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Author: Tafari, Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 at 12:13 AM Mindspill

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2 Responses to “BUY Slimex (Obetrim) ONLINE WITHOUT PRESCRIPTION”

  1. Lola Gets Says:

    Recently, Ive seen a few documentaries on PBS about various photographers and photography projects, and I wanted to ask you: why (and how) did you get started in photography? What about photography appealed to you?

    Im sorry if youve addressed this elsewhere – I havent seen it.



  2. Tafari Says:

    Lola – Some questions I never tire answering & these are some of those! And I need to be watching PBS! Can you recommend a few of the docs that you've seen?

    1.) Why (and how) did you get started in photography?

    I’ve been taking photographs for about 6 years now & It started off as a hobby that I would share with family & friends. About 3 years ago, I decided to get my first digital SLR camera after going back & forth with Cousin Dee on what to get.

    At that point the hobby continued but I started to wonder if I could grow this into something more.
    After a few months with my new camera, I got a job as an event photographer for the Detroit Fashion Pages and did other freelance work in and around Detroit.

    Now as you see & read here, my photography interest & skills have grown tremendously. It all developed with patience, experimentation & a support family!

    2.) What about photography appealed to you?

    Photography appealed to me because it’s a lasting art from that knows no bounds. It allows me to escape into another world while still being coconscious of terrestrial being. It allows me to travel through space & time while being in a still state.

    Photography allows me to present hidden elements to a viewer that they may have missed otherwise.

    Having the ability to create something that can move others with the turn of a few dials & push of one button is just hotness.

    I happy that you stirred my mind this morning!


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