 hour trek packed with good music & filthy rest stops.

And in the midst of all of this is my planning of me being at the 50th Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, buy Suprax without a prescription. Online buying Suprax hcl, I have tons of prints to pull together, matting to be cut, buy cheap Suprax, Where to buy Suprax, the coffee table books to assemble & all sorts of other little details. BTW, canada, mexico, india, Order Suprax online c.o.d, the fair is jumping off July 15-18th, I would love to see you, where can i buy Suprax online, Order Suprax online overnight delivery no prescription, especially if you are coming to buy. :)

I plan on displaying some rather large dramatic pieces that I hope I do not wind up taking home when it is all said & done, real brand Suprax online. My fingers are crossed!

BUY Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, Speaking of art, I also submitted a 20x30 piece to the University of Michigan Health System Employee Art Exhibition, which opens next week.

This show should be pretty interesting & I have to start a marketing campaign to get people to vote on my piece because I would love to win best in show for photography. Buy Suprax without prescription, Here is a link to the piece that will be on display.

Oh and speaking of art & me being on the grind; 2 weeks ago, I got the following message;

“Hi Tafari, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, Suprax gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release,

Wow. You’ve really caught Getty Images’ eye!

The Getty Images peeps selected another 10 of your photos for possible sale on the Getty Images web site.” Mindspill

I was so geeked that I peed on myself a little bit, where to buy Suprax. Fast shipping Suprax, Anyway 9 of the 10 images are now on sale & I’m waiting for one last model release from my friend Yvette. This one will be hard to get because she is in Germany & I cannot get in touch, buy cheap Suprax. By the time I get this last image submitted, I will have a total of 15 creative photographs added to the Getty Images Flickr Collection, BUY Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Where can i find Suprax online, Go me!

And ‘m looking forward to getting my Getty royalty statement at the end of the week & so hoping that I had some sales. My fingers are so crossed!

Wanna here some funny shit, order Suprax online overnight delivery no prescription. Buy Suprax without a prescription, Today I got an email from “enRoute magazine (Air Canada's in-flight magazine)” requesting use of one of my photos for the publication. The request stated that if I let them use the image, Suprax samples, Order Suprax online c.o.d, they would give me credit & send me a couple copies of the mag when it goes live.

I responded back by saying that I was flattered that they wanted to use my image, then mentioned that my licensing fee was $465.00, australia, uk, us, usa. I never heard back.

BUY Suprax ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, 1st of all, I don’t need credit in a magazine, I need cash in my mutha fucking hand. Where to buy Suprax, That credit ain’t gone do nothing for me feeding a family of 5. Sorry boo!

On a final note, buy generic Suprax, Where can i buy cheapest Suprax online, I hope to bring some more on the grind soon. I’m hoping to secure media credentials for Zap Mama’s show happening in Ann Arbor next week courtesy of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, buy cheap Suprax no rx, Buy Suprax no prescription, which happens to be on the last day of class. Here’s to hoping that the stars align the way that I need to them to.

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  1. Manny Says:

    Amazing that an AIRLINE cant afford to put up the fee to use one of your images… Insane. Good luck with the upcoming events. I know you will keep us up on Twitter! Peace!

  2. Manny Says:

    BTW that piece that you submitted is one of my faves… Seriously.

  3. BabyI'mAStar Says:

    BTW, the fair is jumping off June 15-18th, I would love to see you, especially if you are coming to buy! :)

    Umm Boo the Ann Arbor Art Fair is actually in July..

    July 15th-18th 2009
    W-F: 10:00 am -9:00 pm
    Sat: 10:00 am -6:00 pm.

    Thank god they didn't have you on the official marketing team… I'm just saying lol.

  4. Tafari Says:

    Manny – Right, they had me twisted. And you know, I will be tweeting up a storm. LOL!!!

    Thx for the well wished.

    BabyI'mAStar – "Thank god they didn't have you on the official marketing team" You called me out but your ass is so RIGHT! I dont need to be marketing for anybody. LOL!!!

    You know proofreading & getting facts right is not my strong suit.

    But the correction is made. Thx for helping my grind shine.


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I know…I know…you're agnostic at best but dag if I don't see the beauty of God's creation in the photo of the little girl and the gerbera daisy. For me…it's spiritual, peaceful…beautiful.

    a lurker

  6. Tafari Says:

    Anonymous – Regardless of my beliefs, I receive & respect your words of support & encouragement.

    Im always happy to pull a lurker out of lurkdom.

    Thx boo!


  7. AnnaC Says:

    wow… sounds a like a busy and productive and fun time… enjoy the ride.

    so glad you are getting the love you deserve for your creative vision… you rock!

  8. Cluizel Says:

    YEAH! NYC trip! :-)

    LOVE that first picture

  9. WandaWoman Says:

    Good luck with the end of school, getting your press credentials (which I already know the results of) and your upcoming trip to NY and , and, and . . .Just kidding! You're a man with a lot on the grind. Big ups to you!

  10. Tafari Says:

    AnnaC – Thx so much for always being there & encouraging me from the start!

    Cluziel – I see Negro fixins in my future boo. LOL!!!

    WandaWoman – LOL!!! @ and , and, and . . . Its so on point. I almost sound like a Jamaican.


  11. Must Love Movies Says:

    dang that rice crispy looks good.

  12. Tafari Says:

    Must Love Movies – OMG, the kids killed that Rice Krispie treat like they never ate. It was quite funny.


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