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Author: Tafari, Monday, June 29th, 2009 at 9:06 PM

I originally posted this on the Afro Spear blog BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, last week & decided to cross post it here because it's getting such a strong response there. Comprar en línea Minipress, comprar Minipress baratos, Like a real strong response. The movie has been out for week now & the controversy has been swirling, Minipress trusted pharmacy reviews. Online buying Minipress hcl, Have a read & leave your thoughts. I'm interested in your thoughts, Minipress from canadian pharmacy.
Transformers: Racism That Meets The Eye
June 25, 2009 by Tafari

Yesterday, I made it a point to go see “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” in IMAX, BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Real brand Minipress online, Ever since the last Transformers theatrical release I had been giddy for more.

Hours before I headed to the movies, buy cheap Minipress, Ordering Minipress online, I started reading posts online that discussed racism in the movie but still I pressed on to Showcase Cinemas and dropped $10.50 for my ticket.

Fast forwarding 2.5 hours later, where can i buy Minipress online. Where to buy Minipress, I’m walking out of the theater with my mind blown for many reasons; 1st, the movie was so action packed I thought I was going to slip into a seizure, australia, uk, us, usa. BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, 2nd the movie was overtly sexually, which made it seem like an R rated movie instead of PG-13 and 3rd The racism that was built into the movie billed as comedic relief. Buy Minipress without a prescription, As I drove home, I tried to reconcile the racism but I could not, buy Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, Buy Minipress from canada, so I decided to sleep on it. So this morning, buy Minipress from mexico, Purchase Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT prescription, when I woke up, I actually got mad about what I saw in “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” The racism that I’m talking about in case you don’t already know is dealing with the Autobot twins “Skids” and “Mudflap” or the “ Little Black Sambo[ts].” Mindspill

  • Both of the twins talk like they are straight from a Lil Wayne video.

  • The play the dozens (crack jokes on each other and anyone else) in every scene.

  • They are seemingly proud of the fact that they cannot read, buy Minipress no prescription. Online buy Minipress without a prescription, “Read?. Nuh-uh…” “No, fast shipping Minipress, Minipress over the counter, we don’t really do much readin’!”

  • Skids has a GOLD front tooth. Yes, a big bucked out gold tooth

  • The names “Skids” and “Mudflap” imply darkness and or nastiness.

  • Do I really need to add a 6th, you should get the picture now.

(Wait, for extra measure, if you want to see another relevant countdown list, you have to read this, BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. “7 reasons why Transformers 2 might be racist…”)

With all this now parsed out, order Minipress online c.o.d, Buying Minipress online over the counter, I’m wondering why and how this stereotypical bullshit slipped past Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures. Did they care, kjøpe Minipress på nett, köpa Minipress online. Minipress gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Did they know. Did they think it was OK, canada, mexico, india. BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION, I feel bad and torn because I actually liked the movie a lot, but how could I in good conscious. Buy generic Minipress, Maybe it’s the kid in me remembering watching the cartoon way back in the mid 80s.

Although the racism pisses me off about this flick, buy Minipress no prescription, Order Minipress no prescription, I was also disturbed about the adult content and overt hypersexuality. But like I said, Minipress samples, Minipress price, coupon, I liked the movie, so what does this mean about me, real brand Minipress online. Ordering Minipress online, I know I won’t see the movie again, nor will I purchase the DVD, buy Minipress online cod. I do not want my kids seeing this mess and not only that it’s so not a kids movie, BUY Minipress ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION. Minipress gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Don’t let the PG-13 rating fool you.

Transformers used to be all about the kids way back when, order Minipress online overnight delivery no prescription, Where can i buy cheapest Minipress online, but not so much now thanks to Michael Bay and Paramount Pictures. I’m just saying, where can i order Minipress without prescription. Minipress trusted pharmacy reviews, Side note: This post is not nearly what I wanted it to be. Not at all, purchase Minipress online. Online buying Minipress hcl, My thoughts are with and on Michael Jackson. As I wrap this up, Minipress from canadian pharmacy, Where to buy Minipress, I’m chair dancing to “Off The Wall” while I try to control my urge to cry about a man that reached my soul through song, dance and beauty, buy Minipress without prescription. Buying Minipress online over the counter. Buy cheap Minipress no rx. Where to buy Minipress.

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  1. Carla Says:

    I haven't seen the movie, but I have heard about the so-called racism in it. And I don't get it…honestly. From your description of Skids and Mudflap, it sounds like what one can find on the radio and video stations any day of the week.

    Look at T-Pain and his yellow gold teeth…or his BIG ASS CHAIN. And Weezy has stated publicly that he doesn't read anything in a book. These two rappers are not exceptions, they are the rule. So why when this same sort of foolishness pops up in movies are we mad at white folks? Why cry racism? Is it racism when black folks openly display this coonery?

    It just seems like black folks repeatedly misplace their anger and frustration. I'm not saying the images in the movie are ok. They sound pretty awful. But if they are so awful, when will we start getting frustrated with where it starts?

    On a different but similar note, look at this past BET awards show. It was an embarassment on so many levels and to so many people. But really it wasn't any different than what is typically shown on BET. So I don't know why folks are so up in arms now. Maybe cuz white folks was looking???

    I guess my point is that these characters probably wouldn't be depicted in movies if they didn't really exist. So instead of getting mad at the comic relief in a movie, get mad that we actually DO have folks in our community who represent Mudflap and Skids.

    That's the real tragedy.

  2. Reel Whore Says:

    I just chalked the Twins up to stupid ish directors put in films cuz they think it's funny. I do see the racism in them, but I was more disturbed by other racist moments.

    I thought the pearly white college population was totally unrealistic. The only ethnic guy of the bunch stumbles around like the Paul Rodriguez of the new millennium. I just kept waiting for him to scream, Ay Chihuahua.

    Even worse, the one black role in the film, Tyrese Gibson, is given the token role to play where he cusses and talks about kicking butt instead of offering anything of value to the story. I found that more offensive than the robots.

    I personally think they could've cared less about what was onscreen. It was a sequel with guaranteed bank, why worry about crafting a quality product?

  3. buy 4gb cf card Says:

    After not too long of a wait, Transformers 2 has finally arrived. If you were expecting the flawed yet lovable first film then too bad, so sad. If you were expecting a live-action version of the show with pure giants robots fighting each other then you're in luck. This film simply isn't on par with its predecessor.

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